Thursday, September 19, 2019

Love That Accessory Blouse Button: One Tiny Product, One Huge Problem Solver...

One tiny, little accessory can do so much to make your day. Love That Accessory's Blouse Button is one of those products. Did you ever put on a blouse that hung just a little too low and you wished you could pull it up just a drop to cover your cleavage. Or have you gone shopping and found the perfect blouse that was a little too revealing, or a wrap sweater or cardigan that was awesome except that it had no buttons and you wanted it close? Do you need something to keep your scarf or shawl in place? These adorable Blouse Buttons will fix all of these minor problems, while adding a bling to your outfit.

Blouse Buttons are pretty but they're also functional and serve a purpose. They are gem-like pins that can be used in so many ways. Each button is handmade with a Swarovski crystal or peal cabochon while a steel butterfly clutch fastener is attached. Just pierce the pin through your clothing and voila... you're good to go. There are different variations of sets available and for their minimal price, you'll probably want one of each. Choose from Black, Crystal, Pearl, This is one product we can truly say every woman will want for her wardrobe.