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Get Fit And Ready For Summer With This Great Lineup...

Whether you're working out to gain strength, burn fat or increase your overall fitness, here is an array of products that can help you attain your goals, along with some that will protect you at the same time. They are all at the top of their categories for many reasons.

Products, great information on nutrition and exercise, and lots more on this informative, helpful site.

Let's be real. There are thousands of health and fitness websites, blogs, books, and magazines, and they're all trying to convince you that they're the best. Deciding on who to take advice from, and who to buy products from, is mind boggling. We're going to make it simple for you...rely on a website that over 10 million (yes, million) customers trust. has to be the greatest website ever created for anyone who is interested in health and fitness on any level. It is a spectacular tool for pros, amateurs, experts, beginners, adults, and children. Whether you are beginning, continuing, or wanting to excel in your everyday workout routine, their outstanding array of information will guide you every step of the way.

Although it can be overwhelming, and intimidating, on your first visit, you will soon become addicted to what they have to offer. You can literally spend weeks just getting acquainted with their thousands of insightful and informative articles, helpful tips, sound advice, beneficial workout suggestions, specific exercise ideas, and forum. There is so much information to digest and absorb. Their forums are really awesome, highly motivating and they're a great place to bounce ideas around and discuss opinions with their other customers. You can learn a lot from these as well.
Cramer (

For powerlifting and Olympic lifting, there's no better resource out there than Cramer. Their tapes and chalk help you grip the bars better, protecting you from slippage.

Gym Chalk. This is excellent to use when you need a good grip with reduced friction. It helps!

950 Porous Athletic Tape. This latex-free, 100% cotton adhesive has a consistent unwind and easy tear with excellent strength, superior conformability. A must have for any workout enthusiast.

Eco-Flex Stretch Athletic Tape. This multi-purpose tape works as a wound dressing, underwrap, holder for keeping ice bags in place, and to provide compression. The non-woven backcloth is easy to tear yet stable. It only sticks to itself, not skin or clothes.

Pro-Lastic Tear Stretch Tape. This supportive table allows mobility so it doesn't keep your knee, elbow, and shoulder joints confined. It has unparalleled stretch and conformability with a unique heavyweight backcloth.

Elevation Training Masks (

If you want to increase your training or workout potential, these masks are exactly what you're looking for. High-Altitude training allows your body to work harder because the air is thinner, thus increasing your ability to process oxygen. When you return to lower elevations, your strength, endurance and speed will increase because as if you removed a suit of armor.

TheTraining Mask will help condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance and strengthening the diaphragm that mimic being high up in the mountains. Your lungs will work harder, and when they work harder the surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased. That, in turn, increases your stamina and ability to go harder. The Training Mask's multi-level resistance system uses a flux valve system that forces you to inhale fuller, deeper breaths to train your lungs to take deeper breaths and use available oxygen more efficiently.

Athletes used to have to go to the mountains to get this kind of training but now, with the Elevation Training Mask, the mountains are at your fingertips, even at sea level.

Six-Pack Bags (

For anyone committed to nutrition and fitness, we highly recommend this company and their perfect products for you, 6-Pack bags. Travel effortlessly without any interruptions.

6-Pack's manufactures duffle bags, briefcases, backpacks, and meal management bags for men and women. Their mission was to create innovative travel gear, bags and luggage for the elite athlete and fitness enthusiast. Each one of their bags was meticulously designed, keeping all of your needs on the top of their list. There wasn't a thing they didn't think of, and utilizing their bags makes working out on the go not only simple and manageable, but it actually makes it fun.

When you're preparing for your day, and your fitness schedule, what kinds of things do you need to take along? Clothing, drinks, meals, accessories, and supplements are part of the long list. 6-Packs gear bags are loaded with pockets to organize all of those items for you so that they're easy to find and access. No more wasted time trying to find your plastic bag of vitamins, or your workout gloves. Each item has a dedicated spot.

There are varied features in each style, and here's a general list: patented system to organize meals; insulated compartments; modular internal shelving system; slot-in gel packs; BPA/PVC free containers that are safe in microwaves, dishwashers and leakproof; ergonomic padded bag straps for comfort.

