Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tylt: The Best Power Accessories For Your Smartphone...

Tylt has solutions for every day electronics problems that will help your day go a little smoother. In a world where mobile phones, tablets, and computers are interacting together at every given moment of the day, Tylt is there to save you.

High quality design, paired with exceptional value, clearly defines Tylt. One of the major problems with cell phone users (which is pretty much all of us), is that they are now used for so much more than phone calls and texting. Emails, Internet surfing, listening to music and working with apps (downloading), especially with higher speeds with 4G, all drain our batteries quickly. Our cell phones eat up their power quickly, and leave you helpless.

Our favorite thing about Tylt cables is that they are truly tangle free. They can be used over and over and retain their perfect shape. Great performance mixed with an excellent, dependable design. There's nothing more you'll need.

Charging your cell phone is something we think about all day long. Worrying about how much battery we have left causes anxiety. Finding a place to charge our phones is another hassle and most of our charging is done in the home, office or car. In addition to phones, there are tablets, portable gaming systems, and MP3 players that need charging too.

Tylt is your one-stop shop for products pertaining to all of these circumstances. Tylt products look great, and work even better!

There are some wonderful, new products, and older, always dependable products as well. Their lineup is the best. Here's our favorites:

Syncable-Duo. This awesome 2-in-1 cable solution is perfect for charging and syncing data to smartphones and tablets. Only one cable is needed since this duo comes with both micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors all in one piece. It comes in four gorgeous colors and different lengths.

FLYP-Duo. This is probably the most convenient cable you'll own. The patented, reversible USB design (a 2-in-1 connector) works with just about any mobile device. With both a micro-USB and Apple Lightning connector, this is the perfect solution for users with both needs, or for users that have friends and family with different phones. What a great product for all of us. Love it!

Band Car Charger. This ribbon style charger's 2.1 amp provides super-fast charging of any tablet or two smart phones at the same time. And, it will never, ever tangle!!!

Y-Charge. This compact and sleek charger has two USB ports for double duty charging. Perfect when you need 2 devices charged.

TUNZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Mind-blowing sound in a gorgeous case. It's compact but it delivers incredible sound. It really doesn't get better than that.

Vu Wireless Charging Car Mount. This is the easiest way to charge on the go. Just place your smartphone in while squeezing the holding arms to together and it will secure just about any size phone. No cords to deal with. And the one-touch release button and spring-loaded arms make it easy to grab and go. Perfect!!!

ALIN Glass. Its revolutionary design installs and aligns this screen protector perfectly. Made with premium tempered glass for crystal clear displays.

ENERGI Sliding Power Case. In addition to loving its clean-cut design, this case offers a full-protection, dual-layer Inner Case that glides right out of the Power Sleeve. It provides a whopping 3200mAh of power. Slide on the Power Sleeve only when you need power. Now you have the best of both worlds... protection and all day power available to you whenever you need it. We love all need it!

Energi 2K. This smart charger has a built-in battery. The 2K was designed to replace your standard wall charger to keep you charged no matter where you are. Just plug it in to your wall and it becomes a normal USB wall charger. Charge anything that uses a USB cable. Take it with you anywhere you go.

N-Flight. Anyone who uses airline travel must have this product. Instead of relying on the not-too-wonderful headphones provided to you on your flight, you can use your own amazing stereo headsets by inserting this soft touch TPU rubber-like coated plug in to your seat's outlet.