Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rachael Ray Cookware...Prepare Your Meals Like A Pro...

These are my favorite, favorite, favorite pans. First of all, they’re Rachael Ray’s and for some reason, while I'm cooking, I feel like a chef. Second of all, they’re just that darn good. It seems that nothing I prepare in her pans comes out bad. I love the unique oval shape because it offers more versatility and stovetop space… it just makes cooking easier, especially cutlets and bacon since they’re not squished in the pan. Sauces and stews come out great, too. You can cook anything in these awesome pans and it's all terrific. They will even inspire you to try out some new recipes (from Rachael or other great chefs). For years we have been featuring Rachael Ray's pans and once you try them out, you'll see why. 

Features include: durable hard-anodized construction that promotes even heating to help reduce hot spots that can often burn foods; a shatter-resistant glass lid that’s great for keeping an eye on things as they cook (without losing heat or moisture); the interior features a long-lasting nonstick coating, making food release effortless and cleanup a snap; the vibrantly colored rubberized grippy handle is dual riveted for extra strength and comfortable to grasp; and it’s oven safe to 350°F. Have some fun and add a little color and spice in your kitchen with Rachael Ray!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dyson Vacuums, Heaters, and Fans: They Offer the Coolest, Hottest Technology.

Don’t go anywhere else for the ultimate floor cleaning tools and fans and heaters. James Dyson takes everyday products and makes them the best and most efficient they can be...and his design are outstanding, winning many awards over the years. He set out with a dream to create the ultimate vacuum cleaner and, after thousands of failed prototypes and deals, his dream came true, boy did it ever come true! In addition to creating the most outstanding vacuums, his air multipliers/fans, heaters and combos not only look simple yet stunning, but they provide steady streams of smooth air for the best in comfort.

Allen Edmonds: Men's Shoes That Are Truly Perfection...

Allen Edmonds was founded in 1922. Their shoes, belts and accessories are the only that we will ever recommend for anyone who is interested in unsurpassed quality, value and craftsmanship. Only the world's finest materials are used, and the results are priceless. Their 212-step manufacturing process guarantees a shoe that will endure throughout years of wear, justifying the higher price you will pay at the beginning. Paying the higher cost upfront means saving money later on because an Allen Edmonds shoe is an investment. If, and when, your shoes show any sign of wear, just send them back to Allen Edmonds Recrafting and they will restore you shoes to new condition, working their magic like no one else. Who else does that??? And while you are still wearing your Allen Edmonds, those wearing competitive brands will be on to their second, third, or fourth shoe already. Their belts and wallets are just as outstanding as their shoes.

From classic to contemporary, Allen Edmonds shoes are timeless, distinctive, and elegant in an understated, subtle way. Only quality leathers are used, they are fully and comfortably lined, and their stitching is perfect. Allen Edmonds shoes are broken in after only a few minutes, and they fit to perfection. As you wear them with your favorite suit or even casual clothing, they exude excellence. And if colors like Walnut and Walnut Cloud, Chili, Black, Dark Brown, Bourbon, Merlot, Bitter Chocolate and don't get you excited, nothing will.

Park Avenue... This is their finest, simplest shoe and it will be by your side through thick and thin. Worn by presidents, celebrities, athletes, and executives round the world, the straightforward Park Avenue will conform to the shape of your foot for its life. This should be a staple in every man's wardrobe as it doesn't get any better or easier than this shoe. This cap-toe leather oxford balmoral offers a classic silhouette and conveys a leader, and who doesn't deserve to be a leader each and every day.

McAllister Wing Tip... Stylish sophistication is what you get from the McAllister. Classic styling, rich leather, and distinguished perforation details will add just the right amount of polish and brilliance to your wardrobe. The McAllister has been around since 1956 and has been tried and true to Allen Edmonds for all of these years. Once you take a look at it, you will understand why. The McAllister is one shoe that will never go out of style, and it will remain a loyal part of your wardrobe for probably longer than your wardrobe lasts.

Dalton Wing Tip Lace-Up Boot... This striking seven-eyelet blucher wingtip boot was made with a gorgeous burnished premium calfskin leather and designed with extensive broguing and perforations. Its reddish-brown tints are gorgeous. It takes you from zero to hero the second you slip it on. Unmatched comfort, stability and support, especially for a dress boot, 360 degree Goodyear welted construction, a metal lace-up vamp and strenghtened pull tab for a secure fit, Butyl double leather sole and manmade heel deliver all that you need in a boot. Where it up or down, it looks great with anything in your wardrobe. The boot was created by Jim Dayton, an award-winning architect who designed their new retail store prototype. He used the same aesthetics as the ones he created for the store. They are elegant and strong.

Wide Basic Dress Belt... This 1 1/4" wide basic-yet-nothing-but-basic dress belt is made with fine, genuine calfskin leather and has a smooth leather lining, classy brushed silver buckle and double keeper. It will complement anything its worn with!

