Friday, December 6, 2019

Flywheel Home Exercise Bike: Have Studio Workouts In The Privacy Of Your Home Own...

If you like exercising in the privacy of your home and also don't have the time to travel back and forth to the gym or a studio, the Flywheel Home Bike With Built-In Tablet brings premium studio fitness to the convenience of your home. It blends high-intensity interval training, elite coaching, and performance tracking to ensure you get the best results. The best, expert instructors-handpicked from Flywheel's 42 studios nationwide-guide and motivate you in thousands of high-intensity, interval streamed live or recorded workouts, viewed on a tablet for an all-in-one experience.

The industrial-grade Flywheel Home Bike offers exceptional reliability, a virtually silent ride, and a covered wheel-the ideal safety feature for homes with children or pets. Unique to connected fitness, four-way adjustable handlebars and multiple seat settings guarantee a comfortable experience for multiple riders in a household. Bike also includes two weighted bars.

Track your progress with their digital stats, which help you set tangible goals and work toward personal bests in every class. Features like pacer, race mode, and the TorqBoard (leaderboard) allow you to compete with yourself or others as it ranks every rider by Power Score. Building strength and tone your body.

The premium quality, sleek, compact design is perfect fit for any rider. It also features dual water bottle holders, weighted bars (included), and covered wheel. It's all you'll want or need.