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Uncommon Goods Catalog: Wonderfully Unique Gifts For Everyone!...

Uncommon Goods has been a staple in our gift guides for ten-plus years because their gifts are clever and unique. We always know we can count on them for the perfect gift. If you love the "oohs" and "ahhs" reaction from your lucky recipients, you'll be happy to know there will be plenty of those. Just about every item in their catalog is wonderful, and its loaded with hundreds of sweet surprises. Uncommon Goods offers great gifts for family, friends, teachers, stocking stuffers and grab bags.

In 1999, their founder Dave Bolotsky visited a Smithsonian Museum craft show in Washington D.C. and was captivated by the variety of unique handmade goods and the talented people behind them. He saw there was a significant public demand for beautiful design. At the same time, he realized that the artists working to make those pieces were often traveling great distances in order to sell their wares at the show. Inspired by his experience, Dave had a vision to create something that had never existed before—an online marketplace to connect makers and their creations with individuals looking for truly special goods, regardless of the physical distance between the maker and the shopper. Dave turned this idea into UncommonGoods. He continued traveling to craft fairs and trade shows, meeting artists and finding stand-out merchandise, while running the business out of his home on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Before long, the company had outgrown Dave's apartment, and moved through three successively larger offices in downtown Manhattan, eventually settling in our current location in Brooklyn, NY.

Here are many of our favorites...

16016 Deep Sea Sand Art. This ephemeral sand-scape artfully demonstrates the universal principle of entropy through a fascinating, ever-changing microcosm of natural elements. Simply rotate the glass ring and watch as delicate drifts of light and dark sand shift into deserts, mountains, clouds, rain, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another. There is an eternal yet fleeting quality about this interactive art, and the sparkling sand will mesmerize as it shapes a tiny world right before your eyes. Created by Klaus Bosch, this inventive artwork will bring a calming, natural presence and a sense of wonder to your office or home. Handmade in Austria.

42544 Through the Woods Tealight Holder. ight up the night with this woodlands-inspired tealight trough. Cast in metal and ornately designed, its soothing nature scenes cut striking silhouettes, sending mountains and trees and bears (oh my!) flittering across the walls. Handmade by Eric Gross.

27284 Bristle Free Brush (awesome). Keep your grill clean-and your food safe-with this innovative grill brush design. It features two continuous springs to get the grease and food particles off your grill grates, but has no rough edges to cut you, or dangerous metal bristles that could fall out and get into your food. The self-contained springs conform to the grill’s contours to tackle tenacious, burnt-on food, and will last longer than traditional brushes.

41420 Felt Bedside Pocket. Keep your bedside or couch-cuddling essentials handy with this convenient felt pouch. Slide the sturdy flap between your mattress and foundation or under your couch cushion, and the soft, open pocket holds everything from books to remote controls. The heather gray felt complements any decor.

41243 Popcorn Popper. Enjoy the fresh, healthy taste of stovetop popcorn with the convenience of the microwave. It's made from temperature safe borosilicate glass, the main container can be filled with whole kernel corn and then microwaved without the use of oil. Like a little butter on your popcorn? The silicone lid doubles as a kernel measurer and butter melter--simply put a pat of butter on the lid while the popcorn is popping to enjoy a delicious snack.

42291 Solarpuff Light. Keep the mood at the campsite bright with this inflatable SolarPuff™ that harnesses the sun's energy and provides up to 12 hours of illumination in three settings. With its sturdy shell made of water-tight sailcloth and weight of only 2.6 ounces, this versatile tool can weather any storm, and a flat-packable design allows it to slip in seamlessly with your camping gear, car glove box, or emergency kit.

Beer Infused BBQ Sauce Set. Add a uniquely hoppy kick to your next cookout with this set of barbeque sauces infused with craft beer. The set of three sauces--Thai Style Sriracha, Honey Mustard, and Sweet & Smokey-- feature the malty magnificence of amber, IPA, and porter from Jackie O's Pub & Brewery in Athens, Ohio. It makes a great gift for any beer-loving grillmeister.

Whiskey and Rum Making Kit. Bootleg Up! You don't need to work in a distillery to age and season your favorite spirits like a pro. Fashioned in timeless style, this handsome barrel is more than just an eye-catching centerpiece: like its big siblings found in professional distilleries, it can actually age your spirits to peak flavor. Take mixology into your own hands and create your own signature Highland malt scotch whiskey, spiced rum, or full-bodied Kentucky bourbon. To start, cure your barrel then pour grain alcohol or neutral flavored vodka into the vessel along with one bottle of your choice of Swish Barrel Essence--you can choose from spiced rum, Kentucky bourbon whiskey, and Highland malt whiskey. Give it a good shake to incorporate the ingredients then sit tight because in just two weeks time your one-of-a-kind blend will be aged to perfection and ready to serve straight from the tap. Kit Comes With: 1L American White Oak Barrel with stand, bung and spigot, 3 Essences - Highland malt scotch whiskey, spiced rum, Kentucky bourbon, Paper Funnel, Barrel Cleaning Kit.

