Friday, September 27, 2019

Crane Diffusers and Heaters: Diffusers Enhance Your Moods In Many Different Ways, Naturally and Effectively, And Heaters Will Keep You Warm During Cold Winter Months...

WellnessCrane's products solve problems. They help us live better lives. At Crane, they put “Design for Better Living” into everything they do. They started with a few designs in 2005 and continued to grow each year, working towards solving your indoor needs. Their products are designed with efficiency, function and style in mind. They love to be creative with designs and we know their products will bring comfort and smiles to your home!

PETSCrane humidifiers help to add humidity to any room in your home and will help relieve congestion to keep your family healthy. Crane heaters can make any room warm and cozy with their space heaters by your side. Crane air purifiers help to eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke, leaving germ free air in your home. And Crane fans give you the perfect breeze and also let you direct fresh air into any room you need, whenever you need it.

Here are some of the problems that Crane's products solve every day, and they help to make our days better, and healthier, and keep our living space more comfortable.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Resqme: They Put Lifesaving Tools In Your Own Hands...

Laurent Colasses came out with the LifeHammer in the late nineties. He then wanted to manufacture an accessible and compact car escape tool to protect against vehicular entrapment situations. Introducing resqme.

This handy essential tool, resqme, became available to the public emergency fields in 2002, and then gradually expanded to the corporate and consumer worlds. With the resqme tool drivers can be confident that they will be able to cut through seat belts and break car windows in various auto accident situations. (According to the Bureau of Transportation there are an estimated 500 deaths every year in the U.S. due to vehicle entrapment). The resqme is the most convenient safety option in vehicles worldwide. Today over 4 million drivers are driving with more peace of mind. Proudly made in the United States, the award-winning resqme tool is now offering peace of mind to drivers all over the globe.

My Color Me Coloring Book: Turn Your Family Photos Into Wonderful Coloring Books...

Note: The Deadline for Ordering for Holiday Gifts is December 10th.

This is one of the most unique and personal gifts we've seen this season. Whether it's for adults for children, this coloring book will be a treasure. You can choose anywhere from five to ten of your favorite photos and have them turned into a wonderful, personalized coloring book.

 Coloring books are a form of meditation and art therapy. Coloring familiar pictures of people and places you love just adds to the benefits. You can use colored pencils, crayons, markers or pens to color in your book.

Color Me Books are great for gifts, events, weddings, parties, and more. You can add a custom cover for extra personalization. Just upload your photos and send it in.

Amazon Alexa: WE LOVE HER And All Of The New Products To Use With Her!

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available on devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With Alexa, natural voice experiences offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. Alexa is now even smarter with new features that help to make every day life more convenient, safe, and entertaining. And their product resume keeps getting larger and larger. There's no stopping Alexa now!
Alexa now knows how to do millions of things, including new capabilities across Routines, Music, Smart Home, Home Monitoring, Alexa Calling, Amazon FreeTime on Alexa and more. Alongside a fantastic lineup of Echo devices, new Alexa features and capabilities include entertainment features like left-right stereo pairing, TIDAL, and Amazon Music New Release Notifications; productivity features like email management, step-by-step cooking, and location-based Routines; smart home and home monitoring features like Alexa Guard, Hunches, and Local Voice Control; and FreeTime on Alexa features like kid-focused Routines, podcasts, new skills, and more.

Melissa & Doug: Imagination Has Endless Possibilities With Their Awesome Line Of Toys...

Support your child's development and ignite their imagination through the power of imagination with Melissa & Doug's awesome line of active play products, arts and crafts, developmental toys, games, magic, pretend play, puppets, stuffed animals, vehicles and more.

We need to go back to years ago when simple toys were all the rage. There was a time not so long ago when childhood offered the space and freedom for children to explore their world. To be curious. To be creative. To be bold. To be bored. To just . . . be. Today, our overscheduled and overstimulated children are using their imaginations less than ever. It’s a crisis in the making. And it’s why Melissa & Doug is committed to making products that inspire open-ended thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities. It’s part of their bigger vision to Take Back Childhood. Because by giving children a true childhood, we give them a path to realizing their full potential!

Tipsy Elves: Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Not Really So Ugly But Cute...

