Sunday, December 1, 2019

Rachael Ray Cookwake: Cook Like A Pro With Her Fun, Quality Cookware And Bakeware...

Rachael Ray grew up in food. Her first vivid memory was watching her mom in a restaurant kitchen. She says that cooking is a way of life she was simply born into. Rachael turned her love of cooking into a hugely successful career in many arenas. After watching everyone from her maternal grandfather (who cooked for his family of 12) to her dad’s family (with traditions of food from Louisiana), as well as having her family owning restaurants, food was and still is her life. That is where the story begins but it's far from over. You all know how Rachael Ray is and how much she has accomplished. We are here to show off her pots and pans, which we love more than any other we have ever tested, even high-end manufacturer's sets.

Her hard anodized pan sets are my favorite!!! First of all, they’re Rachael Ray’s and for some reason, while I'm cooking, I feel like a chef. Second of all, they’re just that darn good. It seems that nothing I prepare in her pans comes out bad. I love the unique oval shaped pan best because it offers more versatility and stovetop space… it just makes cooking easier, especially cutlets and bacon since they’re not squished in the pan. Sauces and stews come out great, too. You can cook anything in these awesome pans and it's all terrific. They will even inspire you to try out some new recipes (from Rachael or other great chefs). For years we have been featuring Rachael Ray's pans and once you try them out, you'll see why. 

Beginners and experienced cooks will love all of her sets. Saucepans, stockpots, saute pans, skillets, baking pans and so much more.  Combining clever design, quality performance, contemporary colors and durable materials, they can handle anything you dish out. Sturdy cookware and bakeware construction (double hard-anodized construction) promotes even heating, helping to reduce hot spots that can burn food. The pans are oven safe to 350 degrees and have shatter-resistant glass lids, allowing the cooking process to be monitored without losing heat or moisture. The bakeware is oven safe to 450 degrees, and the tools are heat-safe to 400 degrees. The vibrantly colored rubberized grippy handle is dual riveted for extra strength and a comfortable grasp. The bold hues of her cookware give it pizazz. Get the results you need with Rachael state-of-the-art sets designed to help you cook any size meal for all occasions. The nonstick surface cleans up easily and these pieces will last for years... they never seem to wear down.

Have some fun and add a little color and spice in your kitchen with Rachael Ray!