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Clarins Cosmetics: A Company That Cares About Its Customers And Our Earth...

Clarins is a company defined by its unique expertise in plants and respectful of biodiversity. Using the best plants in their optimal concentration, combining nature, science and respect to always create more efficient and distinct products, that is Clarins!

Plant gold, the most precious, most active and richest part of the plant extract: the essential oil. Designed in 1968 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the 100% natural range of pure plant extract oils is still a staple of the Clarins brand.

Driven by a continuous innovation approach, the Clarins Group, within its research units based in France on the Pontoise site, validates some sixty new raw materials each year and studies around 300 new plants, provided by the company’s globetrotters. For Clarins researchers, innovation is attained through biomimicry. This approach, which consists of observing nature and being inspired by human designs, stimulates the creation of innovative products.

The botanist Jean-Pierre Nicolas and his associati…

Andis: The Finest Trimmers and Clippers...

For more than 90 years, no other brand knows as much about tools for personal cutting, trimming and styling better than Andis. Andis Company, a family held business founded in 1922, has produced the finest quality clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons, and flat irons to assure the highest level of results, manufacturing the majority of clippers made in the US. From heavy-duty motor clippers to lightweight adjustable blade models, cordless models to ear trimmers, quiet-operating Andis clippers handle the whole grooming job, head, ears, and body. Barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers rely on the quality and design of Andis products to get the job done easily and perfectly. We try to find better trimmers each year but always find ourselves coming back to Andis. Their quality and pricing can't be beat!

Andis is constantly coming out with new, innovative products to help make people look and feel better. Their entire line is top notch.

Ralph Lauren Men's Boxer Briefs, Tees, and Socks: Classic, Refined, Comfortable...

For five decades, Ralph Lauren Corporation has been a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products, including apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licensed product categories. Ralph Lauren's Polo clothing is classic and authentic. Combining the time-honored aesthetic of East Coast Ivy League casual style with proper English refinement, Polo Ralph Lauren is a true symbol of the preppy lifestyle. Polo's look combines a well-worn feel with an aspirational sensibility. Polo Ralph Lauren has redefined American style.

Ralph Lauren's distinctive brand image is one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands. Reflecting a distinctive American perspective, they have been an innovator in aspirational lifestyle branding and believe that, under the direction of internationally renowned designer Ralph Lauren, they have had a considerable influence on the way people dress and the way that fashion is advertised …

Fitbit Smart Fitness Watches: Everyone Needs A Reliable Fitness Buddy...

Fitbit is a team of passionate people dedicated to health and fitness who are building products that help transform people's lives. While health can be serious business, they feel it doesn't have to be. They believe you're more likely to reach your goals if you're encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way. In 2007, Fitbit's founders, Eric and James, realized that sensors and wireless technology had advanced to a point where they could bring amazing experiences to fitness and health. They embarked on a journey to create a wearable product that would change the way we move.

Faber-Castell: For The Child In All Of Us...

Whether you are looking for professional products for your business or fun products to use at home, Faber-Castell has you, and your drawing board, covered. They manufacture high quality, professional art supplies for all levels. Honestly, once you use their products, you’ll know why! You will become spoiled with the quality of their amazing felt tip pens, colored pencils and gels. There are hundreds of fantastic products in their line so that you can use your artistic skills to create masterpieces...even if they're just for your own family to enjoy!

Faber-Castell was established in 1761 by the cabinet maker Kaspar Faber and it's one of the oldest industrial companies in the world. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-cased pencils with a varied range of products for writing, drawing and creative design, as well as decorative cosmetics. Faber-Castell is renowned for its high quality, innovative products, commitment to tradition, and environmental awareness.

Travelpro: Super Light, Super Durable, Great Looking Luggage...

We only work with one company year after when it comes to luggage and that's Travelpro. They have a large variety of extraordinary pieces to choose from. Whether you're traveling by car, plane, bus, train or boat, Travelpro offers the best line of luggage that will take care of 100% of your needs. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on Travelpro as their luggage choice because of its durability, looks, lightweight, and quality. With so many great collections to choose from, it's all a matter of preference. You can't go wrong with any.

