Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Biltwell Products: More Great Products From This Manufacturer Of Motorcycle Gear and Parts...

Biltwell offers a huge selection of gorgeous helmets for all of your motorcyle needs. They are sleek, stunning, high-quality, and loaded with lots of safety features. What a great complement to your motorcycle! They make the parts and accessories that make riding and building custom motorcycles more fun. Biltwell... and boy are they!

Thierry Mugler: The Most Delicious Feast of Men's and Women's Fragrances...

Here's some interesting facts about Thierry Mugler. We know you all think of fragrance when you hear his name. Thierry Mugler is a highly reputable French artist in the world of fashion and haute couture. He was a professional dancer starting at age 14 at the Opéra du Rhin. His love of performance is apparent in everything he does. The theatrical packaging and presentation are always Thierry Mugler.

We love all of his newest fragrances as much as we love his classics. That's the thing about Thierry Mugler... you can covet his entire collection and never get tired of any of his fragrances. They're that delicious and spectacular. And we also love the fact that many of his fragrances are refillable at participating stores!

Awesome Mastectomy Products That Are Lifesavers...

Title Boxing: Everything You Need In The World Of Boxing...

TITLE is the undisputed champion in offering the greatest names and equipment lines in the world of boxing and MMA. They are proud to bring you the top brands and world renowned lineage like TITLE Boxing, TITLE GEL, TITLE Platinum, TITLE Classic, TITLE Black, TITLE White, TITLE Legacy, TITLE MMA, TITLE Muay Thai, Fighting, Pro Mex, Rival, Adidas, Golden Boy, Muhammad Ali, WBC, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Champion and many, many more. However, they also manufacture a ton of products for amateurs and fitness enthusiasts, all the way down to children starting up!

Timberland Boots: Rugged, Strong, and Stylish, For The Entire Family...

For more than 40 years, their boots have been an essential part of the footwear collections of people across the globe. And they never stop designing and innovating. From their Original Yellow Boot to leather boots to sneaker boots to chukkas and Chelseas - every pair is carefully crafted for ultimate style, comfort and durability.'

Timberland is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of premium footwear, apparel and accessories for the outdoor lifestyle. Best known for its original yellow boot introduced in 1973, Timberland today outfits consumers from toe-to-head, with versatile collections that reflect the brand’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, function and style. Timberland markets lifestyle products under the Timberland and Timberland Boot Company brands, and industrial footwear and workwear under the Timberland PRO brand. Its products are sold throughout the world in leading department and specialty stores as well as company-owned retail locations and online. Timberland’s dedication to making quality products is matched by an unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility – in terms of its products, the outdoors, and communities around the globe. n 1999, Timberland recognized an opportunity to bring premium, durable boots to professional tradespeople–consumers who see footwear as essential tools to help them do their jobs. And the Timberland PRO brand was born.

LEGO: A Great Way To Spend Family Time...

Everyone loves LEGO products, from kids to adults. There's something about building wonderfully creative projects that makes you feel proud and accomplished. In addition to the fun and joy it brings, for young children the imaginative play is a key element in their growth and development. LEGO products stimulate the imagination and the emergence of ideas and creative expression. All LEGO products are based on this underlying philosophy of learning and development through play. LEGO is our favorite company in this category.

The LEGO group's motto is ' Only the best is good enough.' LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen (who still owns it to this day) began making wooden toys in 1932. High quality and safe products have remained the focal point for the LEGO Group throughout the years and continues to this day. LEGO products are tested rigorously to live up to the strictest safety and quality standards as well as their own expectations. This is why children and adults turn to LEGO products over and over again.

Mattel Toys: They NEVER Grow Old...

Anastasia Beverly Hills: For Eyebrows That Will Raise Eyebrows...

Global cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills was founded in 1997 by Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare. Rooted in the science of sacred geometry, the company formulates, manufactures, and markets prestige cosmetics for a passionately informed “prosumer” audience. Dubbed the “people’s make-up brand,” ABH has cultivated an industry-unique relationship with its core customer, focused on product education and responsiveness in delivering the “ultimate polished look” for which the brand is known.

ABH Founder and CEO Anastasia Soare was first to introduce “brow-shaping” to salons in the US based on her patented “Golden Ratio” method. She is widely credited for fueling the multimillion-dollar business that now surrounds the category. Popularized through Soare’s customer relationships with many of the world’s most recognizable faces—Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, and Penelope Cruz, to name a few—the “brow revolution” she ignited has become a landmark contribution to beauty history.

