Monday, September 24, 2018

Field Of Terror: It's Always One of New Jersey's Best Halloween Attractions...

Who doesn't love a good scare around the Halloween holiday? Kids and adults alike are always looking for fun with hair-raising attractions to get their screams out at. Field of Terror is where you want to go. Each year we look forward to Halloween traditions and Field of Terror is always one of those traditions. From set designs, actors, entertainment, and food, it lives up to our very high expectations years after year...

Field of Terror... (

This is amazing. At Field of Terror, there are awesome attractions: a 6-acre walk through a haunted corn field, the Field of Terror Killer Kornfield; the Unknown Haunted Barn; the Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride; and House of Insanity. All are great and here are more details:

The Circus of Terror - Paintball Wagon Hunt... This is an attraction where you can shoot zombies with paintballs! Hop on the wagon and get ready to aim and fire at zombies who pop up at all the wrong times. This is so much fun and it's very interactive. Just remember to always keep your eyes open and paintballs loaded and ready to go at all times because you never know who is lurking around each and every corner.

The Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride...

This is a haunted hayride into the dark unknown. Farmer Frank needed human DNA for his experiments and killed off members of the community. At dark they rise to seek new friends to join them. Being with a large group on this hayride is so enjoyable. The ride is very long and there are lots of scary and surprising moments.

Killer Kornfield..

.This 6-acre walk through a haunted corn field will delight, scare, and impress you around every turn. This is not really a maze, it's more of a walk, but a fun one. They did an excellent job setting this up and you really get your money's worth because it goes on and on and on (in a fantastic way). There are a few truly amazing surprises and frights that I won't mention because they're awesome, so you'll have to go and see them for yourself. It's one of the longest attractions you'll see of this sort, with a diversity of scares over a long period. The atmosphere is wonderful and feels very remote. You'll feel like you've been isolated in the middle of nowhere. You'll be shoved in confined spaces and "harrassed." And at the end you'll go through a claustrophobic tunnel where you'll need to escape.

The Unknown Haunted Barn...

They will prey upon your fears one sense at a time. This is their best attraction and a great way to end the night. All of the elements create a superb haunted attraction...light, sound, atmosphere, timing, along with a booming, heavy metal soundtrack that adds to the overall feel. You'll have to crawl your way through at one point and there are lots of false exits with choices to make. The actors will obviously torment you, and you'll love every minute of their attention as strobe lights create an eerie illusion of being alone in an endless back-to-back tunnel. It's always such a fun time with lots going on to stimulate your senses!

House of Insanity...

This 3D walk of terror will reach out and GRAB YOU! It's another "Frighttour Frighty Winner"! 

It just doesn't get better than this for a great Halloween treat. Walk though the haunted house while wearing a pair of 3D glasses and encounter frights as you never have before. This attraction is enjoyable and unique, and the younger kids will love it!

If all of that wasn't enough, there is also a lot more entertainment when you're finished (or they're finished with you) with their attractions. There's a Friendly Flashlight Maze that's not scary at all. There's Pumpkin Picking. There's a Bonfire and DJ rocking the house nightly and lots of great refreshments to choose from. Don't miss out on their fried oreos. They're to die for, along with everything else, including you! It's a great spot to gather after each attraction to have a quick snack and get the troops back together to reenergize and get ready for the next amusing scare. Another great night out! The entire family will enjoy the fun!

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