Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Encanto Jewelry: Stunning Jewelry that's Vibrant, Unique, and Handmade...

Encanto jewelry is fun, unique, and beautifully handmade using vibrant colors, professional knots, and experienced cuts. Encanto exudes of the qualities we look for when we're scouting out and choosing jewelry through the hundreds of excellent manufacturers out there. Encanto jewelry is made in Colombia from high quality Tagua, known as the vegetable Ivory. It's actually a seed from a palm-like tree that grows in the rainforests of South America. The seed is actually harvested after it drops from the tree, so no harm is done in using Tagua. The workers are paid fairly and they are highly respected, one of the many reasons why we love this company. By using Tagua, a sustainable and eco-friendly resource, they do their part in working to create a better future for us all.

Encanto is continuously updating and changing their line around so what we have chosen may no longer be available. However, we are sure you will be excited to see what they have to offer.

The Semilla Collection is one of our favorites of theirs because of the unusual shapes defining each piece and it's not leaving any time soon. This collection has been available since the beginning of Encanto and it combines Tagua with other materials such as faux leather, silk, and cotton. Weaving these materials with modern designs creates sensational, colorful jewelry.

Natural Elegance is the premiere collection of designer and photographer Linda Savitz. The collection is refined, elegant and stunning... a collection of Tague and silver together for a very distinct, one-of-a-kind look.