Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TimberTech's Earthwood Evolutions Tropical Decking and RadianceRail Deck and Step Railings: A Gorgeous Duo...

TimberTech is the leading manufacturer of high quality, durable and low-maintenance decking and railing products. From traditional wood-plastic composite planks to PVC decking materials, they are your one-stop shop. Whether you're looking for a new deck, upgrading an existing one, or just looking for a new, fresh railing, TimberTech is your go-to company. When the job is completed, you won't want to leave your yard, in all its beauty.

TimberTech's products are great for so many reasons. They're low maintenance... no annual painting or staining! They resist mildew, warping, and insects. They won't rot. They will add beauty to your home or business. They're safe and durable. They will increase the value of your home. And, instead of spending your time fixing your deck, you'll enjoy your time relaxing on it.

We love that you can hire a professional or do it yourself. They offer installation videos to provide you with an easy step-by-step process to build your dream deck and railings.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hula Hangout and Totally Tiki: Bring The Islands To Your Home...

Setting up your outdoor bar, college dorm room or apartment? Or need to decorate a room in your home? Each year we choose a different theme and this year it's Tiki. Here are two companies that offer you one-stop shopping for all of your tiki decorations.

And don't panic...setting up your room at college should be fun. Whether it's your first year or fourth year, you'll always want it to be your home away from home. These companies will help you do just that. Adorable.

HulaHangout (
Lots of unique items are featured on their website, from bamboo and coconut candles, Corona branded merchandise and tiki mugs to tiki bar accessories and tiki signs, they've got it all. Here's a sampling of what we thought was unique to their website:

Aloha Bottle Opener; Corona Bucket; Tiki Mugs; Tropical Signs:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dyson Fans, Vacuums, and Heaters: The Coolest, Hottest Products For Your Year-Long Comfort...

Don’t go anywhere else for the ultimate floor cleaning tools and fans and heaters. James Dyson takes everyday products and makes them the best and most efficient they can be...and his design are outstanding, winning many awards over the years. He set out with a dream to create the ultimate vacuum cleaner and, after thousands of failed prototypes and deals, his dream came true, boy did it ever come true! In addition to creating the most outstanding vacuums, his air multipliers/fans, heaters and combos not only look simple yet stunning, but they provide steady streams of smooth air for the best in comfort.

QuikShade: The Perfect Outdoor Tents and Canopies...

QuikShade products are so diverse and they're perfect for many different types of events. Outdoor barbeques, business trade shows and fairs, children's sporting events, camping, and so much more. They are so affordable and will provide the perfect amount of portable shade for either businesses or families. Their products are made from high quality products and will last for so many years.

Schwinn: Take the High Road With Their Extensive Line of Dependable Bicycles For The Entire Family...

Schwinn Bicycles have been around for decades and we're certain that they'll be around for many more decades to come. There's a good reason for that. Schwinn bicycles are so impressive, with choices to fit every lifestyle and every budget. In addition to the variety of their lines, their bikes are beautifully designed, made with the best materials available, they're lightweight, and reasonably priced, even at the highest level. A Schwinn bike will last for years and through many miles. Schwinn has always been one of the true leaders in the bicycle category and they will continue that tradition for a long time to come.

Most of us can probably remember our first bike and how happy we were when we could finally take our training wheels off. Getting older, a bike becomes more personal because there are needs to be met. There are cruisers that are comfortable and classicly styled for cruising around town or taking a ride to the beach. Hybrids are perfect for ridings who want a versatile and comfortable bike for casual or fitness riding on the road or off road. Mountain bikes are solid, rugged and durable to ride on any type of surface. Road bikes are fast, lightweight and comfortable for fitness rides over any distance. Urban bikes are great for commuting or casual riding in urban areas. And they have a solid line of bikes for boys and girls, too! They're perfect for kids of any age or ability, allowing them to experience the joy and enthusiasm of riding a bike and that joy will hopefully last a lifetime. And the memories of all of your experiences while riding will last a lifetime as well.

Schwinn is completely devoted to manufacturing the best bikes for your entire family. Take the high road, low road, and all in between with a Schwinn bike.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tylt: The Best Power Accessories For Your Smartphone...

Tylt has solutions for every day electronics problems that will help your day go a little smoother. In a world where mobile phones, tablets, and computers are interacting together at every given moment of the day, Tylt is there to save you.

High quality design, paired with exceptional value, clearly defines Tylt. One of the major problems with cell phone users (which is pretty much all of us), is that they are now used for so much more than phone calls and texting. Emails, Internet surfing, listening to music and working with apps (downloading), especially with higher speeds with 4G, all drain our batteries quickly. Our cell phones eat up their power quickly, and leave you helpless.

