Wednesday, December 7, 2016

JUNOJUMPER: A Portable Jumper System That Every Driver Should Have!...

Juno Power designs, develops, manufactures and markets portable mobile devices and accessories for both Apple and Android devices. Juno Power is an authorized licensee of Apple Inc. They bring a combination of user friendly and design oriented products to the mass market.

Their mission is to create the best possible products in both quality and design.The JUNOJUMPER Pro is not just a jumpstarter, but it's designed to be the ultimate power source, delivering mobile power in multiple forms - 5 volt, 12 volt, 19 volt, and even 110 volt with the added AC Dock. The JUNOJUMPER Pro is made for mechanics, automotive fans, working professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday consumers to have more flexibility on the go and not worry about power. Jump-start cars, charge electronics, and plug in practically almost anything, including laptops, blenders, TVs, and more.

Jump start your car, truck, and boat, a flashlight that lasts more than a week, charge your phone 8+ times, plug your laptop and charge it 100%, what else can the JUNOJUMPER Pro do? Something incredible. Bring your favorite electronics with you on the go with an optional AC 110V Dock, capable of magically powering products using AC on the go.

The JUNOJUMPER Pro is a sleek, external battery that houses an impressive 18,000 mAh battery pack capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in seconds. The multi-functional battery equip with Japanese Seiko IC features an USB 5V 2.1A output allowing it to charge power hungry devices such as smartphones, cameras, laptops and tablets. Users will never again have to worry about being stranded with a dead phone or car battery. The newly designed JUNOJUMPER Pro is roughly 1 lbs 6 ounces making it extremely lightweight and portable.

There are so many competing portable battery packs in all different sizes and styles. What makes the Juno Jumper different? It’s versatility. The Juno Jumper serves as the perfect gift to get yourself your friends, or your loved ones. Not only does it fit everyone’s lifestyle, it shows your concern and care for others’ safety. In any emergency, the JUNOJUMPER Pro can power up your phone or tablet, jump your car, and can even serve as a flashlight. Its lightweight slim fit makes it convenient and easy to use for any one. Built in smart cables stop users from harming themselves or their vehicles by notifying the user if cables are connected to the wrong terminals and stopping the flow of electricity. Every car and driver should have one!

JUNOJUMPER. No one wants to be stranded in their car, whether it's in a public place or deserted road, especially without jumper cables. Waiting help can be frustrating, and scary, depending on where you are. But, if you have the JUNOJUMPER you'll be okay. JUNOJUMPER is a sleek, lightweight external battery that houses an impressive 6,000 mAh battery pack. It can jump a completely dead car battery in just minutes. Its multi-functional battery also features a USB output cable to charge smartphones, cameras, and tablets. No more worrying about being stranded with a dead car battery, or a dead phone. It's a must have for anyone who drives, providing great piece of mind! I wouldn't want to be without one.

HUE Pro 10000 External Battery. This iconic battery can charge smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras and just about anything else requiring 5 volts. Take it on vacation, on weekend trips, or just use it for emergencies. It will be ready for you when you need it most. The HUE Pro has enough juice for hours of extended power. Along with that, the Pro also has a small LCD screen to notify you with how much power you have left, and it has a high powered LED flashlight for the added security of having to light up paths in dark places. Give one to every member of your family... they'll love it.

NOVA Blox. Protected in its beautiful casing, this is one of the most advanced portable battery chargers in the world, made with the powerful Samsung Lithium Ion cells, the highest quality available. You can charge smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras and just about anything requiring 5 volts. Take it on the road with you... it's great for emergencies or just for daily charging. The NOVA Blox is equipped with a flashlight for extra protection and security. Choose from brilliant Gold, Silver, Blue, or Grey.