Wednesday, November 26, 2014

UGG Boots For the Entire Family: They Just Keep On Getting Better...

We've been a fan of UGG boots before they even became a household name. Finding them at a trade show in the early 80s, and living in California, we knew immediately they were something special. However, we never expected them to explode the way they have. We should have known better because they are extremely warm. super comfortable, and casually chic.
UGG boots have come a long way. One young Australian surfer, and his love of sheepskin, kicked off the brand in 1978 for surfers. Fast forward to today... they are a fashion statement, whether it's high fashion or casual wear. They are seen on the feet of people around the world, of all ages, races, and sexes. Just take a look around and you'll see UGG after UGG after UGG. And not just their sheepskin boots... stunning all-leather boots, sandals, moccasins, dress shoes, and slippers. Today can have the best of both worlds... gorgeous Italian shoemaking combined with the luxurious feel of sheepskin. But wait, there's more. Handbags, blankets, and all kinds of beautiful accessories are also part of the UGG lineup.

We could have easily picked 30-40 styles to feature but scaled down to our bare minimum. The hard part for you now is narrowing your choices down!

Our favorite slippers and boots (many of their slippers can be worn outdoors as well and they're oh-so comfy and warm!!!)...

Cozy Knit
Coquette Boucle -- Our Favorite Slipper!
Grantt For Men
Tasman -- Family Favorite!

Cortona Weave

Mini Bailey Bow Glitter


Classic Short Leopard

Pendleton Mini

Dufflield Throw 
Hobo Mini Flap
Men's Olmsted
Men's Lancing