Sunday, December 1, 2019

ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Spikes: You No Longer Need To Be Afraid Of Walking On Ice And Snow...

A quarter of a century ago in the Italian Alps, ICEtrekker's founders, producers of high end tire chains, came across a clever product used by walkers to navigate steep icy hills during the winter. It occurred to them that this concept could be improved upon, so they put their collective expertise together and began developing a line of personal traction devices based on the same principles used for vehicle traction: chains, studs and cables. What became clear in this process was the need to address different types of users, conditions and affordability. Taking these things into consideration, ICEtrekker developed the ICEtrekkers Chains, Spikes and Diamond Grip lines. The Goal: To provide the best possible products, at the best prices for the urban walker, firefighter, policeman or backcountry hiker.

Diamond Grips. Whatever you're doing, if it involves any type of icy or snowy environment (or even gravel, rock or mud), give yourself peace of mind by putting a pair of Diamond Grips on your boots. They're a must have in any icy situation. Safety always comes first!

Diamond Grips provide aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions, from boilerplate ice to backcountry snow and everything in between. They are also effective when transitioning through gravel, rock and mud from icy surfaces. Made of case hardened steel alloy, and strung on steel aircraft cable, the patented Diamond Beads have hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions. The bead assemblies are riveted to a tough rubber sling which remains elastic in subzero temperatures. They are easy to put on and take off, yet fit snugly and stay on without needing additional straps. Diamond Grips are also self clearing, so there is no snow or ice build up. There is no other traction footwear product like it!