Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kettler's Kadet Rowing Machine, and Other Equipment...

Kettler is a company that manufacturers innovative, premium-quality products that are made in Germany. Regular cardiovascular workouts are key to any weight loss or fitness programs. Regular exercise can help control cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce blood pressure, lower risks of heart attack, decrease chances of other disease, reduce stress, and help to decrease anxiety and depression. Kettler products are unsurpassed in helping you achieve your goals. Why join expensive gyms when you can have extraordinary equipment right in your own home, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Kettler products are the tools you need to help you achieve the best possible you.

kettler kadett folded
Kadett Rowing Machine. Kettler's Kadett rowing machine is awesome!!! Its outrigger style design uses highly realistic, circular sculling motions, different than other rowing machines out there. You really feel like you're rowing out on the water and it's a great feeling... just close your eyes and you'll almost feel the ocean's breeze, or the chirping of birds on a quiet lake. Exercising on this machine is actually peaceful. This is a great fitness product that provides a way to stay in shape and get your daily cardio without putting too much stress on your body. This ergonomically engineered machine (it is so solidly built and will last for many years) will absolutely promote weight loss and improve your overall health and quality of life. Muscle tears, shin splints, aches, burns, blisters, and fractures that you can acquire other forms of cardio will become memories of your past workouts. This rower allows you to obtain a comfortable, and completely enjoyable, workout that will push your limits, allowing you to burn more calories than ever! The Kadett is such a tough product that it's used in gyms and military bases.

Take the Kadett out of its box, put it together easily, and you're ready to row. The machine is literally rock solid, with heavy rollers, and won't even move during high intensity workouts. Actually, the seat glides so smoothly over the monorail/track because of its sealed ball bearings. Its thickly padded seats will ensure your comfort with outstanding cushioning. Straps keep your ankles and feet safely in place and there are adjustable footplates that will accommodate various rowers. The Kadett's hydraulic piston resistance makes it super quiet but that doesn't affect its power. You will enjoy a challenging, full-body workout that works on abs, thighs, calves, upper arms and legs, as well as stamina and strength. As you work hard, your metabolism will increase and you will burn excess fat and calories even after your workout is over.

kettler kadett monitor
12 resistance levels are offered so whether you're an amateur or pro, you'll find a workout perfect for you. We love the realistic oars (that easily fold down for storage) on each side and their resistance is adjustable to accommodate young or old, stronger or weaker users of all fitness levels. You can even target specific areas. If that's not enough, there is a large, multifunctional performance display console that keeps track of data including: stroke speed, training time, speed of each stroke, distance covered, pulse rate, and energy consumption. And last, but not least, there is an ear lobe clip that allows you to keep track of your heart rate as you exercise (measures it electronically).

The Kadett rowing machine is our new best friend and one of our favorite fitness products to date.

Other Kettler Products...

VERSO TX3 Treadmill with Polar HR Strap. This is the ultimate, sophisticated treadmill and it's price won't break the bank. Kettler's solid treadmill offers exceptional stability and intuitive and advanced electronic controls for simple workout routines. With a dazzling array of features, an incredibly quiet and smooth motor, superior engineering, excellent safety features and the utmost in dependability and reliability, the TX3 will guarantee a completely fulfilling workout for many years to come. They don't take up much room because they fold up easily. The TX3 also has heart rate control programming to help you achieve a workout within your target heart zone as it makes adjustments based on your current heart rate. That leaves all of the guesswork out of achieving your recommended target heart rate zone. The TX3's powerful 3.0 HP motor keeps your workout flowing steady and smooth. You can set target goals for distance, calories burned, amount of time or use their preset programs. You can always change up your routine for variety. Whether you walk or run, the TX3 will help you to improve your health and overall being.

Tour 7 Exercise Bike. Cycling is one of the most effective exercises to improve stamina, increase metabolism, and build strength and endurance. The Tour 7 is an exceptional piece of equipment. Its sporty and sturdy frame, premium quality design and materials, padded seats, and Ergo handlebars make it the perfect solution for trekking riders and their routines. There are eight different program modes to ensure a well-balanced training program, and provide your body with a complete circulatory and aerobic workout. Whether you just want to get in shape, stay in shape, or train seriously, this bike will get you through it all.

The Herk. The premium piece of equipment is the perfect tower for home fitness enthusiasts. It offers a variety of power-building exercise, all in one compact unit. You can do chin-ups, bench presses, squats, abs, press-ups, and dips, all on this incredible machine. It's a space-saving multi gym.