Our favorite thing about Tylt cables is that they are truly tangle free. They can be used over and over and retain their perfect shape. Great performance mixed with an excellent, dependable design. There's nothing more you'll need.

UGG: It's Not Just About the Boot...

We've been a fan of UGG boots before they even became a household name. Finding them at a trade show in the early 80s, and living in California, we knew immediately they were something special. However, we never expected them to explode the way they have. We should have known better because they are extremely warm. super comfortable, and casually chic.
UGG boots have come a long way. One young Australian surfer, and his love of sheepskin, kicked off the brand in 1978 for surfers. Fast forward to today... they are a fashion statement, whether it's high fashion or casual wear. They are seen on the feet of people around the world, of all ages, races, and sexes. Just take a look around and you'll see UGG after UGG after UGG. And not just their sheepskin boots... stunning all-leather boots, sandals, moccasins, dress shoes, and slippers. Today can have the best of both worlds... gorgeous Italian shoemaking combined with the luxurious feel of sheepskin. But wait, there's more. Handbags, blankets, and beautiful accessories are also part of the UGG lineup.

Allen Edmonds: The Best of Men's Summer Footwear and Accessories...

Allen Edmonds was founded in 1922. Their shoes, belts and accessories are the only that we will ever recommend for anyone who is interested in unsurpassed quality, value and craftsmanship. Only the world's finest materials are used, and the results are priceless. Their 212-step manufacturing process guarantees a shoe that will endure throughout years of wear, justifying the higher price you will pay at the beginning. Paying the higher cost upfront means saving money later on because an Allen Edmonds shoe is an investment. If, and when, your shoes show any sign of wear, just send them back to Allen Edmonds Recrafting and they will restore you shoes to new condition, working their magic like no one else. Who else does that??? And while you are still wearing your Allen Edmonds, those wearing competitive brands will be on to their second, third, or fourth shoe already. Their belts and wallets are just as outstanding as their shoes.

Melissa & Doug: Imagination Has Endless Possibilities With Their Awesome Line of Children's Products...

Support your child's development and ignite their imagination through the power of imagination with Melissa & Doug's awesome line of active play products, arts and crafts, developmental toys, games, magic, pretend play, puppets, stuffed animals, vehicles and more.

We need to go back to years ago when simple toys were all the rage. There was a time not so long ago when childhood offered the space and freedom for children to explore their world. To be curious. To be creative. To be bold. To be bored. To just . . . be. Today, our overscheduled and overstimulated children are using their imaginations less than ever. It’s a crisis in the making. And it’s why Melissa & Doug is committed to making products that inspire open-ended thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities. It’s part of their bigger vision to Take Back Childhood. Because by giving children a true childhood, we give them a path to realizing their full potential!

Hold Your Haunches Shapewear For Women: Smooth And Tighten Instantly!...

If there ever was a miracle for those tiny little glitches that women have surrounding the hips and expanding around to the belly, Hold Your Haunches is that miracle. We didn't believe it until we tried them on and for goodness sake, they really work. The second you slip on these spectacular pants you will notice the difference. They keep everything together, nice and smooth. All of those imperfections are hidden, and you will sigh in relief. As a matter of fact, these pants are so fabulous that the two women moguls on Shark Tank actually partnered with them together! If that's not approval then we don't know what is.
Big booties are in style but they still have to look amazing and toned. However, big bellies are not in style and I don't think they ever were. Hold Your Haunches shapewear is for women. These patent-pending compression pants will smooth and tighten your unshapely curves as you remain comfortable and cool. Their gravity-defying shapewear is an inner layer of compression sewn in at the waist and extending to below the calf.

There are three styles to choose from: A legging, boot cut pant, or capri style. So there's something to wear for any occasion... and all of your worrying about what will fit and how to hide your flaws will be gone, along with your imperfections. Go to that party, or just run around doing errands, while always feeling terrific about how you look. You can wear them all day long, every day and that's priceless! Love them.

Essie Nail Color: Color Your Nails Gorgeous With Their Stunning Collections...

For more than 30 years, Essie has been an industry icon in the nail color world. They are trusted by beauty professionals, celebrities and even royalty. They're an American classic that allows women all over the world to express themselves and have fun with nail color. Essie has become a household name in the wold of nail polish, both for flawless formulations as well as endless color variations that are chic, modern, fun, and classic. As if the Lacquer line wasn't enough, the Gel Couture collection is even better with hotter-than-ever colors.

You wouldn't think they could outdo themselves but they continue to year after year. The spectacular Gel Couture collection is everything you would ever want, and more. Even the twisted bottle is gorgeous. 42 new stunning colors are available and this gel-like polish can last up to 14 days, all without needing a UV lamp! The tapered brush is even something to love for simple application.

