Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hula Hangout.. and Totally Tiki...

Hula Hangout ..... and ..... Totally Tiki

Setting up your outdoor bar, college dorm room or apartment? Or need to decorate a room in your home? Each year we choose a different theme and this year it's Tiki. Here are two companies that offer you one-stop shopping for all of your tiki decorations.

Don't panic...setting up your room at college should be fun. Whether it's your first year or fourth year, you'll always want it to be your home away from home. These companies will help you do just that.

HulaHangout (
Lots of unique items are featured on their website, from bamboo and coconut candles, Corona branded merchandise and tiki mugs to tiki bar accessories and tiki signs, they've got it all. Here's a sampling of what we thought was unique to their website:

Aloha Bottle Opener; Corona Bucket; Tiki Mugs; Tropical Signs:

Totally Tiki (
They have a wonderful storefront in Smithville, New Jersey, but you can also order online. If you're local to Smithville, you will definitely want to go there in person. Historic Smithville is a village with dining and shopping (40 unique boutiques) along cobblestone paths. It's beautiful and a great day out.

Totally Tiki has the best prices for masks that we've seen so far, and we love their hanging parrots.


20" and 40" Tiki Masks; Solar Tiki: