Sunday, December 13, 2015

EO1: Showcase Your Stunning and Sentimental Collection of Photographs Right From Your Smartphone...

This display is one of our favorites this season because it has two purposes. Sentimentality and art for your walls. If you're an art lover, and you like to display your children's photographs, photos of places you've visited, photos of your loved ones, photos of fine art (saving you a pretty penny) or photos you've taken that inspire you or tug at your heart, the EO1 is not to be missed.

This anti-glare display stands on tables, shelves and dressers, or it can be hung on your wall to show off your most treasured photographs, in brilliant, vibrant colors. Show off your digital art the way it was meant to be shown in our digital world. The EO1 connects to Wi-Fi and works through its app. Send photos to the device and watch it adjust itself to lighting conditions to optimize its display. What a great way to showcase your photo library! You just choose the image you want to display, and change it as frequently as you'd like. It's simple, no cords or memory cards needed.

The EO1 is 23" and has a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels. The frame is so thin that it maximizes your photo's size to the fullest. The frame comes in black, white, and wood. EO1's low energy display is always on but uses very little power. Just charge it every once in a while and you'll always have your art welcoming you in to your home.

The EO1 frame will allow you literally photograph anything you desire to have hanging on your walls, as often as you'd like. You would never be able to purchase even one piece of fine art for the price of this frame, let alone have the world of fine art at your fingertips.