Monday, December 9, 2019

Story Bikes: The Perfect Riding Companion That Is Affordable, Ultra Chic, Green Friendly, and Charitable...

Story Bikes was born from this wonderful company's fascination of electric bikes and love for philanthropy. Their mission is to enhance the way they commute while shaping the future students in Zimbabwe.

"Pick some wheels, Give some wheels."

The goal of their electric bikes is to get people of all ages back on bikes and living healthier lifestyles. Riders will also have an immediate impact on students within developing countries. For every Story Electric Bike purchased, a Buffalo Bike will be donated to children in Zimbabwe whom need a means of transportation to get to school.

With the help of World Bicycle Relief and Greenline Africa Trust, specially designed and locally assembled Buffalo Bikes will be donated to students at local schools in Zimbabwe -- mobilizing children through the power of bicycles. With the help of their partners, they're able to identify the students who travel the furthest that need a Buffalo Bike. They work with community and school leaders to ensure the students are consistently attending school and that they’re keeping up their academic scores.

Cruise around in comfort and style with their classic unisex frame paired with the modern electric speed. This is your best companion for your on-the-go lifestyle that gets you where you need to go, while being eco-friendly, ultra chic and affordable. Improving your daily rides while having a profound impact on those in need globally.

Story Bikes pair genuine leather accents with trusted cycling brands like Shimano and ThickSlick to deliver a beautiful, yet ultra functional bicycle for everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. When they envisioned Story bikes, we searched far and wide for the most functional and practical technology to make your life and commute easier in every way: 36v 7 AH Samsung Rechargeable Battery, 350 Watt Rear Hub Motor, Torque Sensing Crank.

Features include: Crystal-clear LCD screen that lets you keep a close eye on your speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and battery levels and miles to go without ever taking your eyes off the road, positioned squarely between your handlebars; an aluminum frame offers the perfect ratio of stability, durability, and flexibility that even the most hardcore cyclists can appreciate; weighing between 33 and 39 pounds, the Story Bike line of electric bicycles is the perfect choice to improve your mobility, locally and beyond; easily leverage the powerful integrated 36v battery to charge your phone or tablet on your ride to work with the USB port, and simply plug your bike into the wall to charge back up for your ride home.

Story Electric Bikes are just regular bicycles - with a superpower. But, you don’t need to go to a specialist to have your electric bike serviced or maintained. Simply pop by your local cycling shop for all your basic regular maintenance needs; 5 levels of pedal assist let the bike do more of the work by changing the Pedal assist levels so if you want a better workout and less assist, turn it down for the exercise; Story Bikes are equipped with a powerful motor capable of hitting speeds up to 20 MPH; the 350W motor is discreet yet packs a major punch. Travel up to 45 miles on a charge hitting speeds up to 20 MPH. Ride to the beach, work, market, and back home - all without breaking a sweat or environment. Story’s unique hidden battery and classic lightweight and durable design makes it stylish while others won’t even know you’re on an electric bike. The leather grips and saddle give the design an artisanal accent, complementing the modern and minimal aesthetic at the same time.

Getting people out of cars and back onto bikes is a core mission of theirs, while providing a means of transportation to those whom need it most. Their goal is educate our riders and those looking into getting an e-bike the benefits it can have on their lives.

Story Electric Step Through Bike.
Cruise around in comfort and style with this classic unisex frame paired with the modern electric speed. Designed for convenience and comfort, Story Step Through bikes are perfect for an effortless joyful ride on a beautiful day. The easy adjust handle bar and seat move up or down easily without the need of any tools. This is perfect and convenient for any rider to adjust to their size within seconds. With its curved, open, step-through frame design, it is often referred to as a Dutch bike. It's a time-tested classic cruiser bike design seen commonly throughout Europe for decades. Intended for a flat or moderately hilly terrain, this bike is ideal for any of your needs with it’s electric motor powering you to where you want to be. Utilize the 7 speed options to pick whether you're looking to climb those hills, or want to pick up speed on flat grounds. It includes both front and rear fenders, as well as a rear mounted rack.

Story Electric Commuter Bike
The vintage frame with fenders and comfortable ergonomics, a genuine hybrid with style. This is a relaxed ride with a edge and sporty feel. The Story Electric Commuter is a perfect blend of style and comfort. The commuter is a simple design with sporty handling. Built for men and women who want a high-performance bike but prefer the comforts of riding upright. It’s easy to ride and features a lightweight frame that's powered by 350-watt motor, 36-volt battery including a USB charging outlet makes it the perfect everyday bike. The commuter includes disc brakes, coming in single speed or 7-speed version.It includes front and rear fenders, as well as a rear mounted rack. 

Story Electric Road Bike.
The road design has beautiful silhouette and practical features that include a powerful 350W motor and a hidden 36v battery as well as 6 levels of pedal assist and an LCD screen. A USB charger allows the user to charge a phone or tablet as they ride to work. The bike’s battery also charges completely in three hours, just in time for the ride back home. The Story Road Bike is the perfect blend of traditional design with modern technology to create a smart, sleek, and efficient electric bike. The road bike’s simple, lightweight design makes the bike perfect fit for any rider. Whether it is being used a daily commuter, or just to travel downtown on the weekend, a Story Road Bike allows you to go longer distances in just a fraction of the time. The bike is comprised of all premium parts and includes detailed accents such as genuine leather grips and saddle. The Story Road bike’s beautiful, minimalist design and outstanding performance puts it a step ahead of any other premium e-bike in its class on the market.