Saturday, December 7, 2019

truMedic: Treat Your Feet To An Invigorating, Home Foot Message To Relieve Stress And Alleviate Soreness...

At truMedic, they are dedicated to providing safe and effective forms of pain management and stress relief. They believe that the holistic benefits of massage therapy, electrotherapy, and similar treatments should be readily available to anyone suffering from pain, discomfort, and stress. Their team is an eclectic mix of scholars, athletes, tech-nerds, musicians, parents, actors, and artists. They believe in embracing innovation and creativity and are constantly developing new products to help you live life better. Their products range from home TENS units and massage chairs to back massagers and electronic blood pressure machines and are designed to be effective, easy to use and look great.

Stress and pain shouldn’t have to be by products of life. When you resign yourself to live with pain, your mood, health, and productivity all suffer. Treatment often comes in a form that is expensive, addictive or inconvenient for many people. truMedic offers a solution to this problem by providing the latest in massage therapy and TENS unit (electrotherapy) technology at affordable prices. Their products deliver relief and comfort to people all around the world. At truMedic, They measure their progress by the happiness that we bring to their customers. They take pride in reading positive reviews and listening to happy customers on the phone and learning their stories.

truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager with Heat.
This professional quality truShiatsuPRO’s advanced Shiatsu massage technology targets specific acupressure points in your feet to help alleviate soreness, relieve stress, and promote overall wellness. Treat yourself to a deep tissue Shiatsu massage from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. It uses Deep Kneading Therapy, Air Compression, Shiatsu Pressure Point Technology, Infrared Heat and Adjustable Intensities for Foot Pain Relief. The massager will target specific acupressure points in your feet with a patented combination of kneading rollers, heat, and air compression delivering a massage experience so lifelike you’ll think it’s magic and real hands. Relieve your tired, aching feet with by activating the electric infrared heat function for a deeper more soothing massage that will reduce muscle soreness, pain and tension. Enjoy a professional Shiatsu foot massage anyway you like with 3 different time settings, 3 different intensities (from light to deep tissue massage), and optional heat functionality. Lastly, the truShiatsu Pro foot massage machine is ergonomically designed to complement the structure of the human foot for the maximum comfort, relaxation and pain relief you so desperately deserve.

Your feet need a break and this will do the trick by providing a relaxing foot massage on your schedule. Forget about booking expensive massage appointments because you can now enjoy a professional quality foot massage from the comfort of your own home.