Friday, December 4, 2015

SONOS Play:5. Awesome Surround Sound For Your Entire Home at the Touch of a Button...

Sonos delivers glorious, clean, crisp music at your beck and call. Whether you're relaxing, singing, dancing or partying, Sonos will bring you the music you love right form your smartphone, computer, tablet, or online music services and apps like Pandora and iTunes. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled speakers are so popular and there are lots of choices, but there aren't lots of stars. Sonos' slick, stylish design complements its features, all beautiful. Link a few of their speakers together for incredible surround sound, better than any we've heard at this price point. Or use each speaker individually. It's all up to you and what your needs are at the moment. The speakers are controlled by apps and the system is simple to use.

Our favorite so far is the Play:5 but they have lots of other great options. The Play:5 is their best-sounding speaker. It is absolutely sensational. Three mid-woofers create deep, clear sound. Six state-of-the-art digital amplifiers coupled with the six speakers inside produce stellar sound! Pair it with a PlayBar and Sub and you will have the ultimate surround sound experience. LOVE IT!!!