Tipsy Elves' awesome sweaters will be the laugh of the party. Their hilarious Ugly Christmas sweaters are perfect for any holiday party, family gathering, holiday pub crawls with friends, or just a casual night out. They're fun, whimsical and extremely clever, and they're also so comfortable and warm. We love, and get, all of their jokes, which are all based on graphics alone. Also, the quality of each sweater is excellent... 100% acrylic with double-panel construction with reinforced seams.  They last for many years and through many holidays with no stretching, fading, shrinking, or itching.

What we love most about this wonderful company is their dedication to supporting many different charities. Way to go Tipsy Elves! Now that's the holiday spirit.

Here are some of our favorites:

Saturday, September 21, 2019

TRX Home2 System: Have A Great, Complete Workout In The Privacy Of Your Own Home...

This system will help just about anyone get into shape with minimal equipment, time, or expense. Born in the Navy Seals and since adopted by premier athletes across the globe, TRX is scientifically proven to improve total-body strength, stability, and even cardiovascular health. Since day one, TRX has empowered people of all kinds to be their best selves, never limited by constraints of time, place, or physical ability.

Randy Hetrick became famous for TRX, his suspension training equipment, which was originally sold to gyms and trainers. He started selling it on Amazon in 2008 and he has the one and only TRX training equipment that you will ever need -- there is no better. When you're looking for a great workout, TRX is your best bet.

Personalize your training. Using their newest TRX Suspension Trainer, your own body weight, and their personalized training app, TRX is ready to stay with you every step of the way. Choose from a wide variety of workouts from world-class coaches and get the results you want. Workout anywhere -- home or outdoors -- with their awesome systems.

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland: Brighten Up Your Home For The Holidays...

Bronner's is a Christmas wonderland with the most extensive and beautiful decorations you can find to light up your holidays. They are, in fact, the largest Christmas Store in the world. Bronner's retail store is in Michigan, so if you're lucky enough to live near there, you will be mesmerized by their conglomerate of decorations. The time and dedication that they have taken to create such a masterpiece of a store is clearly obvious.

Faber Castell: For The Child And Artist In All Of Us...

Whether you are looking for professional products for your business or fun products to use at home, Faber-Castell has you, and your drawing board, covered. They manufacture high quality, professional art supplies for all levels. Honestly, once you use their products, you’ll know why! You will become spoiled with the quality of their amazing felt tip pens, colored pencils and gels. There are hundreds of fantastic products in their line so that you can use your artistic skills to create masterpieces...even if they're just for your own family to enjoy!

Faber-Castell was established in 1761 by the cabinet maker Kaspar Faber and it's one of the oldest industrial companies in the world. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-cased pencils with a varied range of products for writing, drawing and creative design, as well as decorative cosmetics. Faber-Castell is renowned for its high quality, innovative products, commitment to tradition, and environmental awareness.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Kelly Gerber: Gorgeous, Specialized (And Special) Dog Tag Jewelry That Make The Best Gifts......

This is our favorite jewelry this season for so many reasons. First of all, did we mention that it's gorgeous. Simple, classic, exquisite all at the same time. And, second, it's very personal and meaningful because it features pictures of people (and animals) that you love.

Since 1993, Kelly Gerber has celebrated her love of jewelry, photography and fashion. It is often said that time flies. And with it goes the most cherished experiences of our lives - the first loves, the childbirths, the weddings, romantic vacations, graduations, anniversaries...the list endless.

The truth is, life is a series of precious moments. Now you can wear them close to your heart. Forever. Kelly created the Sophie Rose collection to be just that, a timeless gift. This collection was created shortly after 9-11. They take your treasured photographs, with a magical process on either sterling silver or 14 kt gold photo dog tags you can keep loved ones & beloved pets too, close to your heart. A jewelry keepsake done in the highest fashion to be worn with jeans or evening clothes. Her clients tend to be real jewelry lovers, claiming their favorite piece of all (including the big baubles which Kelly does as well) is their personalized charm necklace. These designer dog tag necklaces are for the luxury jewelry wearer as well as the low key jewelry lover.

Kelly's collection is filled with love and sentimentality. She is one of the original private jewelers. Her success can be attributed to her great sense of style and eye for trends as well as timeless classics. A veteran shopper, stylist and jewelry advisor, Kelly combines her talent and expertise to her clients with the full perspective on what's missing in their jewelry wardrobe. We love every one of her pieces.

