Monday, December 7, 2015

Tipsy Elves: Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Really Sweet and Cute...

Tipsy Elves' awesome sweaters will be the laugh of the party. Their hilarious Ugly Christmas sweaters are perfect for any holiday party, family gathering, holiday pub crawls with friends, or just a casual night out. They're fun, whimsical and extremely clever, and they're also so comfortable and warm. We love, and get, all of their jokes, which are all based on graphics alone. Also, the quality of each sweater is excellent... 100% acrylic with double-panel construction with reinforced seams.  They last for many years and through many holidays with no stretching, fading, shrinking, or itching.

What we love most about this wonderful company is their dedication to supporting many different charities. Way to go Tipsy Elves! Now that's the holiday spirit.

Here are some of our favorites:

Ginja Ninja. These are the baddest gingerbread men around. They are very naughty and not very nice and they're ready for a brawl.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. This is just too funny, from the classic song. Poor grandma has taken a hit and the evidence leads right to the reindeer... just follow his footprints through the snow. So clever!

Hanukkah Sweater. Two adorable dancing dreidels and a full-lit menorah come to life on this comfy holiday sweater.

Shrek Sweater. Shrek is so charming and you can't help but love him, even if he's the main focus of your ugly holiday sweater.

Snowman Nose Thief. One snowman's loss is another one's gain. This smart-alec snowman has taken his friend's carrot nose to enhance his own deficiencies on his lower half. Hysterical.

Gingerbread Nightmare. These little men are doomed because Santa's hungry and they're his target. Even Santa can't resist delicious gingerbread men.

Snowman Cardigan. If you're more of a cardigan type guy or gal, you might prefer this whimsical sweater. Who can resistant sweet, little snowmen?

Santa on Unicorn Sweater. Santa has a brand new ride and it's a magical unicorn. He's ready to fly high and deliver his toys, in his own unique way.

Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders. Okay, this is the epitome of an ugly sweater... but we love it. Wide black suspenders adorned with sparkly jingle bells from top to bottom, and a huge Christmas tree smack in the middle complete with garland and balls make this a winner for getting into the holiday spirit.