Friday, July 25, 2014

Cuisinart... A Cook/Baker's Best Assistant.

We have loved Cuisinart products for dozens of years. They are our kitchen companions, always ready to be of service and lend a helping hand. We are all aware that they are known for their food processors…the best on the planet, in every size for every budget and every use. There is no second choice. However, they also manufacture many small kitchen appliances including toaster ovens, microwaves, blenders, juicers and their awesome specialty appliances include beverage makers, pressure cookers, coffee makers, bread makers, steamers and fondue sets. Their baking sheets and baking pans are fabulous and last for years. They always have something fun, new and innovative to help us out in the kitchen. They save us time, so we can have more quality time with our families, especially during the holidays when we are constantly in the kitchen. It’s hard to imagine a life of cooking and baking without Cuisinart. Here are some of our favorites…

Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor… Loaded with 100- watts of extreme power, this food processor, with its nested bowl design (14 cup, 11 cup and 4 ½ cup) screams productivity. The unit includes a reversible shredding disc, adjustable slicing disc, double blade, chopping/mixing blade and last, but not least, the SealTight lid that allows you to reach maximum potential without spills while providing protection. Extraordinary features include a simple on/off locking system, wide-mouth tube for easy loading of food into the bowl, blue LED indicator lights, retractable cord and dishwasher safe parts for easy cleanup. The possibilities are endless.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canon's EOS 7D Camera and Tamron's All-In-One Lens: The Perfect Duo...

With all of the technologically-advanced cell phones out there nowadays and their built-in cameras, the real art of photography seems to be getting lost. For those of us who love photography and everything about it, there’s so much more than clicking a photo on your phone. For this reason, the pair of products that we are crazy about and want to inform you about are the Canon EOS cameras and Tamron All-In-One lenses. Nothing else compares at their price ranges and for their superior quality and features.

UGG Sandals... Yes, They Design Sandals Too!

We've been a fan of UGG boots before they even became a household name. Finding them at a trade show in the early 80s, and living in California, we knew immediately they were something special. However, we never expected them to explode the way they have. We should have known better because they are extremely warm. super comfortable, and casually chic.
UGG boots have come a long way. One young Australian surfer, and his love of sheepskin, kicked off the brand in 1978 for surfers. Fast forward to today... they are a fashion statement, whether it's high fashion or casual wear. They are seen on the feet of people around the world, of all ages, races, and sexes. Just take a look around and you'll see UGG after UGG after UGG. And not just their sheepskin boots... stunning all-leather boots, sandals, moccasins, dress shoes, and slippers. Today can have the best of both worlds... gorgeous Italian shoemaking combined with the luxurious feel of sheepskin. But wait, there's more. Handbags, blankets, and many beautiful accessories are also part of the UGG lineup.