Kelly can help you find exactly what you need to complete your look. Choose a gift or redesign an old piece into something fabulous.

Kelly's jewelry has been seen on many celebrity moms, such as daughter in law Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Julianne Moore, Heather Locklear & Faith Hill. Kelly's collection and her vision continue to grow.

Sophie Rose and Kelly Gerber Collection are also available by private appointment or trunk shows.

Reach out to Kelly for private appointments to Renew & Redo. Breathe new life in to old memorable jewelry and create new beautiful modern pieces

Kelly resides in New York City with her daughter, Sophie and their sweet dog, a Havenese named Cookie Jar.

We will forever be a fan.

Anastasia: Some Of The Best Eyebrow Kits, Contour Kits, and Lipsticks For Great Looks...

Global cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills was founded in 1997 by Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare. Rooted in the science of sacred geometry, the company formulates, manufactures, and markets prestige cosmetics for a passionately informed “prosumer” audience. Dubbed the “people’s make-up brand,” ABH has cultivated an industry-unique relationship with its core customer, focused on product education and responsiveness in delivering the “ultimate polished look” for which the brand is known.

ABH Founder and CEO Anastasia Soare was first to introduce “brow-shaping” to salons in the US based on her patented “Golden Ratio” method. She is widely credited for fueling the multimillion-dollar business that now surrounds the category. Popularized through Soare’s customer relationships with many of the world’s most recognizable faces—Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, and Penelope Cruz, to name a few—the “brow revolution” she ignited has become a landmark contribution to beauty history.

ABH’s trailblazing legacy continues with expansion beyond brow products and services. In 2014, the company broke from tradition to debut its new category of professional make-up direct-to-consumer in a “promote to inspire” social media campaign, cultivating a staggeringly successful relationship with influencers in the digital sphere. ABH has since received industry-wide recognition for digital innovation and numerous accolades for cutting-edge product trends such as the category first Contour Palette and cult classic Liquid Lipstick.

ABH cosmetics are available at, Sephora, Macy’s, ULTA, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and select retailers in over 25 countries including Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and France. ABH is committed to the highest standards in product testing, formulation, new product development, and meeting the demands of its uniquely engaged customer.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Field Of Terror: Our Favorite New Jersey Halloween Trails Year After Year...

Who doesn't love a good scare around the Halloween holiday? Kids and adults alike are always looking for fun with hair-raising attractions to get their screams out at. Field of Terror is where you want to go. Each year we look forward to Halloween traditions and Field of Terror is always one of those traditions. From set designs, actors, entertainment, and food, it lives up to our very high expectations years after year...

Field of Terror... (

This is amazing. At Field of Terror, there are awesome attractions: a 6-acre walk through a haunted corn field, the Field of Terror Killer Kornfield; the Unknown Haunted Barn; the Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride; and House of Insanity. All are great and here are more details:

The Circus of Terror - Paintball Wagon Hunt... This is an attraction where you can shoot zombies with paintballs! Hop on the wagon and get ready to aim and fire at zombies who pop up at all the wrong times. This is so much fun and it's very interactive. Just remember to always keep your eyes open and paintballs loaded and ready to go at all times because you never know who is lurking around each and every corner.

Escalade Sports: Products For Sports Enthusiasts Of All Ages...

When you want to purchase sporting goods games and equipment, we suggest that you go directly to Escalade Sports first. They are a global leader, manufacturer, and distributor of sports, indoor and outdoor recreational equipment. Escalade Sports has 46 brands across multiple product lines including: Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge archery accessories; STIGA and Ping-Pong table tennis; Accudart and Unicorn darting; Onix Sports and Pickleball; Goalrilla, Goalsetter, Goaliath and Silverback residential in-ground basketball systems; Lifeline Fitness Athletic Equipment; Triumph lawn and tailgating games; the STEP fitness products; Woodplay and Childlife premium playsets; and Cue and Case Sales – a leader in specialty billiard accessories. Escalade Sports products are available at sporting goods dealers and independent retailers nationwide.

Love That Accessory Blouse Button: One Tiny Product, One Huge Problem Solver...