Travelpro was developed by a pilot and it has all of the qualities that flight crews and frequent fliers desire including amazingly durable construction, travel-tested features, premium fabrics, innovative design and high-quality materials built to go the distance.

We do have a few of our own favorites...

Max-Lite 4. Travel light with Travelpro's lightest collection ever. Amazing innovation has been thrown to this ultra-lightweight co…

JBL and Harman Kardon: Music Never Sounded Better...

We have been featuring JBL and Harman products for many years because they are beautifully designed manufactured, sound fantastic, and are priced reasonably. They keep on going, and going, and going, and never let you down. HARMAN ( designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services. With leading brands including AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel, HARMAN is admired by audiophiles, musicians and the entertainment venues where they perform around the world. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems. The Company’s software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile.

We love their entire lineup, bu…

Steve Madden Backpacks: Amazing Backpacks For Amazing Prices...

What began as a modest $1100 investment in 1990 has developed into one of the most iconic brands in footwear. From a factory in Queens, NY, Steve Madden has revolutionized the shoe industry, merging years of experience with unique and creative designs. Inspired by rock and roll and his New York roots, his vision to provide on-trend women and men with an outlet to express their individuality is innovative, daring, and inspiring. Steve’s innate understanding of trends and unparalleled willpower have resulted in millions of customers worldwide and propelled his designs to the forefront of fashion. He has expanded the Steve Madden brand into a true lifestyle and destination for footwear, handbags and accessories, sold in over 80 countries worldwide. It’s about authenticity. It’s about embracing individuality. It’s Steve Madden.

LenzO by Valstech iPhone Underwater Housings: Take Awesome Pictures Underwater, Too!

ValsTech is a private Canadian corporation founded in 2012 by underwater camera housing pioneer Valentins (Val) Ranetkins. In 1978, Val founded Aqua Vision Systems Inc., where he developed the revolutionary underwater housing known as the “Aquatica.” This breakthrough in housing technology became the underwater workhorse for National Geographic Magazine, as well as the preferred tool for many renowned underwater photographers. In 1988, Val started Amphibico, and over the next 10 years developed and manufactured several ground-breaking underwater video products including the “Amphibicam” housing for the Sony F900 HDCAM series. During this time, he also designed and introduced innovative award winning features like electronic camera controls, underwater push buttons, interchangeable optics, unique housing latches, underwater microphones & hydrophones, and foolproof underwater sealing systems. Val and his team bring more than 80 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of …

Craftsman Snowblowers: They'll Have You Wishing For Snow...

No one wants to shovel snow, especially when there's a foot or more of it. And paying others to do the job for us, over time, can cost as much as purchasing a snow thrower and doing the job easily, yourself. However, operating a snow blower is always a noisy experience for the user and everyone within your house's range. That is all changing now, with Craftsman's two new snow blower models.
(Craftsman has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment that is controlled by Sears. However, you can also find their tools in Kmart and other hardware stores. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to snow throwers, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.)

'Tis The Season For Celebrating and Gift Giving: Great Ideas For Men and Women...

If you're looking for some great ideas as gifts for men and women, Nordstrom has a great selection:

Vans Old Skool Sneakers.

Calibrate Textured Sweaters.

Tile Mate Key Chains and Tile Slim Cardholders. Neve lose your keys or wallet again!

UGG Olivert Boot for Men.

Ted Baker London Makeup Bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Heart Wristlet.

Kate Spade Cat Phone Crossbody.

Steve Madden Fuzzy Slipper.

Make + Model Pajamas.

Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace.

Gorjana Power Gemstone Beaded Bracelet. Strive For Balance; Love Without Limits.

Our Favorite Toys: The Best Toys For The Best Kids...

Toys are items that are used in play. Playing with toys gives children many valuable tools that they can use in all aspects of their life. Creativity, imagination, sharing, solving, and so much more. Toys can be comforting, amusing, and very enjoyable.

