Tuesday, July 14, 2015

College Necessities: Apple Computer; Sentry Safes; Garnet Hill Bedding; Cuisinart Appliances; Samsung Televisions; Danby Refrigerators and Air Conditioners; Rubbermaid; Schwinn Bicycles; Dyson Vacuum Cleaners and Heaters...

Going to college is such an exciting and wonderful experience, but it can be frightening and overwhelming at the same time. If your child is living at school, there is a lot of prep work as far as what they need to bring and what they need to know. We hope this feature will help them get going. We've started off with some of the main necessities that they will most likely need and then, at the end of this feature, we've compiled a list that we hope will help them to get organized for the exciting experience they are about to embark on. We wish them all the best of luck in their new endeavors.

Apple Computers.
MacBook Pro Computer. We have been supporting Apple before they were a household name. The reason is simple. They make the best computers and cell phones on the planet. It's not just their looks, although we love the clean, simple beauty of their products. And it's not just their functionality, although they are always on top of the game, no matter what the game is. It's how beautifully their products work side-by-side, integrating software, hardware, apps, and everything in between. Apple's products work together harmoniously, and effortlessly. You don't have to be a tekkie to figure them out. Who needs more complications in their life. We need simplicity, ease of use, and trust. Apple provides all of that, and more.

Sentry Safes. (www.sentrysafe.com)
No one wants to feel vulnerable when it comes to protection for our personal possessions. Sharing a dorm or apartment with strangers leaves you vulnerable. SentrySafe will make it extremely difficult for anyone to steal your valuables, whether they are valuable to you monetarily or if they just sentimental value. SentrySafe wants you to be protected with their high security safes. The thicker door, 5x larger size and the overall weight gives assurance to the safety of your irreplaceable items.

8-331 Security Safe. This awesome safe's outstanding features include: Programmable electronic lock with override key; Solid Steel Construction; 3 live-locking bolts that help to prevent unwanted entry and access; Concealed hinges for added protection; 2 multi-position shelves; Key rack, bungee organizational system for storage of easy-to-misplace items; Carpeted interior; Bolt down kit to prevent unauthorized removal. Dimensions (H x W x D) = 27.7" x 21.7" x 19.8" and Capacity = 4.3 cu. ft.

Garnet Hill Bedding. (www.garnethill.com
Beautiful homes begin with Garnet Hill. It’s your one source for all kinds of gorgeous and comfortable bedding, bath coordinates, window treatments and lots more. Garnet Hill is a premier manufacturer of high quality home fashions and their unique designs are carefully constructed and accessorized to provide you with complete coordination for your home. From unusual pillow designs, to matching window coordinates as well as solid color and sheer window panels and valances to bath accessories, shower curtains and towels you will find an extraordinary range of looks, each with its own high quality coordinating products. There is something for everyone! (Note: product lines change often so some of the products listed below may not be available but there will be plenty of choices for you.)
• Bedding. Fresh patterns, colors and styles that can be cozy and nurturing, full of the ideals of the comforts of home. They are also sleek and chic - bedrooms are all about rest, and relaxation - create romance with careful lighting, inviting crisp bed linen and finishing touches. Whether the theme is soft and neutral, dark and rustic or completely technicolor, adding a touch of new bedding to any space adds interest. And their accessories steal the stage by revealing their personality. Tying it all together is the key with endless ways to bring class and style to any room by simply introducing Garnet Hill Bedding. They are so luxuriously beautiful that you will feel pampered as royalty and they are so soft that they are an appealing place to relax and dream. So create a place of tranquility and relaxation in your bedroom by highlighting the decor with Garnet Hill.
• Towels. Indulge yourself in exclusive Garnet Hill bath decor. Step onto their soft tufted bath rugs and wrap up in their plush signature Egyptian cotton towels. Give your bathroom pizazz with brightly colored shower curtains and accent your space with their lovely bathroom accessories. Their color range is vast and well coordinated and they have everything to complete your bathroom ensemble - instant elegance.
• Rugs. Garnet Hill's extensive rug collection encompasses a worldly sense of charm with modern style, folk art and eclectic motifs. Dress up a room with posh patterns and geometric designs - traditional rugs in muted tones add class and sophistication. Bring the garden inside with delicately carved floral rugs rendered in subtle hues or exploding bright colors. From runner to round, small to large, tufted and hooked rugs and more, their gallery of rugs showcases only top-quality designs that will add charm to any room. Their rugs are a feast for the eyes and you will find the rug of your dreams in their collection).

