Sunday, September 23, 2018

Barndad's Fiber DX: A Delicious Way To Get Your Daily FIber...

We all know how important it is to take in lots of fiber and protein each day to keep our bodies healthy and strong. We also know how hard it is (and how many calories we have to consume) in order to get our daily requirements in both of those areas. BarnDad makes it easy, and delicious, to get to those requirements.

BarnDad Innovative Nutrition has quickly become the brand leader of innovative products for weight management, digestive/immune health and diabetes support. BarnDad’s vision is to educate consumers of all ages on the overall health and wellness benefits of using natural and active ingredients, such as high fiber, protein and probiotics, in their daily foods and/or supplements to gain and maintain optimum health and peak performance.

Through BarnDad’s passion, determination and dedication to building the highest quality foods, snacks and supplements, BarnDad’s customers are able to live healthier and have more active lifestyles.

While most popular fiber products contain a high amount of just soluble fiber, BarnDad’s products takes it to the next level nutrition with a combo of soluble and insoluble fiber, providing an easier way to get essential nutritional daily needs.

Two of their products are really amazing and we wanted to share them with you...

High Fiber, High Protein. BarnDad’s Original FiberDX is a 100% natural, time release, soluble and insoluble fiber matrix that naturally reduces hunger and supports healthy weight management, lean muscle (speeds muscle recovery) and a healthy digestive system. With 14 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein per serving, this awesome product provides 56% of your daily fiber requirement which is otherwise very difficult to achieve. 

The Wall Street Journal recently said – “People who consumed higher amounts of fiber, particularly from grains, had a significantly lower risk of dying over a nine-year period compared to those who consumed lower amounts of fiber."

They are not claiming BarnDad’s FiberDX is a “cure-all,” BUT if you want to lose weight without sacrificing all foods you love and are looking for a simpler, more effective way to lose weight, maintain lean muscle and help to control blood sugar, BarnDad’s FiberDX fiber shake is just what you’ve been looking for! And it works for everyone to some degree!

What we love even more is that you can use their powder to make baked goods as well, in minutes! We made the most delicious chocolate cake, loaded with fiber, using their German Chocolate flavor. Just think of the possibilities with Strawberry Cream and Cinnamon Roll as well!

SNX-SMART Chicken Protein Snack.
In delicious flavors like Sweet BBQ, Cinnamon Bun, and Cheese Pizza there's a snack for every one of us. Loaded with 15 grams of protein per serving, these healthy and yummy snacks will get that protein count up quickly. SNX-SMART is the world's first real chicken protein isolate snack food. Boasting no empty calories or excess fat, this is the snack to go to when you're craving a great-tasting and healthy snack.