One tiny, little accessory can do so much to make your day. Love That Accessory's Blouse Button is one of those products. Did you ever put on a blouse that hung just a little too low and you wished you could pull it up just a drop to cover your cleavage. Or have you gone shopping and found the perfect blouse that was a little too revealing, or a wrap sweater or cardigan that was awesome except that it had no buttons and you wanted it close? Do you need something to keep your scarf or shawl in place? These adorable Blouse Buttons will fix all of these minor problems, while adding a bling to your outfit.

Blouse Buttons are pretty but they're also functional and serve a purpose. They are gem-like pins that can be used in so many ways. Each button is handmade with a Swarovski crystal or peal cabochon while a steel butterfly clutch fastener is attached. Just pierce the pin through your clothing and voila... you're good to go. There are different variations of sets available and for their minimal price, you'll probably want one of each. Choose from Black, Crystal, Pearl, This is one product we can truly say every woman will want for her wardrobe.

EGO Cordless Power Tools: Look No Further For The Best Outdoor Tools...

EGO is the #1 rated cordless platform and it's not hard to see why. They deliver Power Beyond Belief. Every EGO POWER+ product features their industry-leading and patented ARC Lithium battery technology, which delivers relentless power, superior performance, and longer run times, with the power of a gas-powered product. Gas power without the noise, fuss, and fumes. And any EGO battery works with every EGO tool. EGO Power Tools are simply the best.

There are lots of do-it-yourselfers out there nowadays and finding the right tools can be difficult. That is, until you choose EGO. Once you give their breakthrough set of outdoor tools a try, you won't look any further and you'll wonder how you ever did without them before. Don't let the simplicity of their products fool you. Their line of industry-leading 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery cordless outdoor power equipment has the power and performance of gas... without the annoying noise, fuss, and weight of comparable more-expensive tools. This isn't their first shot at manufacturing amazing products though. EGO is Chervon North America's baby. Chervon is well-known for manufacturing exceptional tools for many different markets and they've been around the yard for a while.

CRAFTSMAN Tool Boxes: Heavy Duty Storage For At Home Or Small Businesses...

CRAFTSMAN has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand because they have stood the test of time. They are an authentic American icon and have been the brand homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts, and master mechanics trust. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to tool boxes, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, snowblowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.) They still continue their legacy and they are delivering products like never before. They revived their long-established pride in superior quality with re-engineered products, bringing back their historically reliable, high-performance tools. And, it’s now easier than at any time in their 90-year history for you to get the tools trusted for generations.

Joovy Zoom360 Jogging Stroller: Enjoy Your Run While Your Baby Enjoys The Sights...

This is the best jogging stroller we've seen... for its looks, quality, and features! The Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is simple yet strong, with excellent performance. Stylish as it is practical, the Zoom360 Ultralight will make jogging with your child an enjoyable activity.
At 26.25 lbs, the Zoom360 is one of the smoothest yet solid jogging strollers around. The large 16" pneumatic rear wheels can easily glide over uneven terrain and the suspension will minimize bumps in the road. The pneumatic front wheel can be unlocked to swivel, allowing for maximum maneuverability. It can also be locked for great stability for walking or running on straight, long paths.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Bylt Basic Clothing: Everyday Essentials In Great Colors and Styles...

We love their shirts. Bylt shirts provide the perfect fit and have a clean-cut, updated look. The folks at Bylt were tired of cheap throw-away basics. After one or two washes, the quality and fit just weren't the same, so they wanted to do something about it. The BYLT team found a way to create high-end premium basics at an affordable price, and ship them directly to your door. By skipping high-cost retailers, BYLT Basics can invest in high quality without the price tag. Working directly with their manufacturing partners allows them to spin and weave completely unique fabrics. You'll wear them every day just because they are so incredibly comfortable, they look great, even after dozens and dozens of washings, and the huge selections of colors are so versatile.

Bomba's Socks: The Most Comfortable Socks With A Huge Heart...

Bombas was founded on the philosophy of donating socks to those in need, but has evolved to go deeper into the community. The more clothing items they sell, the more we donate. As they grow, their giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside them. One purchased = one donated. That's what they do... every day. Working closely with their giving partners, we donate clothing that meets the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of putting on clean clothes every day. This fact is the driving force behind Bombas. We exist to help support the homeless community, and to bring awareness to an under-publicized problem in the United States.

GoBone: The World's First Smart Bone Will Provide A Whole New World Of Play For Both You And Your Best Friend...

