Sunday, April 23, 2017

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries: Save Time and Money with Energizer...

Energizer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including Energizer brand battery products, Energizer MAX premium alkaline; Energizer Ultimate Lithium; Energizer Advanced Lithium; Rechargeable batteries and charging systems; and portable flashlights and lanterns.

Energizer's rechargeable batteries, the world's number one recharge brand, will be a lifesaver in your household. Think of all the money you will be saving on all of the electronics that use batteries in your home. Energizer's rechargeable batteries will be worth their price just for the savings you will benefit from on video game controllers alone. Energizer's batteries are also great for remote controls, boom boxes, cameras, toys, headphones, flashlights, and much more.

Energizer is a name you can trust.

Energizer continues to lead the battery industry with its four percent recycled batteries. Energizer powers consumers’ most critical devices while creating less impact on the planet. The industry didn't think it was possible to create a battery made with recycled batteries while maintaining performance but they were proven wrong. Energizer's scientists welcomed the challenge created first regular batters (EcoAdvanced) and now rechargeable batteries made with 4% recycled battery material.”

Energizer scientists created proprietary partnerships and an innovative approach that refined and transformed recycled battery material into a high-performance active ingredient. This ingredient, used in conjunction with energy rings, results in a long-lasting battery that has less impact on the planet – both by requiring less mining of virgin material in the manufacturing process and by reducing the amount of batteries consumers need to power their devices, resulting in less waste.

They also say that their future innovations will continue to reduce the impact Energizer batteries have on the planet. By 2025, their vision for Energizer EcoAdvanced is to increase the amount of recycled battery material ten-fold to 40 percent. Energizer is committed to bringing positive energy to the world by creating less waste and working toward a future where recycling is more broadly available.

Energizer Recharge Batteries. Imagine not having to buy batteries again and again, while helping our planet! Environmental responsibility meets inspired technology – introducing the world's first AA/AAA rechargeable battery made with 4% recycled batteries. The same innovation they brought to Energizer EcoAdvanced, they now bring to Energizer Recharge batteries. Now you can save money and have less impact on the planet by reducing the number of disposed batteries, creating less waste. By using Energizer Recharge batteries for digital cameras, handheld GPS devices, wireless gaming systems, toys, you name it – you can experience the convenience and value of innovative, industry-leading rechargeable battery technology. Additional Features: The batteries can be charged hundreds of times; they have a five-year total usable battery life under typical usage; the charge can last up to 12 months in storage.

Recharge Pro Charger. With this great charger, you can expect high-performance charging and great savings over disposable batteries. Paired with long-lasting Energizer Recharge batteries, you can charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries in just 3 hours. There are audio and visual alerts to let you know when your batteries are ready so no guessing there. Another great feature is that if a bad battery is detected a red ‘x’ will illuminate.

Recharge Rapid Charger. This popular battery charger can charge 2 AA or AAA NiMH batteries in just 15 short minutes, or 4 of the same batteries in just 30 minutes! If you’re looking to save plenty of time – and money – this is the charger for you. You can even charge batteries in your car with the included car adaptor! And the status indicator light will let you know when your batteries are ready to use.