Cuisinart. (www.cuisinart.com)
We have loved Cuisinart products for dozens of years. They are our kitchen companions, always ready to be of service and lend a helping hand. College students need appliances, too, so they can feel more at home. There is no second choice. Toaster ovens, microwaves, blenders, juicers and their awesome specialty appliances include beverage makers, pressure cookers, coffee makers, bread makers, steamers and fondue sets. Their baking sheets or pans are fabulous, lasting for years. Cuisinart always has something fun, new and innovative to help us out in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorites…

Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak Blender. Make kitchen magic with Cuisinart's most powerful blender ever. With its 3.5 horsepower motor it easily outperforms every blender in its class. Their BlendLogix technology ensures consistent blending speeds for any recipe. It innovative memory lets you adjust preset times and change to new settings. There's a Turbo Boost feature, a 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan jar, and preset buttons for soup, smoothies, ice crush, and even a Clean function. Love it!

EM-600 Buono Tazza Coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino maker. This gorgeous, simple-to-use, stainless-steel machine is incredible. It's the Porsche of all coffeemakers. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will certainly be celebrating with this exceptional coffeemaker that will brew perfect espresso and all traditional coffee beverages at the touch of a button, without moving the cup! A removable milk tank sends hot and creamy, frothed milk right into the cup for hands-free, barista-quality Italian-style cappuccino and latte. The machine works alongside illy's iperEspresso capsule system (smooth and rich coffee). The innovative unit offers push-button temperature, flavor strength, and froth controls. Its dual heating system eliminates the wait between milk and espresso, so delicious drinks are ready lightning fast. Clean the frothing wand is simple with the 'burst of steam' feature that automatically cleans the wand after each use. Any cup or mug size is accommodated, even demitasse cups. What a great way to start, or end, your day.

Cuisinart Oven Central… Now you can easily bake, roast, steam, sauté, skewer, griddle, toast and brown directly all in the same unit. The Oven Central is equipped with an adjustable temperature control, a 30-minute countdown timer and a top heater control switch. The non-stick baking pan, cupcake/muffin pan, roasting/steaming rack and four individual skewers are included as well. Roast meat, toast bread, sauté veggies and make waffles or pancakes, in one place!

Samsung Televisions. (wwwsamsung.com)
Better resolution, bigger size, more features. That's how we all feel about televisions. They are the integral piece of your home theater system. There are so many models out there and it's difficult choosing one that will best fit your home theater needs but we found two 4K models that are reasonably priced, have excellent features and crisp, gorgeous, true-to-life pictures, with beautiful aesthetics. We are confident with our choices.

4K is the new superstar in televisions. Ultra High Definition. With about 8 million pixels, 4K is four times what your current 1080p set can display. More pixels offer more information and that offers sharper pictures. We want the sharpest pictures we can get, don't we? (Just remember, though, that you need to be viewing 4K content to get the full effect, or sitting closer, which is doable with this TV.) The ability to get up close to the screen without the image breaking down is one of the most intoxicating things about 4K. A 4K display reveals an astonishing increase in nuance and detail. Blu-Ray players and movies are starting t come out in 4K, Amazon and Netflix are testing it out, and a few films and TV shows are filming in 4K. This is only the beginning.

