Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Platinum Health Weighted Blankets: Eliminate Insomnia And Enjoy The Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have, Every Night...

If you, or anyone your know, has a problem falling asleep at night, look no further for a remedy that doesn't involve medications and is 100% safe!

The benefits of weighted blankets are huge, including the reduction of insomnia, anxiety, agitation, stress, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, side effects of menopause that affect sleeping, and increasing calmness and relaxation. Adults, teens, and children can all benefit from using a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are powerful tools that will provide immediate benefits. The blankets work by providing input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body. This pressure provides the same benefit as swaddling a newborn (hugging you to make you feel secure and protected). Deep pressure touch helps the body relax. Like a firm hug, weighted blankets help us feel secure, grounded, and safe. You can use these blankets for your entire body or just legs or shoulders depending on your needs. 

Deluxe Calmforter Weighted Blanket. Platinum Health's weighted blanket is one of the best we've seen. Their premium weighted blanket comes in the perfect size and weight for adults and children.  Platinum Health is the manufacturer we have chosen for many reasons. First of all, their industry exclusive Evenflow Technology provides the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Enjoy quiet, even pressure reminiscent of a full body hug thanks to the Calmforters ingenious CloudSoft Polyfill and Stardust Microbead weighting system. The beads are 100% glass and 100% safe. They provide high density for weight without the bulk and a tiny diameter for smooth comfort, which also makes them quiet as they move to cradle your body. There are lots of other reasons for choosing Platinum Health. Their ultra-luxurious Minky fabric cover has an outer cover that is smooth as silk while the opposite side features their unique SensaDot texture pattern for finger and hands that like to fidget. It has a non-therapeutic appearance with no lumps, discrete stitching, and a smooth, high-end look. Its two-part construction makes for easy washing and long life -- just zip the cover off and throw it in the washer. The 60"x80" size is perfect for adults who want a full size blanket or for kids because they can leave what they don't need on the end of the bed or floor -- it will last for many years. The select-a-weight versatility is a huge bonus. Studies show that most users prefer a 12lb blanket, so that's exactly how they built the Calmforter. Want a lighter blanket? No problem. Use half the blanket for a 6 lb. weight and three-quarters of the blanket for a 9 lb. weight. Need more than 12 lbs.? The Calmforter can accommodate that as well. Simply double up the blanket for twice the overall pressure. Only the Calmforter delivers this level of versatility and convenience.

Additional disorders that can benefit from the use of weighted blankets can include: Sleep Disorders (increased Serotonin levels in the brain and increased Melatonin levels); (Insomnia); ADD/ADHD; Asperger's; Autism; Restless Leg Syndrome; Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, to name a handful.

This is one product that will help your entire family. Have A Good Night!