Thursday, December 8, 2016

ResQ... They Put Lifesaving Tools In Your Own Hands...

Laurent Colasses came out with the LifeHammer in the late nineties. He then wanted to manufacture an accessible and compact car escape tool to protect against vehicular entrapment situations. Introducing resqme.

This handy essential tool, resqme, became available to the public emergency fields in 2002, and then gradually expanded to the corporate and consumer worlds. With the resqme tool drivers can be confident that they will be able to cut through seat belts and break car windows in various auto accident situations. (According to the Bureau of Transportation there are an estimated 500 deaths every year in the U.S. due to vehicle entrapment). The resqme is the most convenient safety option in vehicles worldwide. Today over 4 million drivers are driving with more peace of mind. Proudly made in the United States, the award-winning resqme tool is now offering peace of mind to drivers all over the globe.

Striving for excellence for over a decade, the cornerstone of resqme business conveys foresight and commitment as it provides leading safety technologies for motorists, corporations, public safety organizations and fundraising programs worldwide. Today they are aiming the company toward a new era in becoming a trend more than just a mere product. Most importantly, people must become more socially responsible and proactive in terms of safety. It is their conviction that road safety and personal safety should be rolled out with an educational policy and that together they can save more lives both on the road and elsewhere.

Here's their great lineup of products:

resqme. Over 3 million motorists worldwide carry resqme – keychain car escape tool, to keep their family safe on the road! This 2 in 1, safety and survival tool, allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a side window in your car. Originally developed for first responders (firefighters EMTs, law enforcement agencies); resqme has become an essential safety solution for all safety-conscious drivers. It breaks car side windows, cuts jammed safety belts, it's compact, lightweight and powerful...The most affordable and reliable car escape tool. Every family member should have one.

resqhammer. This innovative and versatile emergency hammer features a sleek, modern design with a unique shape and knuckle guard. The stainless steel hammer head easily breaks car side windows, and the razor-sharp blade cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts. It's easy to install in your car with its mounting bracket, and it can be attached to various locations inside your vehicle to ensure it will be within reach “When seconds count…” Ingeniously, the versatile resqhammer even allows you to snap in your resqme tool for maximum protection during emergency situations.

defendme. This sleek personal alarm features a siren to maximize attention to yourself when needed for self defense. The piercing 120 dB siren can be heard up to 300 feet. It will provide practical protection and deter dangerous threats when seconds count! This personal alarm is perfect for anyone (particularly young people, college students, lone workers, joggers, elderly, nurses and sales representatives. Easily attach defendme to just about any strap on a backpack, purse, or even a belt-loop. Great product!