Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chaos Slouch Hats: They're Got You Covered and They'll Keep You Warm While You Look Cool...

Chaos designs and manufacturers exceptional hats and scarves for men and women. Each piece has its own unique style and their selections are very broad. We were really tired of seeing the same slouch hats over and over again. They all looked the same, solid colors, a few stripes here and there. And then we found Chaos hats. They have such a large variety, dozens of styles in either solids or cool, colorful graphics and they're great for skiing, snowboarding, sleigh riding, outdoor walks in the cold, skateboarding, hockey, lacrosse, or even just as a part of your outfit. You can change your hat every day to match your clothing. Chaos hats are so comfortable and they seem to fit every size and shaped head perfectly with the perfect amount of snugness. Their hats are made from a very lightweight 50/50 wool/acrylic but they're so comfortable and really warm (although you will never feel too warm because the top wool parts are breathable). They even have a fleece band inside the forehead area for extra warmth. Throw them in the washing machine, no problem. Chaos hats will always look great, feel great, and they are the only slouch hats you'll want.

Their neck tubes aren't to be missed either. They'll keep your neck warm and protected while keeping you looking stylish. Chaos hat and neck tube duos are all the rage, and you'll love them both.

Slouch Hats.

Neck Tubes.

Other products include beanies, bandanas, pompom hats, scarves, caps, and trappers.