Here is a list of the toys we think your children will enjoy this year. It's a great starter list to complete those wish lists and fill their holidays with hours and hours of imaginative, innocent, play.
Fingerlings. 5 Years and Up.

Hatchimals Surprise.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Collector's Edition...A Great Superhero Collection For All Fans...

This awesome collection brings your favorite heroes and their epic new saga to life! Exploding with all the excitement, intensity, and quality fans expect from Marvel and Capcom, this Collector's Edition is destined to become the showcase of every fan's personal collection. The package includes a number of goodies, including statues and replicas, sure to delight many fans.

XBox One X: Microsoft XBox Gets Better Year After Year After Year...

We have tested every platform over the last thirty years. There's only one thing that has been consistent for us: Microsoft's Xbox, year after year. It never disappoints and always excites. We have never waivered from this amazing company that continues to improve its products year after year.

LEGO: Your Child's Creativity Deserves The Very Best..

Everyone loves LEGO products, from kids to adults. There's something about building wonderfully creative projects that makes you feel proud and accomplished. In addition to the fun and joy it brings, for young children the imaginative play is a key element in their growth and development. LEGO products stimulate the imagination and the emergence of ideas and creative expression. All LEGO products are based on this underlying philosophy of learning and development through play. LEGO is our favorite company in this category.

The LEGO group's motto is ' Only the best is good enough.' LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen (who still owns it to this day) began making wooden toys in 1932. High quality and safe products have remained the focal point for the LEGO Group throughout the years and continues to this day. LEGO products are tested rigorously to live up to the strictest safety and quality standards as well as their own expectations. This is why children and adults turn to…

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries: Save Money And Time With Batteries That You Can Use Over And Over...

Energizer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including Energizer brand battery products, Energizer MAX premium alkaline; Energizer Ultimate Lithium; Energizer Advanced Lithium; Rechargeable batteries and charging systems; and portable flashlights and lanterns.

Energizer's rechargeable batteries, the world's number one recharge brand, will be a lifesaver in your household. Think of all the money you will be saving on all of the electronics that use batteries in your home. Energizer's rechargeable batteries will be worth their price just for the savings you will benefit from on video game controllers alone. Energizer's batteries are also great for remote controls, boom boxes, cameras, toys, headphones, flashlights, and much more.

Energizer is a name you can trust.

Kelly Gerber: Gorgeous Dog Tag Jewelry...

This is our favorite jewelry this season for so many reasons. First of all, did we mention that it's gorgeous. Simple, classic, exquisite all at the same time. And, second, it's very personal and meaningful because it features pictures of people (and animals) that you love.

Since 1993, Kelly Gerber has celebrated her love of jewelry, photography and fashion. It is often said that time flies. And with it goes the most cherished experiences of our lives - the first loves, the childbirths, the weddings, romantic vacations, graduations, anniversaries...the list endless.

The truth is, life is a series of precious moments. Now you can wear them close to your heart. Forever. Kelly created the Sophie Rose collection to be just that, a timeless gift. This collection was created shortly after 9-11. They take your treasured photographs, with a magical process on either sterling silver or 14 kt gold photo dog tags you can keep loved ones & beloved pets too, close to your heart. A jewel…

No Chewing Allowed: Chocolate Truffles That Literally Melt In Your Mouth...

If you love chocolate, and you especially love truffles, look no further. These mouth-watering truffles will melt slowly in your mouth so that you can experience their yumminess for longer than the standard chew-and-swallow time it normally takes to enjoy a truffle. Take your time and let your senses enjoy these truffles for as long as you can.

They highly recommend no chewing because their truffles are uniquely defined by their taste, melting profile, and smoothness. So if you’re chewing it, you’re missing the entire, wonderful experience. Do it right!

Squeeze the truffles gently between your tongue and upper palate and they will start to melt immediately. Move it around your mouth and feel the rich flavor come alive. Enjoy the creamy feel of smoothness…Mmmm… Love them!