Men’s and Women's Organizing Travel 4-Packs . Travel is complicated enough without fishing around in the bottom of your luggage as you try to find your specific items like charging cords and pairs of shoes. But it gets a lot easier when you're using these stylish pouches from designer Jennifer Jansch. Inspired by the pleasure of unwrapping a gift, she created this set of handy travel bags, each printed with a bold, black-and-white image of its content and sealed with a grosgrain ribbon. Use them to pack your shoes, blow dryer, lingerie, and laundry, and everything you need will be neatly contained, untangled and right where you need it.

Stone Drink Dispenser. One of our favorite items in their catalog, this gorgeous, solid stone drink dispenser will beautifully turns your spirits into liquor on tap. You will be the envy of all who see it. Enjoy your favorite spirits on the rocks—or from the rock to be more precise—with this unique stone drink dispenser. Crafted from roughhewn, cobbled granite equipped with a stainless steel tap, Jeff Henderson"s sturdy bar fixture dispenses wine or spirits with ease while celebrating the natural beauty of stone. Details like the naturally tumbled beach stone handle on the tap add organic sophistication to this functional design. Add the custom plug to assist with refilling your dispenser without inverting the weighty design. Simply open the bottle, re-cork it with the plug, insert the bottle into the dispenser, and remove the plug by gently pulling the cord. You"re ready for another gravity-fed drink!

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board. Such a clever way to serve everyone's favorite party snack. A snack spread simply isn't a snack spread without cheese and crackers. Highlight the all-important "&" with this text-friendly cheeseboard, made from North American maple and featuring a teak oil finish. When it's not smartly displaying a hearty feast of brie and rosemary crackers, this handsome design makes an artful addition to your kitchen sideboard or bar tabletop.

Zen Elephant Garden Sculpture. These centering sculptures bring zen, peace, serenity and humor. They are charming and calming. Garden greens looking a little blue? Is that unruly tangle of a yard making you lose your inner balance? Let Michael Gentilucci's centering sculptures bring peace, humor, and the art of Zen to off-kilter spaces. These pensive pachyderms keep that necessary dose of tranquility in their trunks and provide a calming, yet distinctively elephantine, presence. To add even more charm, the Chinese characters etched into the back of each animal's robe are indicative of the animal's primary characteristic-wisdom. Michael's meditative sealed cement sculptures are designed to weather the elements through the four seasons as they center greenspaces with their amiable auras.

Mug with a Hoop. This is so clever. Drink your hot chocolate while tossing a few marshmallows through the hoops. "The world would be better if we could play with our food!" That's the maxim of Max, the kid entrepreneur and sports fan who created this functional and fanciful basketball Mug With a Hoop at the tender age of 8 in his art class. Slam dunk some oyster crackers in your soup or shoot a 3 pointer of mini marshmallows in your cocoa. Made in Thailand.

Eye Glass Holder. You won't lose your glasses if you place them on this guy! A group of craftsmen in India is trying to help you find your glasses. This hand-carved wooden statuette is perfect for holding your glasses when you're not using them. No more searching around blindly, or trying to remember where you last put them down. And this friendly face also has a story to tell: it was created by HSSS, a non-profit in India that helps underprivileged artisans, who suffer hardships with physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty, or being in lower castes, find markets for their wood products. Handmade of sustainable sheesham wood, native to the Indian subcontinent, bought under supervision and quota from the government of India (which sells the wood of dead trees).

Desktop Golf. You can even change the pitch of the green to get a different putt every time. No caddies necessary! Are your reports stuck in a sand trap? This miniature golf course will help you get your confidence back on the green as you putt away all those lingering anxieties. Features a patent-pending variable putting surface that allows you to change the pitch of green and putt a different hole every time! Practice alone or hit a hole-in-one with co-workers by forming a non-exclusive golf club. No caddies necessary - only the magnetic flag pole to remove the ball from the cup.

Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish. Grate the garlic right on this bowl and add your oil and spices. Quick, easy and delicious. Bring a flavorful finishing touch to the table! Hand-thrown by Donna and Randall Rollins on a pottery wheel, this vibrant dish is highlighted by a rough center that allows you to grate fresh garlic directly on the plate. Top with your favorite olive oil, dip a slice of bread, and enjoy a classically Mediterranean meal. Handmade in New Hampshire.

Bike Multitool Keychain. Keep your keys on this beautiful stainless steel keychain that also happens to have a bottle opener and other utilities built right in. A pocketful of keys can be heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. That's why Michael Khamsot invented this handy multi-functional tool that not only keeps your keys organized and tucked away, but even keeps your prepared in an emergency. It starts with a stainless steel cast, stone tumbled and hand-finished for smooth, rounded edges.

The eye at one end allows you to include bulky keys, such as some car keys, via the included keyring. The opening on the other end allows you to slip it seamlessly onto your belt loop. In addition to all of that, there's even a built-in bottle opener, for refreshment emergencies. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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