One of our testers works 16 hours a day as a personal trainer. Here's his testimonial:

"It's safe to say that the Beast Duffle is truly a beast. Since I work such long hours, you can only imagine how many things I need to pack up for the day. For starters, there's a cooler section with 6 plastic meal sleeves... more than enough for all of your meals and snacks. It helps to keep me energized and prevents me from missing any important meals throughout the day (you only need to change out the ice packs once in 16 hours!). In addition, there are plenty of dedicated pockets for your phone, protein, supplements, vitamins, training and workout clothes, water bottles, utensils, blender bottles, shoes, visor, towel, workout equipment and accessories, headphones, computer, books, and more. There are compartments for almost anything you could imagine. The design is extremely cool... they thought of everything. I constantly have people asking me where to get one... they're that unique."

"The Voyager Backpack" is something that I use for non-work days. It holds a good amount of food in its cooler compartment, with enough pockets for many of the items held in the Beast. It's a little larger than a normal backpack, but it's not at all uncomfortable due to its excellent design and soft and durable materials used. I recently used the Voyager on a mountain hike with some of my friends and it was so useful, and comfortable enough to wear while walking up a full mountain. I recommend this for anyone who doesn't need an entire days worth of food and clothes, but just a few hours worth of necessities."

There's only one place to go for your fitness travel bags and that's 6-Pack Fitness!

Harbinger Fitness Weightlifting Gloves, Dip Belts, and Straps (

Harbinger Fitness is the leading fitness accessory company in the United States. They develop, produce, and sell a full range of innovative, high-performance fitness products that will help to enhance even the most rigorous training regiment. Harbinger's products include fitness/weightlifting gloves, training gear including balls, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers, and mats, and lift, ab, and knee straps.

BioForm Gloves. The are the most comfortable weightlifting gloves we've tried. Made from patent-pending BioForm and BioFlex, they have exclusive dual technologies. The BioForm pads soften with body heat, molding to your hand and bar, for an amazing, comfortable grip. This engineered protection helps to prevent blisters and calluses and that will allow you to work heavier, harder, and longer. The proprietary BioFlex layered stretch design mimics the hand's natural motion, while exclusive Spider Grip leather on the palm maximizes grip. The precurved extended finger length reduces fatigue by maintaining proper hand position and the fully adjustable WristWrap with FitLock tension tab pulls the palm smooth, eliminating excess bulk. They're great!

Dip Belts. The PolyPro dip belt is made of Polypro construction for comfort and durability. The contoured design supports the back and upper body during intense training and it has an easy-add weight mechanism for more intensity. There's a 30" steel chain with speed clip included as well.

Lifting Grips. This 3-in-1 training tool is a palm protector, lifting strap, and wrist support. It's made with BioForm pads to secure your grip on the bar, and the exclusive SpiderGrip Durahide leather prevents calluses and blisters. The heavy duty nylon strap has a NeoTek pad and steel buckle that provide strong wrist support, and the un-glove design gives you full finger range of motion. Other features include NeoTek pads and an easy release on/off buckle.
Kettlebell Arm Guards. These guards will protect your forearms from kettle ball scrapes and bruising while training. The flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry materials conform to your forearm for a comfortable, secure fit and at the same time the plush terry material absorbs sweat. Easy pull on/off design.

Wrist Supports. Great for strong wrist stability and support in a non-stretch design that maintains proper wrist position.

McDavid USA Performance Apparel (

McDavid is a pioneer in the evolution of sports medicine and industry leader in sports medicine products. They design for both active athletes and the general public. Their products help to prevent injuries and enhance performance. In 1969 Dr. Robert McDavid created the first protective knee brace for football. McDavid formed in 1980 and today their products top the recommendation list for pro athletes, sports medicine professional and athletic trainers. McDavid addresses the broad range and specific needs of professionals, or every day, athletes across a variety of sports.

The SportMed collection includes braces, wraps, and products to help prevent injury incidents, reducing downtime.

The Sports Protection line features high-tech cushioning where it's needed most, especially as protection after an athlete returns to activity after an injury. Having protection gives athletes confidence because they know their key body areas are protected. McDavid's Hex technology of lightweight hexagon cells conform to the body and provide different levels of support to match an athlete's needs and type of activity/sport.

The Performance Apparel line features compression and recovery wear to protect and support a body in motion. Whether it's aiding recovery from athletic activity by reducing lactic acid build-up, increasing the circulation of oxygenated blood for faster recovery from muscle fatigue, or improved circulation, McDavid has apparel for you. The HydraVent hDc moisture management provides what you need to allow your body to stay cooler, thus using less energy.

McDavid's goal is to help all athletes perform at their best, and they put them first, before anything else.

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