Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Demon Protective Gear: Their Essential Products Will Keep You Protected During All Outdoor Activities...

There is no better protective gear than Demon, for spring, summer, winter and fall sports. They produce the finest, safest, most comfortable protective gear on the market with unmatched quality, design, and pricing. Riders, skaters, skiers, boarders and any other athlete that deals with gravity will be protected with their gear, keeping you safe and secured. They're perfect for snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, rally car racing, BMX, inline skate, longboarding, mountain biking and lots more. Their products do it all.

Their Demon Flex Force Series, Demon Flex Force Pro, Demon Shield Vests and the New Shield Body Armor are only a part of their extensive lineup. And if price is an issue, Demon Snow and Dirt protective gear offers top of the line product at a huge value. Kneed pads, shin guards, padded pants and shorts, padded shirts and vests, and protective helmets are just part of what they offer. They're the best in the industry. Demon's X Series incorporates the finest materials, craftsmanship and technology. They utilze D30 impact absorbing material in the X series which provides the highest level of protection they offer.

Faktor Snow with Audio. This helmet can be used for multiple sports, ranging from mountain biking and MTB cross-country to snowboarding and skiing. The convertible pad kit allows you to switch seasons effortlessly while giving you maximum protection. It has an ABS shell, EPS foam, custom ear pads, and comes equipeed with headphones.

Demon FlexForce X D30 Top. This newly redesigned top is the ultimate in upper body protection. They used the base of the Flexforce Pro Top and added D30 technology to the shoulders, back, and elbows. This has resulted in unmatched performance and protection at a great price. Flexforce D3O tops include an option for the SAS-TEC Chest protection CE insert. With lightweight, athletic lycra/mesh material, the Flexforce X D30 is ultra comfortable and easily worn in all terrains from the slopes to the trails. The FlexForce X D30 top V2 is now compatible with your neck brace. You can even remove the back pads to adjust the level of protection and flexibility your going for. Perfect for adding sternum and chest protection!

DS 1100 Flex Force Pro Spine Guard. This provides great protection with a full range of movement, all the benefits and no drawbacks. The light, flexible, full-coverage spine guard is complete with performance foam and a hardshell outer to create the perfect blend of safety and comfort. Also provides safety for the kidney area. With a full range of sizes there is no reason not to stay Demon safe.

Demon FlexForce X D3O Protective Short V2. These X shorts are the lightest, most breathable short they offer, while still maintaining big protection benefits. Now made with lightweight, athletic blend lycra/mesh material, and extended lower back protection, they also have full ventilating legs and thermoform, full-flex hips and butt. Say goodbye to bruises. Blending protection, style and technology and bundling it in a price you can afford, the redesigned Flex Force X D30 is the best D3O short at the best value period.

Demon Compression SKNN Short. This is the perfect ALL-Sport alternative to compression shorts. These protective shorts, as a base layer, can be worn year round in any condition – with just the right amount of light protection for biking, hiking, skiing, soccer, baseball, snowboarding. Cut in a compression fit and designed to wick away moisture.

Demon Shield Hard Tail Padded Short V2 with Removable Hardshell. Demon's Shield Hard Tail protective shorts will keep your bottom happy on those hard falls. The plastic tailbone is removable and they have additional padding underneath. This is one of the most versatile protective shorts available, and super comfortable, made with perforated Lycra construction.

Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O V2. If you're looking for serious knee and shin protection, the Demon Hyper Knee delivers some serious benefits featuring a Kevlar front shield, D3O Knee pad and shin pad and a form fit that is straight sick. Also features double bound stitching throughout the pad making it extra durable. Try it on and you'll never take it off.
Demon Shield Elbow/Forearm Guard. Welcome to the next generation of protective gear by Demon. The Shield elbow/forearm guards are the latest in Demon protection. These guards are vented with EVA air-padding and use articulating polypropylene hard shell technology to protect your arms from all your worst scraps and gashes. The guards use an elastic strap system to adjust to the right fit, while the asymmetrical design ensures the correct fit and function.These pads can be used in a huge variety of sports.

Demon Flex Wrist Guard V2. This versatile guard combines multible 'Flex' strips through the guard to help brace your wrist. This is a low profile wrist guard that will fit easily under your glove. There are 2 velcro straps to help dial in the fit and a pad on the palm to help soften the blows.

Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards. This wrist guard has a specific purpose in the design: Flexmeter assures wrist protection, while allowing full mobility of your wrists. The Single Sided Flexmeter has a single dorsal support that sits on top of your arm and wrist. The support is strap securely with three individual straps. Ideal for snowboarding, inline skate and roller derby. The Flexmeter wrist guard has been designed by physicians, engineers and trauma specialists. The Flexmeter wrist guard is a dorsal protection worn on the back of the wrist which disperses initial impact loads up the forearm by transferring the energy. You can kind of compare it to a shock on a car. When you hit a bump the force is absorbed by the shocks. The Flexmeter wrist guard is designed the same way. As your wrist is impacted the plastic shields and straps act like a shock to absorb the impact and energy. Hands and fingers are prevented from being outstretched and are therefore not subject to a reverse extension injury. (The difference between double and single protection is: The single protection is recommended for more experienced snowboarders because it offers protection without restricting movement of the arm and hand. The double protection is recommended if you feel the need for the extra hard padding to stop yourself with. It is there for added safety and serves as a cushion, where as the dorsal guards function is to distribute the force of impact away from the joint and into the forearm where there is more support for such impacts.)