Danby Refrigerators and Air-Conditioning Units (www.danby.com
They have the best line of high-quality, compact and specialty appliances at such reasonable prices. They perfect for dorms or small apartments. Danby’s innovative products meet and exceed any expectations we had and they’re all so useful!
• Danby 4.4 cu.ft. Mini Stainless Steel Look Refrigerator. Portable/Compact Refrigerators. Danby Refrigerators offer unmatched quality and innovation. Their extensive line of apartment size refrigerators are suited for dorms, apartments and condos and make an exceptional secondary refrigerator for the home. Some of the premium features are CanStor beverage dispenser, adjustable shelves and 2L bottle storage. Their refrigerator line up includes white, black and platinum styles suitable for any kitchen decor. This premium Energy Star rated compact all fridge is suitable for almost any room in the house. This large capacity, compact fridge offers plenty of additional space to store beverages and snacks. The black cabinet with stainless steel door provide a contemporary look, while the generous 4.4 cu. ft. (125 L) capacity will efficiently meet all of your entertaining needs. features include: Energy Star rated, spotless steel finish that looks identical to real stainless steel but without the smudging, 2 full shelves and 1/2 shelf for versatility, scratch resistance top, mechanical thermostat, automatic defrost, see-thru vegetable crisper, canstor beverage dispenser, tall bottle storage, interior light, integrate door handle and smooth back design)
• Danby DAC1201OE 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. Dorm rooms can get hot. As summer heats up, cool down with a Danby air conditioner. With coverage areas ranging from of 150 sq.ft.to 700 sq.ft. Danby has an air conditioner that is perfect for your space. All Danby air conditioners uses environmentally friendly R410a or R134 refrigerant, which does not deplete the ozone layer. Some models include features like electronic controls, LED display and remote control. Most electronic models also offer the automatic on/off feature. You can have the air conditioner start or stop when you want it to. This eco-friendly air conditioner cools spaces as large as 500 square feet. It actually cools, dehumidifies (removes moisture out of the air), and even acts as a fan (3 fan speeds). This versatile model provides supplemental cooling to your room, office, or basement and it’s packed with features including: auto mode, sleep mode, electronic controls, LED display, washable air filter, check filter indicator, remote control, auto restart (in case of power failure), clean air operation (to remove impurities in air), and 4-way direction).

Rubbermaid. (www.rubbermaid.com)
Their products make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable.
• Miscellaneous Products (they have so many useful, everyday products like Twin Sink Racks, a huge assortment of sponges (bet you didn’t know that), Vacuum Bags, Dustpans, Mini Chests, Mops, Brooms, Dusters and hundreds of additional products that you won’t be able to live without in your dorm or apartment.
• Home Organization. Fashion-forward products with maximum performance will keep your dorn more organized than ever before. Love: Latchtopper containers (the best); Max Latch containers (also great); Jumbo Roughtote Storage Boxes for extra-large, extra-durable storage; Specialty Storage Boxes, with unique features like hinged lids & lock use; Wrap ‘N Craft Boxes; 2 & 3 drawer Stacking Chests; Laundry Hampers and the Flex ‘n Carry Baskets/ Hampers; they also have the best Roughtote trash cans available anywhere.
• Kitchen Products. Your one-stop supplier for sinkware, food preparation, organization, serving ware and water filtration products. They’re better than ever with on-trend colors, superior styling and functionality. There are so many products that are useful, but we’ve singled these out as our best choices: Clear Classics Intellivent Bowls that allow them to self-vent while microwaving, which prevents the lid from collapsing while cooling; EZ Topps in Dry Food Storage Containers, Specialty Containers, Rounds, Rectangles and more. They store just about any food you can think of; Tidal Wave Sponge Mops and Roller Mops have easy-change Velcro systems and can be washed in a washing machine to provide a clean sponge for each floor cleaning; Seal n’ Saver food storage containers with easy-open lids and high-quality seals that won’t leak or spill in 11 sizes that are micro-wave reheatable/top-rack dishwasher safe with see-through lids.

