Sunday, April 23, 2017

EGO Outdoor Tools: All You Need For Your Gardening and Landscaping Touchups...

EGO Power Tools are simply the best. There are lots of do-it-yourselfers out there nowadays and finding the right tools can be difficult. That is, until you choose EGO. Once you give their breakthrough set of outdoor tools a try, you won't look any further and you'll wonder how you ever did without them before. Don't let the simplicity of their products fool you. Their line of 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery cordless outdoor power equipment has the power and performance of gas... without the annoying noise, fuss, and weight of comparable more-expensive tools. This isn't their first shot at manufacturing amazing products though. EGO is Chervon North America's baby. Chervon is well-known for manufacturing exceptional tools for many different markets and they've been around the yard for a while.

EGO tools are surprisingly powerful, bringing on a whole new level of performance in this category of products, and pushing boundaries. They're also so easy to use and simply designed, not to mention how cool their design are. Gorgeously designed with easy grip handles. Perfection. You just charge them up, in an astonishing 30 minutes (15 for 50%) (using their CH5500 battery), and get to work. A full charge lasts about 45 minutes which is plenty of time to gt your job completed. No nonsense, no smelly and messy gasoline, just a clean-cut machine. How do they endure hard work? They're dependable, rough-and-tough through the rigors of outdoor use and abuse.

The one thing that must be said is that using EGO's products makes working around the yard fun. You'll enjoy their simplicity, power, and the results of the jobs you undertake with them. Working around the yard will never feel like a chore again, if an EGO product is at your side.

Cordless 20" Lawn Mower. This awesome helper is their flagship product and you'll see why once you give it a try. It's a cut above the rest. We love it for many reasons. It is more powerful than some of its comparable gas products, it folds up to be stored away just like a baby carriage (and as easy as one), has a collapsing handle, a full-size 20" cutting deck, its one-handed cutting height control is useful, and startup is a cinch (just push the safety key and pull on the handle!). And we love the battery level indicator. In addition to all of that, there is hardly any vibration and it's quiet as a mouse. This is one heck of a lawnmower ...the perfect gift for any do-it-yourselfer.

Backpack Leaf Blower. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. All pros and no cons. This the best leaf blower that we've found because it's super lightweight, extremely powerful, incredibly comfortable, simple to use, and oh-so quiet. You can blow leaves, sawdust, light snow, debris, just about anything lightweight. No stress and no trips needed for gas refills. Just charge up the battery and pop it in. It's even fun and enjoyable to use.

Cordless Electric Blower. This product actually and literally blows its competition away. You will never pick up another blower once you try EGO's, and you'll get your job done lightning fast without any arm fatigue whatsoever due to its light weight. It's so powerful, blowing leaves and debris up to 6 feet away with its 92 mph max air speed and 4" throat for greater/wider output (great for hard to reach areas). EGO's cordless blower will become your best friend.

Cordless Straight String Trimmer. Trim the competition off and get ready to be impressed with this extraordinary trimmer. EGO's version is light and its design takes away all of the awkwardness of competitive trimmers. With its 49" straight shaft you can get into tighter spaces easier and have a longer reach, and its bump protector will save your furniture and home from the occasional scratches and chips that can normally occur while trimming. This trimmer will save you incredible amounts of time over the years.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer. Wow. This is one great hedge trimmer. Its design is exceptional. First off, we love the U-shaped safety switch on its handle for easy turn on/turn off. Because it's so lightweight you can turn it around easier than the traditional rotating handle units. And flipping the tool around to cut either the tops or sides of hedges is so simple and effective, trimming like nothing else can.

Cordless Chainsaw. This is honestly one of our favorite products and it's available at a ridiculously low price for the quality you get. Whether you're cutting small branches, or tackling tree trunks, this little guy does it with a whole lot of pizazz. It almost makes you feel like it's showing off, strutting its power. You would think that tree trunks were sticks of butter the way it slices through them effortlessly. Since its battery is underneath the handle, it provides better balance as you go back and forth while cutting. As far as safety goes, there is a chain brake to ensure that the saw can't be activated when being prepped.

30-Minute CH5500 Battery Charger. With this unit, charging up all of EGO's tool's batteries will take literally 30 minutes for a full charge, or 15 minutes for a half charge. That's insanely crazy, and insanely wonderful! It's worth the extra cost because the time it will save you over the years will make up for it in spades.