ABH’s trailblazing legacy continues with expansion beyond brow products and services. In 2014, the company broke from tradition to debut its new category of professional make-up direct-to-consumer in a “promote to inspire” social media campaign, cultivating a staggeringly successful relationship with influencers in the digital sphere. ABH has since received industry-wide recognition for digital innovation and numerous accolades for cutting-edge product trends such as the category first Contour Palette and cult classic Liquid Lipstick.

ABH cosmetics are available at anastasiabeverlyhills.com, Sephora, Macy’s, ULTA, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and select retailers in over 25 countries including Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and France. ABH is committed to the highest standards in product testing, formulation, new product development, and meeting the demands of its uniquely engaged customer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

CRAFTSMAN Tool Boxes: Heavy Duty Storage For Your Home Or Small Business Setup...

CRAFTSMAN has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand because they have stood the test of time. They are an authentic American icon and have been the brand homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts, and master mechanics trust. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to tool boxes, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, snowblowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.) They still continue their legacy and they are delivering products like never before. They revived their long-established pride in superior quality with re-engineered products, bringing back their historically reliable, high-performance tools. And, it’s now easier than at any time in their 90-year history for you to get the tools trusted for generations.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Roomba: Cleaning Your Floor Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This...

Colin Angle, Chairman, CEO and Founder of iRobot. The company is building an ecosystem of robots and technologies to enable the smart home.
With so many people having very busy lifestyles, there is a definite need for downtime. The last thing we want to do when we come home is vacuum. Especially if you have pets and need to vacuum daily. With iRobot's line of products, you can sit back and relax while this adorable robot does all of the work. iRobot is the leading global consumer robot company. They design and build robots that empower people to do more both inside and outside of their homes.  Their products include the award-winning Roomba Vacuuming Robot and the Braava family of mopping robots.

iRobot Roomba s SeriesFounded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality, iRobot has sold more than 25 million robots worldwide. The company has developed some of the world's most important robots, and has a rich history steeped in innovation. Its robots have revealed mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza, found harmful subsea oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and saved thousands of lives in areas of conflict and crisis around the globe. iRobot inspired the first Micro Rovers used by NASA, changing space travel forever, deployed the first ground robots used by U.S. Forces in conflict, brought the first self-navigating FDA-approved remote presence robots to hospitals and introduced the first practical home robot with Roomba, forging a path for an entirely new category in home cleaning. With more than 25 years of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot remains committed to building robots that provide people with smarter ways to clean and accomplish more in their daily lives.

Yamaha REVSTAR Electric Guitars: Gorgeous Guitars, Gorgeous Prices...

There is so much that goes in to creating amazing guitars (and other musical instruments for that matter) and Yamaha has gotten it right since 1887 when it began producing reed organs. Yamaha has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances and furniture, specialty metals, machine tools, and industrial robots.

Yamaha has endeavored to produce products and services that satisfy the diverse needs and desires of people worldwide. Its products and services are recognized the world over for superior quality in acoustics, design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer oriented services. These products and services under the brand name of Yamaha are highly regarded by a large number of professionals, institutions, business people within the related industries, and consumers.
people around the world.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Bowsers Dog Beds: Your Cherished Babies Should Definitely Have A Bed As Comfortable As Yours!...

There are hundreds of pet beds out there. Some are too hard, some too soft with no support. Then there are the beds that are just right. Bowser beds are the most comfortable, and most durable we've seen, using the finest materials, stylish and practical designs, and the latest technology. They are designed with zippered covers for easy care, and gorgeous high memory virgin polyester fiber in upholstery grade fabrics that have no harmful substances or chemicals (also machine washable and dryable with no clumping or shifting). Their beds have just the right amount of softness and support to cradle and comfort your pets. Why shouldn't your your pet enjoy his bed, he spends lots of time in it, an average of 13 hours a day. Bowsers has a line with over 25 styles and over 100 designer fabrics to choose from. They even designed special beds for older pets who need a little bit more support... the ideal place for our older buddies to relax and rejuvenate. Their beds will look great with any home decor.

Since 1998, Bowsers has set the trend in distinctive, quality pet beds. Their unique blend of furniture grade fill, luxurious upholstery fabrics and practical designs have set a new standard in the pet industry. They have changed the way many people think of pet beds.

