Monday, December 2, 2019

Soflete's Teddy Bear Night Night And Protein: Have A Great Workout And A Better Night's Sleep...

SOFLETE is a group of current and former SOF personnel who are also accomplished athletic coaches, combined with non-SOF experts in the fitness industry. SOFLETE was born out of necessity. As members of the community they were always posed two questions: How do they build the athletic capabilities of our bodies, as well as prevent and fix injury?

The philosophy is that it’s hard to be hard and it’s hard to be smart. Push hard in big lifts and sprints and when your body tells you it’s hurt, take the time to heal. After years of pushing through minor injuries and prolonging our rehab they realized there HAD to be a better way. They've also learned there is more to fitness than ""go run till you can't run."" In a small team there is no such thing as ""relative strength."" You're either a strong performer, or somebody else is pulling your slack.

Here are three of their products that will help you out with performance and recovery...

Teddy Bear Night Night.
A product that helps you sleep, provides you with extra protein, and tastes amazing (Cinnabun flavor). Real men sleep with their Teddy Bear...Night Night. Sleep is without a doubt the most important aspect of your recovery, and scienticians believe it is necessary for #Gainz. Almost everyone has issues with getting enough quality sleep, whether they're on a gun slinging deployment or riding a desk on a daily basis. Because of this SOFlete wanted an All Natural supplement that helped get them to sleep and stay asleep while helping their bodies recover. TBNN will get you to sleep and help you stay in a deeper sleep all night long all while assisting in your recovery. You'll get better sleep and feel refreshed in the morning with an improved mood. This product really works and gives you protein at the same time. It tastes amazing.

This high quality protein has the perfect ingredients and its delicious. No one likes drinking protein shakes that taste awful so they formulated to great-tasting flavors. Peanut butter chocolate and Colombian Vanilla.

Protein - Fruit Hoops LIMITED EDITION.
Chocolate and Vanilla taste great, but sometimes you want something a little different. A protein shake that isn't just a tasty post-workout beverage, but is also a treat for getting you in the gym and under that heavy bar. Fruit Hoops tastes just like that bowl of cereal you weren't supposed to eat as a kid. It's amazing, and it's totally not made with used cereal milk stolen from random kitchen tables across America. Seriously. They promise.