Manistee Belt... This 1 3/8" wide,leather-lined, stitched edge belt is perfect for everyday use, dressing it up or down. Its polished nickel buckle and perforated detail add a nice touch to it and it will become invaluable to you.

Executive Billfold Wallet... This awesome wallet is fully lined with lambskin and is made from premium Vachetta leather with the embossed Allen Edmonds logo adorning its inside corner. There are 8 slots for your credit cards, and 2 currency pockets as well. 

Summer is Coming Soon: WORX Tools, Telescope Casual Furniture, Kichler Lighting, Pentair Pool Products, Garrett Pool Liners, Improvements Catalog Home Products: Best of Spring/Summer 2014...


Once you get used to working with WORX’s phenomenal line of cordless tools around the outside of your home, it will be hard to give other brand a shot. We always wonder why this company isn’t as well known as some of the larger tool manufacturers because their products are above and beyond most of them. They are absolutely groundbreaking. Working around the yard becomes a pleasure, and actually fun, rather than a chore. Every year they amaze us with groundbreaking (literally) products and we look forward to seeing yearly additions. We are always pleasantly surprised!!! The WORX name encompasses a new line of professional power tools built around cutting-edge designs, break-through innovations and market-leading quality and performance. These tools are perfect for heavy-duty, commercial use and are based on the proprietary ERGOSUM design theory of making the power tool adapt to the comfort of the user instead of the user adapting to the design of the tool. The WORX line has 
recently been expanded to include the Revolver brand of tools, which features a patented handle design and cutting edge ergonomics. Love them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear Sweet Sari was created in honor of my mom, Sari. My mom passed away a year ago but left such a wonderful legacy for us in the way that she lived her life. She lived a simple life with one goal... to be available to her family and friends for any help they might need. She lived for nothing else. My mom was always there for everyone with an open heart that was as huge as the universe. Anyone who needed her, physically or mentally, had her at a moment's notice.

My world has changed drastically over the past year. Actually, not just mine, but all of us who were beneficiaries of her selfless support. It is not easy to find a person in life who you trust completely, and who you can let your guard down with and be yourself. My mom was that to so many people. Just the other day my dad went to visit her oncologist and the doctor literally cried and said that he missed my mom because she was his inspiration to go to work each and every day. She always had a smile on her face, up until her last moments with us. She touched everyone who knew her. Now we hope she can touch every one of you.

This blog is our way of helping other people, and we know it is what she would have wanted. If you're feeling sad, lonely, depressed, angry, or even (hopefully happy), visit Dear Sweet Sari and express your feelings. If you want to give a shout out to someone that you loved, who has passed away, this is the place to do that. Sometimes knowing that someone is there to read and care about how you feel makes all the difference.

And never doubt that Sweet Sari isn't there for you, too!

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SAFE AS YOUR MAMA’S ARMS                         


Earth Mama Angel
Is the Leading Place
To Shop for You and Your Babies Needs

Angel Baby Lotion
Angel Baby Lotion

“Natural is the way to go: it’s safe, effective, tender on the body and just as effective as other body products on the market.  In my opinion, this one is the best!  I’ll tell you why…”

Every minute each day, our skin on our bodies is open to the elements of natural that can cause our skin to dry, irritate and become damaged.  The sun for instance, causes skin to burn, and can cause diseases such as skin cancer.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually.

So many things can harm our babies and us.  For instance, the weather along with other unhealthy elements such as pollution, dirt, grime, the chemicals they spray onto our food, the hormones they inject into the cows and chickens, the chemicals coming from so many chemical plants and many others can cause damage to our skin.  In order to maintain healthy beautiful,  skin, especially for our children we need to learn how to care for skin the right way using the right products. 

Too many lotions on the market contain hazardous ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleum based ingredients that dry, irritate, and damage the skin.  Why they put these ingredients in their products I don’t know.  It makes no sense why companies put these unnatural ingredients in their products if they know mothers and their children are going to be using them, but they do anyway. 

This is why I use only natural products containing all natural ingredients.  I always use beauty products and lotions that will not harm my children or my skin.  For lotion, I use lotion from called Angel Baby Lotion on my children and even on myself.  I have tried many lotions for my children and Angel Baby Lotion left their skin the softest, it smelled nice and it is completely natural too. 

The heavenly scented lotion I used contained no artificial preservatives, fragrances or dyes.  It just contained pure ingredients to moisturize.  Remember, what you rub into your baby’s skin goes through their skin (pores) into their body.  Something to think about next time you need to purchase products for your child.  What was also impressive is that it is gluten-free.  I used the lotion and so did my children and we all agreed that it gave a long lasting hydrated and soft feel.

I highly recommend it.  It was great to be able to use a lotion, which was a natural, organic product that does not contain any hazardous ingredients.  You can find Angel Baby Lotion on the Internet at

Reviewed by - Stacey Chillemi