The GoBone is an interactive bone that keeps dogs active with automatic, all-day entertainment while their owner is unavailable. However, it can also be used as an app-controlled gaming device for owners to play with their dogs in a fun, unique way when they are together.

“As a dog owner and animal shelter volunteer, I know how much being bored and lonely can stress a dog,” says Santiago Gutierrez, CEO and founder. “When I created the GoBone, my original goal was to keep my dog Rufus entertained while he was home alone. But then I realized the GoBone could also be used to improve the bond between owners and their pets through interactive games they can play together. When we tested the GoBone initially, we did so with shelter dogs of all sizes. I saw the impact it made so donating to a local Dallas shelter just made sense as a great way to give back”

GoBone is partnering with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center to donate more than $1,000 worth of GoBones to the shelter. The GoBones will help mentally stimulate the dogs and engage them in their kennels. The GoBones will also help engage volunteers under the age of 18 who are not allowed to physically interact with animals. With the GoBone App, they will be able to play with the dogs by controlling the GoBone and playing games with them from outside the kennels.

"As the Dallas Animal Advisor Commissioner (District 1), I've been involved with several recently-adopted dogs from local animal shelters that were very reclusive and withdrawn,” said Chris Watts. “The GoBone provides mental and physical stimulation that brings out their personalities. Since interacting with the GoBone, they've become entirely different dogs.“

Using patent-pending algorithms, the GoBone automatically adjusts its behavior based on the dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to engage them longer and more often than other toys. For example, the GoBone moves quickly and takes sharp turns for an Aussie puppy. It slows down and takes easy turns for an older bulldog. Owners can set the GoBone on auto mode or they can schedule playtime via the GoBone App. When together, owners can choose to control the GoBone via the app, giving them more ways to interact with their dog.

“The GoBone is effective for playing with and exercising animals,” said Laura Young, Dallas Dog Behaviorist and AKC certified evaluator. “ As a dog behaviorist and trainer, I also see it as an innovative training and assessment tool. The GoBone lets me observe a dog’s natural style of play and drive, which helps me custom-tailor my training techniques to the individual dog’s personality.”

Schedule automatic playtime for up to eight hours. Record your dog’s adventures and share with friends directly from the GoBone App. The ultra- durable exterior is replaceable so owners don’t need to buy a whole new GoBone if by chance it gets damaged. It is lightweight so pups can easily carry it around inside or outside. Owners can also customize colors and attachments as they’re introduced. The GoBone’s rechargeable battery lasts eight hours in autonomous mode and 30 minutes in freestyle (manual) mode. As many dogs may not have encountered an automated toy, the creators at GoBone have developed an introduction process to ensure even the most timid dogs gradually fall in love with the GoBone.

The GoBone was designed with safety and durability in mind. All parts that come in contact with dogs are made from FDA food-grade, eco-friendly materials. Multiple hardware and software safeties are in place to keep dogs safe. The GoBone has been tested for over 1,000 hours with more than 120 dogs in homes and shelters, where it has already demonstrated its positive influence on many dogs. For shelter dogs in particular, the GoBone has helped them become more active in their pens, showing potential adopting families the dog’s true self. The PulsePet team believes so strongly in the benefit shown to shelter dogs, that in addition to providing GoBones to a local Dallas shelter, PulsePet offers two Kickstarter pledge options that allow consumers to donate a GoBone to the shelter of choice to help as many dogs as possible.

Gen7 Pet Strollers, Bowser Pet Beds And Dishes And Intex Corp Splash Pools: Pamper Your Dog And Let Him/Her Relax On The Go Or At Home...

Gen7 Pet Strollers.

Take your furry friend on a lovely stroll. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these strollers! When you purchase a Gen7 Pet pet stroller, you are investing in the happiness and safety of your cherished pet. Gen7 Pets doesn't mess around when it comes to your furry family members. With a ton of solid features that ensure your pet will always be safe, comfortable cushions (that are machine washable) to keep your pet comfortable, and unparalleled convenience for you (stylish products, lots of storage, easy folding, and convertible wheels you can adjust for a smoother ride), Gen7 Pets delivers in every way. Attention to the details makes all the difference and Gen7 Pets products have the highest quality, most convenient features. Their Smart Features include (not every feature is on every product):