And don't forget to check out their other pet accessories too, including coats, mats, toys, leashes and bowls. Bowsers has one goal in mind... to make your pet as comfortable as he can be. Here are some of our favorites, which was a difficult task to undertake:

Everest. This ultra-plush, contemporary faux fur bed collection is the ultimate in indulgence for pets. We like the Donut Bed Everest because the outer ring creates the feeling of security that pets love. The removable tufted cushion can be used as a crate or travel mat, too! It also comes in other great styles!

Crescent Bed. This is our favorite. It's especially wonderful for older dogs with its open front design that makes it easier for them to get into their bed. It's also reversible so you can flip it inside out for a whole new look! Love it in the Brown Teddy, super soft! Your dog will have the best rest ever.

Donut Bed Brown Teddy. This bed also has the outer ring and removable cushion. It's so plush and comfy, too.

Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress. This bed was designed with Isotonic's breathable, temperature sensitive material that is Visco Elastic and able to distribute pressure or body weight over an entire surface area. Combined with Bowsers layer of firm furniture grade foam for additional support, this bed, with its sleek, clean lines, is a practical and stylish addition to any room.

Scoop. This elegant, innovative design features a 'scooped' front to create a modern look while creating easy access for smaller or older and arthritic dogs. Its elegant two-tone fabric combination and European style 'scalloped' trim is beautiful. It also features a removable tufted center cushion and zippered outer cover. This is a great bed for larger dogs.

Tufted Cushion Brown Teddy. This can be used in many ways, for many places. Indoors, outdoors, car, office, or backyard. It's an awesome, versatile crate or travel mat. With dense polyester fiber fill, it provides long lasting wear and comfort. Circular tufting creates an elegant upholstered look while ensuring the fiber doesn't clump or shift when washed. They're great for replacement cushions as well.


JBL Speakers: An Array Of Speakers For Inside Or Outside...

We have been featuring JBL and Harman products for many years because they are beautifully designed manufactured, sound fantastic, and are priced reasonably. They keep on going, and going, and going, and never let you down. HARMAN (harman.com) designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services. HARMAN is admired by audiophiles, musicians and the entertainment venues where they perform around the world. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems. The Company’s software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Roku: Streaming Was Never As Fun, Or Easy...

Roku is the company that pioneered streaming for the TV. They make Roku streaming players that connect to your TV as well as Roku TVs that have the streaming experience built in. Just connect them to the Internet, set up a Roku account, and start streaming. Roku is a more convenient and cost effective way to watch TV.

Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. They connect users to the streaming content they love, enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and provide advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers. They believe all TV content will be available through streaming. The rapid adoption of TV streaming has disrupted the traditional linear TV distribution model creating new options for consumers and new opportunities for content publishers and advertisers. Roku is capitalizing on this large economic opportunity as a leading TV streaming platform for users, content publishers and advertisers.

Monday, November 5, 2018

TravelPro: Who Says You Have To Break The Bank For Exceptional-Yet-Reasonably-Priced Luggage...

We only work with one company year after when it comes to luggage and that's Travelpro. They have a large variety of extraordinary pieces to choose from. Whether you're traveling by car, plane, bus, train or boat, Travelpro offers the best line of luggage that will take care of 100% of your needs. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on Travelpro as their luggage choice because of its durability, looks, lightweight, and quality. With so many great collections to choose from, it's all a matter of preference. You can't go wrong with any.

Travelpro was developed by a pilot and it has all of the qualities that flight crews and frequent fliers desire including amazingly durable construction, travel-tested features, premium fabrics, innovative design and high-quality materials built to go the distance.

We do have a few of our own favorites...

Max-Lite 4. Travel light with Travelpro's lightest collection ever. Amazing innovation has been thrown to this ultra-lightweight collection of 4-wheel Spinners and 2-wheel Rollaboard luggage. This beautiful 12-piece set comes with all of the features you've come to depend on and love including their patented Contour Grip on Spinners, zippered side mesh pockets, full-size lid compartment zips that open for pressed shirts, adjustable hold-down straps to keep contents snug, plus a unique expansion design and custom full-bottom tray for more stability. It looks and feels like the best luggage out there but its price will shock you.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Apple's MacBook Pro: There Is No Other Choice...

We have been using Apple's Mac computer line for over thirty years now and they have never let us down. Their computers are simplistic yet gorgeous, they have an incredible work ethic, they're dependable, rarely get viruses, and they're pretty simple to use. And they just get better and better.

