Friday, April 28, 2017

Bowflex's MAX Trainer M5: A Great Cardio Workout In A Lot Less Time...

Bowflex has gone all high-tech on us with the fully-featured MAX Trainer M5, their top-of-the-line MAX trainer. What a great cardio workout you'll get on this time (and joint) saver. This home gym model boasts smartphone and heart rate monitor connectivity that uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with your device. Its unique and low-impact exercise action, which gives your hip, knee, and ankle joints a break, provides more efficiency for a higher caloric burn rate over the same period of time in use. We love its 14-minute workout, a great timesaver because you're burning the same amount of calories as other exercises in less time! However, if you stay on longer, you'll burn even more calories.

First of all, we love how compact this unit is. No matter how small your home or office is, it's likely that you'll be able to save a spot (even in a corner) for this beauty. The exercise it provides is somewhere between an elliptical and a stair climber. It gives you a darn good workout with lots of variety for high or low intensity, all with ultra-smooth, low-impact motion. The great thing is that your upper body (arms, chest and core) gets a great workout too, as it's part of the program when you use the handles. Even those of you who think you are fit as a fiddle will find yourself a little wobbly, and a little sweaty, after working out on the M5. It's the perfect cardio companion, especially when you don't want to hit the road in the cold winter months or bad weather.

We love using the Max Trainer app that tracks your history. It's simple to set up and a great tool. You can view your progress which is really helpful as it encourages you to do better if you're not improving. There are 16 resistance levels, 8 workout programs (Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Goal, Stairs, Steady State, and Fitness Test) as well as a manual mode. The backlit display makes information easy to see. 

All in all, the Bowflex MAX Trainer M5 is a great machine to add to your workout repertoire and you'll enjoy watching the benefits it provides month after month, and year after year. This awesome workout machine was designed and built to last, and it will help you get the job done. You can spare 14 minutes a day, can't you?