Monday, December 5, 2016

Clarion's NX706 In-Dash Entertainment: Your Car Will Be Singing Its Praises...

Clarion is at the top of its game when it comes to its contribution to the automotive industry. Since the earliest days of in-vehicle devices, this leader in consumer and commerical mobile electronics has consistently been an industry pioneer, launching Japan’s first car radio as well as Japan’s first car stereo. They identify drivers’ needs and support them through their sound technologies, continually drawing on their abundant creativity to deliver unique products to their customers. Having evolved from car radio and AV systems to car navigation systems and beyond, the in-vehicle device sector is now entering a new era of change, filled with exciting potential. Reflecting this change, Clarion is also evolving from being an In-Vehicle Device Manufacturer to an In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider.

The NX706 In-Dash Entertainment System. This all-new double DIN in-dash infotainment source unit boasts a broad array of premium features and capabilities, including a high-definition 7” touch display, embedded GPS navigation, smartphone screen mirroring through HDMI, 15-band Graphic equalizer and support for Clarion’s new Full Digital Sound components and playback capabilities designed to take advantage of high-resolution FLAC audio tracks sampled at 96kHz.

The NX706 is Clarion’s first source unit offered in the U.S. market to be fully compatible with Clarion’s all new Full Digital Sound components system, which allows the unit to pass a high-resolution digital audio signal to an installed Full Digital Sound processor. Clarion’s Full Digital Sound processor separates the digital stream into separate channels of digital audio and sends each channel to its respective Full Digital Speaker. The audio signal for each channel in the system remains digital all the way to the voice coil, ensuring that high-resolution digital audio is maintained without loss or added noise and artifacts from analog connections.

In addition to support for Full Digital Sound, Clarion has designed the NX706 with an array of features and specifications to deliver premium sound quality that will please even the most discerning of ears, including: Optical digital output for connecting source unit with Clarion’s new Full Digital Sound components; Support for high-resolution FLAC audio; 15-band Graphic equalizer with low-pass and high-pass filters; Source independent Gain/EQ; and 50 watts x 4 MOS-FET amplifier (20 watts x 4 RMS) for less than 1% total harmonic distortion plus noise.

“With the growing trend toward high-resolution lossless audio, we designed the NX706 for customers who want the absolute best possible sound quality from their car audio system” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning for Clarion Corporation of America. “Not only did we add support for high-resolution FLAC files, but we also included a digital optical output for those looking to pair the advanced functionality of this center unit with the crystal-clear performance provided by our Full Digital Sound components system. This full digital signal capability from source to speaker is an industry first for aftermarket car audio systems and the sound quality provided by it is breathtaking. To push the envelope further, we implemented an audiophile quality 15-band parametric EQ for our customers to achieve that ‘perfect’ sound. The NX706 continues Clarion’s tradition of driving and building products capable of uncompromising audio quality.”

Key features of the Clarion NX706: 7” WVGA display with touch interface and tilt control; Embedded navigation with 3D maps featuring 15 million points-of-interest; Variable color key illumination; HDMI input for phone mirroring; 2 USB inputs; Optical digital output; Audio/Video inputs (RCA); Bluetooth connectivity for HFP/A2DP; Pandora control for iPhone and Android; Built-in microphone on device, and external microphone; Rear view camera input with audio; OEM steering wheel remote control ready; SiriusXM-Ready; IR remote control included; Two-zone capabilities).

In greater detail, here's what we love about the NX706 in simpler terms:

The sleek and sophisticated design houses its 7" display which offers comfort and convenience. With only a few key functions having a physical button, most of the fun takes place on screen. Everything from song selection to navigation is at your fingertips with intuitive touch panel operation designed to maximize enjoyment while ensuring safety.

Enjoy a safer hands-free driving experience with Siri Eyes Free. Just say the word and you can check your emails, check your schedule, play music stored on your iPhone, and so much more.

The NX706 features a built-in navigation system with simple destination input, turn-by-turn voice prompts and selectable route guidance. Preloaded with 11 million points of interest, its database includes national parks, restaurants, gas stations and much more. Everything you need to get to your destination quickly and efficiently is at your fingertips.

In addition to listening to music stored on your smartphone through the car’s audio system, you can also enjoy hands-free telephone communication. HDMI mode is supported so smartphone app screens and video content can be displayed on the large screen. Experience a wider range of digital media thanks to high-resolution format support, such as H.264 video via USB as well as lossless FLAC audio files.

You can even change the colors it illuminates to match your cars other interior lighting palettes or just your mood each day and evening.

You can use an optical cable to connect the NX706 to a Full Digital Sound device or DSP via the optical digital output. The Full Digital Sound lineup includes the Z7 Full Digital Speaker, Z25W Full Digital Subwoofer and Z3 Full Digital Sound Processor/Commander/Full Digital Tweeter. By equipping a full system you’ll be able to enjoy the highest quality digital sound experience.

The NX706 has a built-in 15-band graphic equalizer that gives you the ability to sculpt sound to your taste. Make detailed adjustments with precision to create the perfect sound in your vehicle. Since the gain level can be pre-adjusted for each source separately, you won't have to fiddle with the volume knob each time you switch sources.

This is one heck of an entertainment system for your car. Your friends and family will be jealous enough to go and get one of their own!