The newest member of Apple's Mac line will not disappoint. This groundbreaking MacBook Pro computer has a revolutionary Touch Bar, and breakthrough performance in Apple’s Thinnest and lightest Pro design ever

The newest MacBook Pro's breakthrough interface replaces the traditional row of function keys with a brilliant, Retina-quality Multi-Touch display called the Touch Bar. The new MacBook Pro features Apple’s brightest and most colorful Retina display yet, the security and convenience of Touch ID, a more responsive keyboard, a larger Force Touch trackpad and an audio system with double the dynamic range. It’s also the most powerful MacBook Pro ever, featuring sixth-generation quad-core and dual-core processors, up to 2.3 times the graphics performance over the previous generation, super-fast SSDs and up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Friday, November 2, 2018

10 Amazing Bike Trails In The United States: All Overlooking Water, Of Course...

Whether you are a tourist or resident, everyone loves a beautiful bike ride. Riding is great for exercise and recreation... it awakens your senses in the perfect way. Bike trails are dedicated for this purpose and they help to avoid traffic and injuries so you can just enjoy the ride. Whether your riding alone or with your family or friends, here are some of our favorite trails with spectacular views. Each one is unique, and incredible, in its own way.

Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. This 32-mile route will take you all around Manhattan. Highlights include the GW Bridge, the Palisades, and the Brooklyn Bridge. This amazing ride is a protected bike lane so it's perfect.

Lakefront Trail, Chicago. Chicago's skyline, neighborhoods, and parks are all on display to cyclists on this 18-mile lakefront path. You will easily be able to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, Millennium Park, Grant Park, the Loop, and Hyde Park.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. This 76-mile trail over the famed Overseas Highway is unbelievable. And a 106-mile path will eventually link Key Largo to Key West! There's so much to see, as you can only imagine with that much mileage.

Marvin Braude Bike Trail, Los Angeles. The Strand, as it is generally known, connects Will Rogers State Beach with Torrance Beach, and offers a whole lot in between. Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach are just a few of the fun towns you can make stops in on the way. This 22-mile path offers dramatic scenery changes, as only California can, as you bike entirely on the coastline.

East Bay Bike Path, Providence, Rhode Island. This 14-mile bike path connects eight individual parks on its route from Providence to Bristol. It was built on an abandoned rail line and offers cyclists views of the Providence River as you can easily escape the city and enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells through coves and marshes.

The Embarcadero and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Prepare to be wowed in every way while riding on this show-stopping trail that offers mindblowing views of the San Francisco Bay while riding over the Golden Gate Bridge. It doesn't get any better than this folks. This 8-mile trail is a real stunner and not to be missed!

Gitchi-Gami State Trail, Two Harbors, Minnesota. This trail offers the best way to experience the grandeur of Lake Superior and its shoreline. There are actually several paths that offer 29 miles in multiple segments (the longest being 15 miles) and it will eventually all connect to offer 88 miles of paved paths that will connect Two Harbors with Grand Marais. There's lots of animal and bird life as this wonderful trails passes through forest.

Tony Knowles, Anchorage, Alaska. For those of you that are lucky enough to be able to ride this 11-mile trail, it starts in Anchorage, goes through a forest, and ends of in the Gulf of Alaska. The beauty is surreal. And you might even bump into a moose, wolf, beluga whale, or eagle along the way.

Island Line Trail, Burlington, Vermont. This 14-mile trail is a converted rail line that connects shoreline parks. With stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, there are parts where you are surrounded by water as you cross an elevated causeway 20 feet above the lake's surface and it's amazing. There's even a bike ferry, bridging a 200-foot gap in the causeway, for a little more excitement!

Ruth Bascom Trail, Eugene, Oregon. This 12-mile paved path bike trail along the Williamette River offers anything a cyclist could ever want. The route is part of a larger riverbank trail system and runs on both sides of the river with easy access to parks, the University of Oregon, and some of the city's famed breweries. A joy ride indeed.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Craftsman's Snowblower: They'll Have You Hoping For Snow...

No one wants to shovel snow, especially when there's a foot or more of it. And paying others to do the job for us, over time, can cost as much as purchasing a snow thrower and doing the job easily, yourself. However, operating a snow blower is always a noisy experience for the user and everyone within your house's range. That is all changing now, with Craftsman's two new snow blower models.

