Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nike Does "Just Do It" ... Again and Again

Nike was founded in 1962 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. However, their name was originally Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1972, they changed the company's name "Nike", which was named after the winged Greek goddess of victory. The infamous "Swoosh" logo and "Just Do It" slogan can not be mistaken.

Then came Michael Jordan, the world's greatest basketball player. He came to Nike in 1985, changing the shoe game forever, and taking Nike to a level all on its own.

Air Jordan:

Michael Jordan came out with Air Jordan 1s in 1985 and in the world of athletic shoes, a star was born. Ironically, the NBA banned the shoes because they were designed with non-regulation colors. Up until then, all basketball shoes were white only. That didn't stop Michael Jordan... he wore them anyway and the the sport of basketball and athletic footwear industry had a makeover that would transform the game and industry forever. 

The numbered series Jordan collections are always at the top of their game. There is no need for an introduction, but all's we can say is there is no other company that can even come close to the styles, anticipation, and excitement that Nike provides. Every year, they outdo themselves, upping the design, innovation and uncompromising performance of each shoe. Ask any boy/man who is waiting for a new Jordan release... it is pure joy when you get your hands on one of their masterpieces. Nike, and Jordan, releases are truly in a league of their own!

That's not to say that we don't love the Lebrons, the KDs, the Foamposites, extraordinary Quickstrike releases, Doernbechers and SBs. They have turned the shoe game into a form of art. A sneaker is just a sneaker, unless it is Nike.

Some of our favorite Jordans so far this year...

Grape 5s

White Cement 3s
Playoff 8s

Bred 11s

Bugs Bunny 8s
Green Glow 4s


LeBron James is one of three signature athletes that represent Nike Basketball. His shoes debuted in his first season with the Nike Air Zoom Generations. The latest model will be the Nike LeBron 11 and this year, the 10s were awesome.

Some of our favorite Lebrons this year:







Some of our favorite Foamposites this year:

Fighter Jet Foams
Weathermans - Coming Soon!

Phoenix Sun

And let's not forget about these...


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sentry Safes for Home, Businesses and College Dorm Rooms

T8-331 Security Safe

No one wants to feel vulnerable when it comes to protection for our personal possessions. SentrySafe will make it extremely difficult for anyone to steal your valuables, whether they are valuable to you monetarily or if they just sentimental value. SentrySafe wants you to be protected with their high security safes. The thicker door, 5x larger size and the overall weight gives assurance to the safety of your irreplaceable items.

Some of its outstanding features include: 

- Programmable electronic lock with override key
- Solid Steel Construction
- 3 live-locking bolts that help to prevent unwanted entry and access
- Concealed hinges for added protection
- 2 multi-position shelves
- Key rack, bungee organizational system for storage of easy-to-misplace items
- Carpeted interior
- Includes bolt down kit to prevent unauthorized removal

Dimensions (H x W x D) = 27.7" x 21.7" x 19.8"
Capacity = 4.3 cu. ft.
Product Weight = 195 lbs.


Monday, August 19, 2013

College Necessities: Decor, Textbooks, Resources...

Going to college is such an exciting and wonderful experience, but it can be frightening and overwhelming at the same time. If you're living at school, there is a lot of prep work as far as what you need to bring and what you need to know. We hope this will help you get started:

Cengage Learning: Textbooks, Tools, and Resources... (

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning, technology, services, and research solutions for the academic student (K-12 and higher education), and teaching professional. They provide exceptional published materials, course-driven digital solutions, and personalized solutions to accelerate student engagement and reconstruct a student’s learning experience. Cengage has a few goals that sit high above the rest of their list. They want students to be engaged (as it almost always ensures success and they believe engagement is the foundation of learning), they want to improve learning outcomes, and they want students to achieve their education goals, fostering academic excellence. After all, ‘engage’ is part of their name. Cengage Learning is dedicated to helping students in whatever ways they can (which are many) and they truly care about students’ futures.

Their brands include: Brooks/Cole, CourseTechnology, Delmar, Gale, Heinle, South-Western and Wadsworth, among others. Course Categories Include: Business, Economics, Computing & Information Technology, Culinary, Travel, Health Care, Humanities, Social Sciences, History, Mathematics, Media Arts, Design, and Trades.

Of course, Cengage Learning is known for their varied textbook titles and library resources. However, they are so much more than publishers. They offer an abundance of tools and resources, all for the benefit of students and their educators, so that they can work together in sync. Cengage Learning provides integrated learning solutions that bridge from the library to the classroom. Some of their offerings include: Engaging Minds (see below); Live Events: Cengage Learning’s live events are awesome. They’re for educators, and they offer an excellent opportunity to gather together with authors, colleagues, thought leaders and staff. Educators can immerse themselves in topics such as strengthening student engagement, improving learning outcomes, teaching using the most effective practices, and many other important subjects relating to students and their education. They will also divulge information regarding cutting-edge online offerings. Their events are engaging (of course) and inspiring; Virtual events: Live streaming videos, lectures, skill-boosting webinars, and interactive workshops are part of the virtual event section of Cengage Learning’s website. Topics and technology will be taught in, as Cengage always does, engaging ways (hope you see the pattern here… always about being engaged);  Conventions: They keep up-to-date on education by attending and exhibiting at hundreds of conferences and conventions each year, and they are committed to being in the know.

Cengage Learning: Engaging Minds Blog and Website...

Engaging Minds Blog and Website: It’s true that colleges choose the textbooks that you’re going to use for your classes. It’s also true that hundreds of colleges already utilize the plethora of books published by Cengage Learning. However, there’s a lot more to Cengage Learning than books. One of their most useful tools is their Engaging Minds blog/website. Engaging Minds is a highly useful (free) resource that Cengage Learning offers to all students, whether you are using one of their textbooks or not. This section of their website is loaded with tools, strategies, articles, resources, and information that will inspire and help students with: making the change over from high school to college; assisting students and parents with selecting and attending college; designing successful curricula and programs to create a dynamic learning experience; preparing for their first day of college; developing and/or improving essential academic skills; making a ‘connection’ with their university; staying focused; reaching personal goals; effective studying skills; test-taking tips; writing research papers; improving presentation skills; managing free time; becoming oriented to campus resources and facilities; setting short and long-term planning; developing analytical and critical thinking skills; improving written and oral communication skills; transforming their way of learning; using practices that inspire success; increasing career skills; and so much more!

Things you might want to bring:

Electrical and Appliances: Computer and charger, power cords and extensions, printer, camera, alarm clock, lamps and light bulbs, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, television, stereo and speakers, DVD player
Decorative: Bedding (pillow, comforter, sheets, pillowcases), egg crate, mattress pad, posters, wall plaques; area rug, mirror, picture hangers
Storage: Under bed storage, hangers, storage bins, lock box, safe, shoe organizer, trash can
Cleaning: Supplies, rags, vacuum, air freshener
Bath Necessities: Body wash/soap, shampoo, face wash, cosmetics, nail clipper, q-tips, cotton balls; bath tote/caddy; flip flops, razor, shaving cream, toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, towels, deodorant, hair dryer, brush/comb, vitamins, medications
School Supplies: Notebooks, folders, pens and pencils, scissors, post-its, calculator, backpack, USB flash drive, stapler, tape, textbooks
Clothing essentials (in addition to everyday clothing): Laundry bag, dryer rack, ironing board and iron, laundry detergent, quarters, stain remover, lint brush, sewing kit, umbrella, jacket, gloves, hat, boots, sneakers, bathrobe
Misc: Thumb tacks, flashlight, bottled water, sports equipment, silverware, dishes, bicycle, insurance information