Saturday, April 29, 2017

Schwinn Bikes: They Provide a Fun Way for the Family to Exercise and Travel...

There's no better way to explore the scenic beauty of the outdoors than on a bicycle. Whether you're riding through local streets of big cities, laid-back beach towns, secluded forests or rural landscapes, you'll see the sights from an entirely different perspective. Get some serious exercise while you inhale the individuality of each destination you visit. You'll get a first-hand experience, taking in the sights, and fitting in like one of the locals.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bowflex's MAX Trainer M5: A Great Cardio Workout In A Lot Less Time...

Bowflex has gone all high-tech on us with the fully-featured MAX Trainer M5, their top-of-the-line MAX trainer. What a great cardio workout you'll get on this time (and joint) saver. This home gym model boasts smartphone and heart rate monitor connectivity that uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with your device. Its unique and low-impact exercise action, which gives your hip, knee, and ankle joints a break, provides more efficiency for a higher caloric burn rate over the same period of time in use. We love its 14-minute workout, a great timesaver because you're burning the same amount of calories as other exercises in less time! However, if you stay on longer, you'll burn even more calories.

Gen7 Pet Strollers and Products: Pets Should Be Pampered And Spoiled, Too!

When you purchase a Gen7Pet pet stroller, you are investing in the happiness and safety of your cherished pet. Gen7Pets doesn't mess around when it comes to your furry family members. With a ton of solid features that ensure you pet will always be safe, comfortable cushions (that are machine washable) to keep your pet comfortable, and unparalleled convenience for you (stylish products, lots of storage, easy folding, and convertible wheels you can adjust for a smoother ride), Gen7Pets delivers in every way.

Attention to the details makes all the difference and Gen7Pets products have the highest quality, most convenient features. Their Smart Features include (not every feature is on every product):

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Uncommon Goods: Wonderfully Unique Gifts For Every Member of the Family...

Uncommon Goods has been a staple in our gift guides for ten-plus years because their gifts are clever and unique. We always know we can count on them for the perfect gift. If you love the "oohs" and "ahhs" reaction from your lucky recipients, you'll be happy to know there will be plenty of those. Just about every item in their catalog is wonderful, and its loaded with hundreds of sweet surprises. Uncommon Goods offers great gifts for family, friends, teachers, stocking stuffers and grab bags.

In 1999, their founder Dave Bolotsky visited a Smithsonian Museum craft show in Washington D.C. and was captivated by the variety of unique handmade goods and the talented people behind them. He saw there was a significant public demand for beautiful design. At the same time, he realized that the artists working to make those pieces were often traveling great distances in order to sell their wares at the show. Inspired by his experience, Dave had a vision to create something that had never existed before—an online marketplace to connect makers and their creations with individuals looking for truly special goods, regardless of the physical distance between the maker and the shopper. Dave turned this idea into UncommonGoods. He continued traveling to craft fairs and trade shows, meeting artists and finding stand-out merchandise, while running the business out of his home on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Before long, the company had outgrown Dave's apartment, and moved through three successively larger offices in downtown Manhattan, eventually settling in our current location in Brooklyn, NY.

Pamper Your Vehicle Turtle Wax Products...

We all spend a large part of time in our cars and they take lots of abuse. Commuting to work, carpooling children around, bringing pets to grooming appointments. No matter what car you drive, it always feels great when you know your car is sparkling and clean. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see the gratifying results of your labor. However, cleaning and taking your car should be enjoyable, not a chore. Using Turtle Wax's products makes cleaning your car easy. Clean your car like a professional, take care of it and maintain its beauty, and it will take care of you.

For the past 70 years, Turtle Wax has been a leader in the car care industry, formulating innovative product lines to meet the ever changing needs of both car consumers and the automotive industry. With humble roots in Chicago, Ill., Turtle Wax continues to be a family-owned and operated business with sales in more than 90 countries.

We love all of their lines, and they all offer fantastic results, but these two are standouts:

Monday, April 24, 2017

Travelpro Luggage: Super Light, High Performance Luggage For All Of Your Travel Needs...

We only work with one company year after when it comes to luggage and that's Travelpro. They have a large variety of extraordinary pieces to choose from. Whether you're traveling by car, plane, bus, train or boat, Travelpro offers the best line of luggage that will take care of 100% of your needs. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on Travelpro as their luggage choice because of its durability, looks, lightweight, and quality. With so many great collections to choose from, it's all a matter of preference. You can't go wrong with any.

Travelpro was developed by a pilot and it has all of the qualities that flight crews and frequent fliers desire including amazingly durable construction, travel-tested features, premium fabrics, innovative design and high-quality materials built to go the distance.

We do have a few of our own favorites...

Max-Lite 4. Travel light with Travelpro's lightest collection ever. Amazing innovation has been thrown to this ultra-lightweight collection of 4-wheel Spinners and 2-wheel Rollaboard luggage. This beautiful 12-piece set comes with all of the features you've come to depend on and love including their patented Contour Grip on Spinners, zippered side mesh pockets, full-size lid compartment zips that open for pressed shirts, adjustable hold-down straps to keep contents snug, plus a unique expansion design and custom full-bottom tray for more stability. It looks and feels like the best luggage out there but its price will shock you.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

EGO Outdoor Tools: All You Need For Your Gardening and Landscaping Touchups...

EGO Power Tools are simply the best. There are lots of do-it-yourselfers out there nowadays and finding the right tools can be difficult. That is, until you choose EGO. Once you give their breakthrough set of outdoor tools a try, you won't look any further and you'll wonder how you ever did without them before. Don't let the simplicity of their products fool you. Their line of 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery cordless outdoor power equipment has the power and performance of gas... without the annoying noise, fuss, and weight of comparable more-expensive tools. This isn't their first shot at manufacturing amazing products though. EGO is Chervon North America's baby. Chervon is well-known for manufacturing exceptional tools for many different markets and they've been around the yard for a while.

Photography Must Have Photography Products for the Summer: Canon, Tamron, Tiffen, Domke, Davis & Sanford, and Steadicam...

With all of the technologically-advanced cell phones out there nowadays and their built-in cameras, the real art of photography seems to be getting lost. For those of us who love photography and everything about it, there’s so much more than clicking a photo on your phone. For this reason, the products that we are crazy about and want to inform you about are the Canon EOS cameras, Tamron's All-In-One lenses, Tiffen's filters, Domke's bags, Steadicam, and Davis & Sanford Tripods. Nothing else compares at their price ranges and for their superior quality and features.

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries: Save Time and Money with Energizer...

Energizer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including Energizer brand battery products, Energizer MAX premium alkaline; Energizer Ultimate Lithium; Energizer Advanced Lithium; Rechargeable batteries and charging systems; and portable flashlights and lanterns.

Energizer's rechargeable batteries, the world's number one recharge brand, will be a lifesaver in your household. Think of all the money you will be saving on all of the electronics that use batteries in your home. Energizer's rechargeable batteries will be worth their price just for the savings you will benefit from on video game controllers alone. Energizer's batteries are also great for remote controls, boom boxes, cameras, toys, headphones, flashlights, and much more.

Energizer is a name you can trust.