(Craftsman has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment that is controlled by Sears. However, you can also find their tools in Kmart and other hardware stores. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to snow throwers, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Color Me Book: What's Better Than Coloring Your Treasured Pictures That Have Been Transformed Into A Coloring Book...

Note: The Deadline for Ordering for Holiday Gifts is December 10th.

This is one of the most unique and personal gifts we've seen this season. Whether it's for adults for children, this coloring book will be a treasure. You can choose anywhere from five to ten of your favorite photos and have them turned into a wonderful, personalized coloring book.

 Coloring books are a form of meditation and art therapy. Coloring familiar pictures of people and places you love just adds to the benefits. You can use colored pencils, crayons, markers or pens to color in your book.

Color Me Books are great for gifts, events, weddings, parties, and more. You can add a custom cover for extra personalization. Just upload your photos and send it in.


Monday, October 29, 2018

McCarter's Theater's A Christmas Carol: A Must-Do Family Tradition...

The newest production of the wonderful holiday classic has only been at McCarter Theater for a new years and it's fantastic. A Christmas Carol brings more magic and merriment than ever before! Each year McCarter is proud to present a reimagined production of Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol. Follow Ebenezer Scrooge on a magical journey through Christmas past, present, and future and watch as their McCarter artists—joined by ensemble members from the greater Princeton community—bring this story to life all around you. This exciting production will usher you into the spirit of the season with all the joy, wonder, and generosity that Scrooge himself discovers. Share the happiness of Dickens’ perennial masterpiece and join them in celebrating this McCarter tradition with your friends and entire family!

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland: Brighten Up Your Home And Holidays With Bronner's...

Bronner's is a Christmas wonderland with the most extensive and beautiful decorations you can find to light up your holidays. They are, in fact, the largest Christmas Store in the world. Bronner's retail store is in Michigan, so if you're lucky enough to live near there, you will be mesmerized by their conglomerate of decorations. The time and dedication that they have taken to create such a masterpiece of a store is clearly obvious.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Liberty Skis Plus Bindings And Tecnica Boots: The Only Way You'll Want To Ski...

In simpler terms, Liberty Skis are the most gorgeous, best performing, and best quality skis we've seen in decades. Forget about those boring graphics you've seen from almost every other ski manufacturer. Liberty Skis are decorated with fresh, cool, and beautiful designs. They make a grand statement and will certainly catch the attention of many jealous skiers while you're waiting for your lift. We've looked high and low, and we finally found exactly what we were searching for (company and skis). As far as the company goes, you can't find a better group of people who are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. We love everything about Liberty Skis. You will, too.

Liberty makes high performance skis rooted in functional innovation and respect for the environment. Every material they use, design, and produce is done with the ultimate goal of elevating your experience on skis. Liberty skis perform so well because they are designed and built without regard to marketing hype or the latest trend. They test all our designs and materials themselves to see if they improve the way their skis ride in a variety of conditions. If they do not improve the ski experience, then they don’t go in their skis. A great example of functional innovation is their exclusive use of bamboo laminate cores in their skis. Liberty was the first and remains the ONLY ski company to use bamboo in all of their skis. Bamboo is strong, light, eco friendly, and gives skis a unique stability and liveliness not found with any other material. Bamboo helps you ski better. Combining unique designs and the best materials available, they hand build skis to exacting standards, allowing Liberty to offer the best warranty in the industry at 3 years. They hand select bamboo from southern China, edges from Germany, bases from France, adhesives from the US, high tech composites from Germany, topsheets from Austria and plastics from Japan to create the most fun and versatile skis available.

Beaver Creek, Colorado: Fantasyland In Snow...

We have always spent winter vacations (skiing, snowboarding, tubing) on the East Coast. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. They were all fabulous in their own ways. We kept hearing about Colorado and how incredible the skiing was there. Deciding where to spend your cherished winter vacation week each year is an important decision so, after doing lots of research and asking lots of questions, the Beaver Creek seemed to hit the nail on the head for our taste. Nothing prepared us for the stunning and mindblowing scenery that we were about to embark on. From the drive out of Denver through spectacular mountains to our destination, Beaver Creek, our eyes never left the windows because there was always something beautiful to look at. It was everything we had hoped it would be and so much more. It's going to be pretty difficult to go back to the tiny ski resorts and short runs on the East Coast, that's for sure!