Schwinn Bicycles. 
The best way to get around your college campus is either walking or by using a bicycle. Schwinn Bicycles have been around for decades and we're certain that they'll be around for many more decades to come. There's a good reason for that. Schwinn bicycles are so impressive, with choices to fit every lifestyle and every budget. In addition to the variety of their lines, their bikes are beautifully designed, made with the best materials available, they're lightweight, and reasonably priced, even at the highest level. A Schwinn bike will last for years and through many miles. Schwinn has always been one of the true leaders in the bicycle category and they will continue that tradition for a long time to come.

Dyson. (www.dyson.com)
Don’t go anywhere else for the ultimate floor cleaning tools and fans and heaters. James Dyson takes everyday products and makes them the best and most efficient they can be...and his design are outstanding, winning many awards over the years. He set out with a dream to create the ultimate vacuum cleaner and, after thousands of failed prototypes and deals, his dream came true, boy did it ever come true! In addition to creating the most outstanding vacuums, his air multipliers/fans, heaters and combos not only look simple yet stunning, but they provide steady streams of smooth air for the best in comfort.

Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan Heater... Heat an entire room, or cool it down, faster than any other heater or fan we've seen. Just set the target temperature to the degree you want and this awesome product's Air Multiplier technology generates a high-speed jet of warm or cool air to project heat and cold further and faster. Dyson fans and heaters have no blades... instead, they provide a steady stream of smooth cooling or heating air versus spinning blades which usually chop and reduce the amount of preferred (warm or cool) air you receive. No more chilly or hot nights when you don’t want them! The Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck and saves space in your room. It's two awesome products in one!

DC59 Animal Stick... You will actually enjoy vacuuming with this great little stick. Its suction is truly amazing for its size and we love its incredible design. Amazingly, it sucks up as much dirt and dust as a corded full-size vacuum without the weight and hassles. The DC59 is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. The 350W motor, 2 Tier Radial cyclones and nickel manganese cobalt battery provide incredible suction. It combines suction and wiping to remove dust and grime at the same time. Its swivel neck allows it to be manuevered into awkward places with a turn of the wrist. Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology doesn’t rely on a bag to trap all the dust and dirt. Instead, it spins the air so fast that centrifugal forces up to 70,000 times the force of gravity fling dust and dirt out of the air and straight into the clear bin and, because there’s no bag to clog, there’s no loss of suction. 15 minutes of powerful, constant suction, or 6 minutes on boost mode for more difficult tasks are remarkable. The long-reach wand is detachable, so DC59 can also be used as a handheld with the Combination and Crevice tools and the tools fit directly to the machine. It is wonderful!)

Additional items to consider taking along to college:

- Electrical and Appliances: Computer and charger, power cords and extensions, printer, camera, alarm clock, lamps and light bulbs, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, television, stereo and speakers, DVD player
- Decorative: Bedding (pillow, comforter, sheets, pillowcases), egg crate, mattress pad, posters, wall plaques; area rug, mirror, picture hangers
- Storage: Under bed storage, hangers, storage bins, lock box, safe, shoe organizer, trash can
- Cleaning: Supplies, rags, vacuum, air freshener
- Bath Necessities: Body wash/soap, shampoo, face wash, cosmetics, nail clipper, q-tips, cotton balls; bath tote/caddy; flip flops, razor, shaving cream, toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, towels, deodorant, hair dryer, brush/comb, vitamins, medications
- School Supplies: Notebooks, folders, pens/pencils, scissors, post-its, calculator, backpack, USB flash drive, stapler, tape, textbooks
- Clothing essentials (in addition to everyday clothing): Laundry bag, dryer rack, ironing board and iron, laundry detergent, quarters, stain remover, lint brush, sewing kit, umbrella, jacket, gloves, hat, boots, sneakers, bathrobe
- Misc: Thumb tacks, flashlight, bottled water, sports equipment, silverware, dishes, bicycle, insurance information