The Gel Couture is revolutionizing gel polish by simplifying the process and eliminating the UV light. Gel Couture is an easy two-step system (base+color and super-shiny top coat), comprised of just a color and a Gel Couture top coat layer. Now you can get a chip-free manicure without the hassle and harm of UV light.

The pigments were specially formulated to help avoid staining (although we do recommend a base coat for most people anyway, especially with the darker shades). The lineup is grouped into four categories: Atelier (classic, soft and delicate neutrals); First Look (simple girly pastels); Fashion Show (wants all of the attention with vivid hues); and After Party (deep colors for a fun night out that will be sure to catch everyone's attention). 

Kensie: Our Favorite Line of Women's Summer Sleepwear...

We've featured many wonderful companies over the year in the women's sleepwear category. However, Kensie to us is above and beyond. Their fabrics are so soft you feel like your body is being cradled by cotton balls. Their styles are absolutely adorable, for all ages, and their patterns and colors are gorgeous. Best of all, they will look great after hundreds of washings. They never fade or look worn out. Try one of their sets and you'll be hooked!

Kohler: A Leader in Bath and Kitchen Design with Stylish, Innovative, and Dependable Products...

With a diverse portfolio of brands and products that share a singular level of quality craftsmanship, Kohler Co. has long been recognized as a leader in bath and kitchen design. As consumers began to spend more quality time at home, Kohler continued to meet their needs with a fresh approach to product design. Kohler advanced the trend toward increased luxury in the home by fostering the master suite concept.

Console tables and bath vanities shared a unity of design with bedroom furnishings. Electronics and other technological improvements enhanced the bathing experience and also contributed to an array of stylish toilets, faucets and shower heads engineered to promote water conservation. Innovative showering products and luxurious whirlpool baths transformed bathrooms into relaxing retreats in an otherwise fast-paced world. And decorative fixtures, textured surfaces and expressive colors elevated the rituals of everyday living to an art form)

Revival Lavatory Faucet with Scroll Lever Handles (K-16101-4). All of their faucets are inspired by art forms spanning centuries and cultures; intrigued by elements of nature and motivated by ever-evolving technology. Kohler creates faucets that often exceed the imagination, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary; bringing artistry, color and innovation to life. From handcrafted Finial Kudu handles, to Fairfax’s timeless elegance, their faucets create an artistic focal point in your room. Their Vibrant Finish for Life offers a warm, rich luster that is remarkably resistant to scratching, corrosion, and tarnish and this state-of-the-art process uses Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to molecularly bond the finish to the faucet for a super-hard surface that withstands the most intense kitchen and bath use, standing up to the rigors of everyday use. Best of all, mild soap and water is all it takes to maintain a beautiful shine. Their ultra-reliable one-piece washerless ceramic valving controls the flow of water under any water or temperature condition, resists debris, and is easily maintained. A high temperature limit stop on single-control faucets makes it easy to preset a comfortable maximum water temperature, eliminating the risk of scalding. Kohler innovation has moved faucet surfaces beyond white, chrome and brass as well, by adding a textural dimension to selected faucet color/finishes. The result is a new, remarkable yet incredibly durable range of selections for inspiring fresh new interior designs. All in all, Kohler offers one of the most exciting and diverse selections of faucet styles anywhere. This particular centerspread lavatory faucet, Revival, happens to be out favorite and it is gorgeous, blending European style and early American influences and featuring scroll or traditional lever handles. It almost reminds us of a genie’s lamp, so special, elequent, magical and unique. All finishes available for this set are stunning: polished or brushed chrome, brushed nickel, french gold or polished brass. The accessories available will provide more than enough choices for you: a three-tier towel shelf, towel rings, tumbler/toothbrush holder, robe hook, oval mirror, toilet tissue holder, soap dish, glass shelf and many towel bars - it’s incredible.

Portrait Suite. Kohler toilets and bidets combine outstanding function and performance with style and whether your prefer contemporary flair or nostalgic simplicity, there is something for everyone. Their pedestal sinks are offered in an extensive range of designs as well, from classicly traditional to sleekly modern, all creating a dramatic visual impact. The Portrait Suite is the epitome of charm. Its distinctive sculpted lines and soft edges reflect the classic contour of traditional furniture's ogee molding. With a hint of the understated elegance of French Provincial, the Portrait Suite is the ideal compliment to traditional decor, however its subtleness offers a versatility of design. It's designed to accommodate both large and small bathrooms and is perfect for today's homes with its sculptured lines will enhance any decor. The Portrait Pedestal Lavatory is available in a large variety of wonderful finishes; the Portrait Toilet or Comfort Height Toilet is also stunning - the 16-1/8” Comfort Height Bowl is the same height as a standard chair for total comfort. It is available with a Lustra seat and cover and comes with the enhanced Ingenium Flushing System that provides 1.6 gpf (gallon gravity flush) performance comparable to previous 3.5 gallon models, utilizing the natural power of water dropping from the tank to force waste quickly and efficiently from the bowl. Its 2” glazed trapway ensures heavy waste moves swiftly through the trapway without blockage. The elongated bowl has an extended rim length and is designed for comfortable use by adults. The set is amazing and there are additional pieces that coordinate with it as well including a whirlpool bath and bidet.

