Wednesday, December 16, 2015

KitchenAid's Refrigerator, Samsung's Washer, and Electrolux's Dryer: Gifts That Are Practical and Exceptional...

If your special someone is more of a practical person, or if they have just about everything they need or desire, fear no more. There are plenty of exceptional appliances that will make great gifts, and be truly appreciate all year long.

Appliances make your life productive, simpler, and fun. If you want to be wowed with some great appliances this holiday season, check out these top-notch performers.

Treat someone, or maybe even yourself, to one great gift.

KitchenAid's Refrigerator.

KitchenAid KRMF706EBS. This is far from an ordinary refrigerator. KichenAid's Black Stainless wins the prize for best refrigerator, in looks and features. The spectacular new Black Stainless finish is stunning. A piece of art. This French door refrigerator also debuts the first five-door design sold in the U.S. Instead of a single temperature-controlled drawer above the freezer, the KRMF706EBS sports two, so you can store your kids' snacks and hors d'oeuvres for your dinner party.

What's more, an herb tray, a water dispenser that can follow instructions, and plenty of adjustable storage make this fridge an organizational dream come true. With its glistening, smooth finish and more doors than we've ever seen, there’s never been another fridge like it. And if you prefer a traditional stainless exterior, that's also available. Just opt for the KRMF706ESS.

We love stainless steel because it doesn't tarnish and offers a timeless, professional look. Conversely, we hate stainless steel because it feels cold and impersonal. To appeal to the best of both worlds, KitchenAid (as well as Samsung and LG) has released a variation of a darker stainless finish. The exterior of these appliances are still stainless steel, but chemically processed to result in a darker hue.

The black stainless finish is one of this KitchenAid's key differentiating factors, and it’s definitely an eye-popper whose name says it all. This five-door frig looks amazing. It's sturdy without looking industrial. The cylindrical handles feature a textured silver diamond pattern that both feels great and looks very elegant. The dispenser comes with a measuring cup, as well as a precise fill option. Inside it's interior is grey to beautifully match the outside. There are tons of bright lights for superior visibility, mirrored trays, lots of adjustable shelves, and crispers with grips that match the door handles. Two of the fridge shelves feature under-the-trim LED lighting, adding to interior visibility. The recessed water filter takes up minimal space and we love having it for fresh, filtered water. It's simple to replace. 

There's a sliding nook that gives the herb tray a home and you will appreciate this option when your herbs are dry and fresh. A wonderful ice maker holds lots of ice and it has a Max Ice option for creating cubes quickly for your needs. 

The element we love the most is the manufacturer’s decision to include two distinct drawers separate from the main fridge compartment. The right drawer serves as additional crisper storage, making this an excellent choice for consumers that like to buy lots of produce. The left-hand drawer is more versatile, boasting five distinct temperature settings: Meat / Fish, Cold Drinks, Greens / Herbs, Deli / Cheese, and Thaw / Marinate. Both drawers come with an adjustable divider, which adds even more organizational options. Both drawers are equipped with a soft close feature, as well, which keeps the drawer from slamming shut.

Another highlight of this five-door is the freezer. Temperatures are cool and stable, creating the perfect environment for frozen food storage. Freezer burn should be kept to a minimum, which is ideal for those who shop in bulk and need lots of food frozen.

The KitchenAid KRMF706EBS is a unique refrigerator with everything to love. This attention grabber is something you won't want to be without.[KRMF706EBS]-5569100/KRMF706EBS/


There are so many different washers and dryers. They come in all shapes and sizes. Top-loaders, front-loaders, high-tech heat pump dryers. Which models should you look at? You can go simple and less expensive or extravagant and more expensive. We want to give you a few choices to look at before you get completely confused. Hopefully you won't have to look further.

Samsung's WA52J8700AP Washing Machine. 

This is the most innovative washer we've seen. Samsung's unique Activewash system makes all the difference. It basically allows you to have a sink on top of your washing machine (complete with a faucet and ribbed basin for soaking and pretreating). It's like using an old-fashioned washboard in the new world. After the hand washing is complete, open the lid and your laundry falls right in to where it needs to be. This is a great machine, especially for those with young children or athletes in the house who always seem to have deeply stained clothing.

If you are the consumer who prefer a hands-on approach to doing laundry, this is the model for you. However, if you want to do a quick and dirty job without all the worries, you might not be a fan. We happen to love it.

Features include: Samsung's simple, generic dial that is so easy to read and use; AquaJet deep-clean option; Super speed option (enables you to wash a full load of laundry in approximately 36 minutes); VRT (vibration reduction technology) to keep noise to a minimum; 5.2 cu. ft. D.O.E. capacity to accommodate large loads; 15 preset wash cycles for supreme versatility (normal, super speed, waterproof, deep steam, heavy duty, permanent press, NSF Certified sanitize, bedding, colors/darks, brilliant whites, active wear, delicates/hand wash, quick wash, rinse and spin and spin only); 11 options (including self-clean, my cycle, presoak, extra rinse, sound on/off, smart care, eco plus and more); Automatic temperature control (selects the appropriate setting for each load... six temperature settings include extra hot, hot, warm, eco warm, cold and tap cold to suit a variety of fabric types); Stainless-steel drum with swirl interior for durability; and dispenser trays (including main wash, softener and manual bleach) so you can add the appropriate wash agents.


Electrolux's EWMED70JIW Dryer.

The Electrolux EWMED70JIW looks like your basic dryer with its eleven cycles. It is anything but basic. This lifesaving machine has a complete list of specialty cycles that aren't visible on the selector.

Although it takes a bit getting used to, and figuring out, it's worth the effort because this is one amazing dryer. Sit back and enjoy the ride because you're in for a show. Between its features, impressive drying performance, and quality, you will be completely impressed.

The cycle select lists the primary eleven options, with a twelfth that serves as a "gateway" selection to customized cycles and a whole different list of choices. The knob itself pops in and out for when you need to use it, and the cycle symbols are lit with a blue glow when selected. This machine uses four rectangular buttons to select from options that are shown on the digital screen just above them. The display itself will change every time you switch to a different cycle. Even tiny digital bubbles float up and away on the display while your clothes tumble.

With extensive cycles and a list of drying options that are endless and mind-boggling, get ready to witness something really special.