Thursday, December 12, 2019

Philips' SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3650/60: Relax At Night And Wake Up So Refreshed...

Philips Somneo brings a gentle, pleasant and natural wake up thanks to gradually increasing light. Wind down with the advanced RelaxBreathe feature to help you drift off to sleep. The light guided wind down breathing, personalized sunset function and sounds get you ready for a great night's sleep. Developed with Philips’ Clinical Sleep & Respironics Healthcare knowledge and 100+yrs of Lighting expertise, this product is awesome. A slight tap on top of the wake-up light sets the snooze mode. After 9 minutes the sound will gently start playing again. Philips wake-up lights are clinically proven to improve your general wellbeing after waking up. Several independent studies have shown that their wake-up light improves the quality of waking up, improves your mood and makes you feel more refreshed in the morning. 92% of users say their wake-up light wakes them up pleasantly, while 88% of users say that the wake-up light is a better way to wake up than how they did before. In addition, 92% of users find it easier to get out of bed.

Simulate a natural sunrise to wake up refreshed. The Sleep and Wake Up Light gradually increases before your alarm time. Over the course of 30 minutes, the simulation will start off a soft morning red and gradually increase to orange, until your room is filled with bright yellow right. This creates a natural stimulation to wake up, while your body is still asleep. By the time light has filled the room, natural sounds or FM radio completes your wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day.

Sunset simulation prepares your body for sleep. The sunset simulation program prepares your body to sleep by gradually decreasing light and optional sound to your set duration, gently helping you to relax before you fall asleep.

Light-guided breathing helps you relax to sleep. Inspired by well-known breathing and relaxation exercises our light-guided wind-down function is designed to help get you to sleep by helping you decompress from the day’s activities and unwind. Follow one of seven rhythms of light intensity or sound with your breathing while keeping your eyes closed for a calm and peaceful transition from your day to your dreams

A soft light to guide you in the dark. When turned on in the middle of the night, the Connected Sleep and Wake Up Light provides a soft light that is just enough to let you find your way in the dark - without jarring your senses. The midnight light can be easily activated and de-activated with a few simple taps on the clock.

Smart touch display for easy device control. The seamlessly integrated multi-level touch display lets you set your chosen parameters intuitively and fast. Just approach the display with your hand and control your light with a touch on the buttons. The light will adjust the brightness of the display automatically to the light level in your room. You also have the option to switch off the display completely.

Just tap the top of the product to snooze. A slight tap on top of the wake-up light sets the snooze mode. After 9 minutes the sound will gently start playing again.

Start sleeping like a baby and waking up like a champ with Philips' SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light.