Clairette Kitchen Faucet. Clairette’s contemporary styling-coordinates with any home decor. This fabulous faucet has a pulldown sprayhead that is highly functional and ergonomic; a swivel balljoint between sprayhead and hose for highly efficient hose maneuverability; single control-one hole drilling for less counter clutter; easy operation; adequate height (10" Kitchen) for using with large pots and pitchers. It’s attractive yet functional; adequate reach (9.5" Kitchen) and highly functional; MasterClean Sprayface that resists calcium build up; flexible supplies that are easy to install; a quick connect hose that is easy to install; ceramic disc valve the resists debris in water; quarter turn valve for easy operation. The finishes available are: Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, Vibrant Polished Brass, Biscuit and White)

Sterling Finesse Hinge Shower Doors offer a full line of bath and shower doors to match the level of performance you desire. They have divided their doors into three categories: Basics (quality and value at a reasonable price); Classics (timeless designs with enhanced features); and Exclusives (stylish designs with innovative features). There are different frame finishes, glass textures and thicknesses and glass patterns to choose from so each door is really made just for you and your taste. The glass provides maximum safety and durability. Their guide systems ease door panels along the bottom track effortlessly. Their ball-bearing rollers provide smooth operation for quiet and effortless door movement. And the pivot or hinge systems allow easy access to shower and left- or right-hand entry. Our favorite line has the Finesse Frameless Hinge doors. This model completes the Finesse family of long-lasting, durable shower doors, bringing together aesthetic visual appeal, convenient access to the bathing area and functional performance. The doors are adjustable for out-of-plumb conditions. With minimal metal frame construction, this shower door offers a wide-open appearance, enabling the homeowner to highlight the enclosure or decorative tile through the clear glass panels. Adding to the frameless door's clean design is a concealed piano hinge that runs the entire length of the jamb to ensure smooth, stable operation. Small, elegant brass pull handles — glazed into both sides of the clear glass panel — facilitate easy opening and closing. This versatile shower door package, stationary panel and hinge door, is 65-1/2" tall and available in eight sizes that span 28" to 39" opening width, making it ideal for shower enclosures or custom tile applications in alcove configurations. There is also no top header track, eliminating any clearance issues. This model differentiates from competitive models with the use of two roller-compression latches. These two latches help seal the closed door more securely and minimize glass bowing or flexing. And last, but no least, it also features an attractive handle/towel bar.

Sonata Shower Stalls. Their baths, showers and whirlpools are wonderful. They are constructed from solid Vikrell material for superior strength and durability. Color-molded throughout so that there are no layers to chip, crack or peel, they also feature a smooth, shiny, seamless appearance with a durable high-gloss finish. They are easy for one person to transport and install. The shower’s modular design allows it to be moved around corners and through doorways with ease and the tongue-and-groove interlocking joints form a seamless appearance. The shower also features three convenient shelves on back wall and end walls and it is available in a variety of colors including White, Bone/Natural, Kohler Almond, Kohler Ice Grey and Kohler Biscuit.

Whirlpool Bathtubs. Soak in luxury with Sterling’s fabulous line of whirlpool bathtubs. In an effort to provide customers with increased levels of comfort and relaxation, Sterling has enhanced a number of product features within its whirlpool baths and bath/showers, including a stronger, pre-mounted pump and new whirlpool jets. These new upgrades and amenities in their most popular whirlpool baths deliver added value and comfort. The new line of Sterling whirlpools comes with a factory installed, more powerful (1.25 HP) pump (specifications are 120 Volts, 7.0 Amp and 60 Hertz). New technology enables this compact, self-draining pump to provide a strong, steady level of hydro-massage while remaining quiet. The new models also have an air actuated pneumatic switch. Designed to coordinate with the color of the whirlpool bath, the color-matched jets are factory-installed and easy to maneuver. Each jet is independently adjustable, rotating a full 360 degrees and is directionally adjustable to any angle. The upgraded models are the Ensembles (Series 7610 and 7611) and the Tranquilities (Series 6605 and 7605). Sterling has also added the Acclaim (Series 7609) as part of this new offering - color offerings are the same as the showers. Just try one and you’ll never want to leave.