Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Craftsman's Snowblower: They'll Have You Hoping For Snow...

No one wants to shovel snow, especially when there's a foot or more of it. And paying others to do the job for us, over time, can cost as much as purchasing a snow thrower and doing the job easily, yourself. However, operating a snow blower is always a noisy experience for the user and everyone within your house's range. That is all changing now, with Craftsman's two new snow blower models.

(Craftsman has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment that is controlled by Sears. However, you can also find their tools in Kmart and other hardware stores. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to snow throwers, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Color Me Book: What's Better Than Coloring Your Treasured Pictures That Have Been Transformed Into A Coloring Book...

Note: The Deadline for Ordering for Holiday Gifts is December 10th.

This is one of the most unique and personal gifts we've seen this season. Whether it's for adults for children, this coloring book will be a treasure. You can choose anywhere from five to ten of your favorite photos and have them turned into a wonderful, personalized coloring book.

 Coloring books are a form of meditation and art therapy. Coloring familiar pictures of people and places you love just adds to the benefits. You can use colored pencils, crayons, markers or pens to color in your book.

Color Me Books are great for gifts, events, weddings, parties, and more. You can add a custom cover for extra personalization. Just upload your photos and send it in.

Monday, October 29, 2018

McCarter's Theater's A Christmas Carol: A Must-Do Family Tradition...

The newest production of the wonderful holiday classic has only been at McCarter Theater for a new years and it's fantastic. A Christmas Carol brings more magic and merriment than ever before! Each year McCarter is proud to present a reimagined production of Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol. Follow Ebenezer Scrooge on a magical journey through Christmas past, present, and future and watch as their McCarter artists—joined by ensemble members from the greater Princeton community—bring this story to life all around you. This exciting production will usher you into the spirit of the season with all the joy, wonder, and generosity that Scrooge himself discovers. Share the happiness of Dickens’ perennial masterpiece and join them in celebrating this McCarter tradition with your friends and entire family!

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland: Brighten Up Your Home And Holidays With Bronner's...

Bronner's is a Christmas wonderland with the most extensive and beautiful decorations you can find to light up your holidays. They are, in fact, the largest Christmas Store in the world. Bronner's retail store is in Michigan, so if you're lucky enough to live near there, you will be mesmerized by their conglomerate of decorations. The time and dedication that they have taken to create such a masterpiece of a store is clearly obvious.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Liberty Skis Plus Bindings And Tecnica Boots: The Only Way You'll Want To Ski...

In simpler terms, Liberty Skis are the most gorgeous, best performing, and best quality skis we've seen in decades. Forget about those boring graphics you've seen from almost every other ski manufacturer. Liberty Skis are decorated with fresh, cool, and beautiful designs. They make a grand statement and will certainly catch the attention of many jealous skiers while you're waiting for your lift. We've looked high and low, and we finally found exactly what we were searching for (company and skis). As far as the company goes, you can't find a better group of people who are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. We love everything about Liberty Skis. You will, too.

Liberty makes high performance skis rooted in functional innovation and respect for the environment. Every material they use, design, and produce is done with the ultimate goal of elevating your experience on skis. Liberty skis perform so well because they are designed and built without regard to marketing hype or the latest trend. They test all our designs and materials themselves to see if they improve the way their skis ride in a variety of conditions. If they do not improve the ski experience, then they don’t go in their skis. A great example of functional innovation is their exclusive use of bamboo laminate cores in their skis. Liberty was the first and remains the ONLY ski company to use bamboo in all of their skis. Bamboo is strong, light, eco friendly, and gives skis a unique stability and liveliness not found with any other material. Bamboo helps you ski better. Combining unique designs and the best materials available, they hand build skis to exacting standards, allowing Liberty to offer the best warranty in the industry at 3 years. They hand select bamboo from southern China, edges from Germany, bases from France, adhesives from the US, high tech composites from Germany, topsheets from Austria and plastics from Japan to create the most fun and versatile skis available.

Beaver Creek, Colorado: Fantasyland In Snow...

We have always spent winter vacations (skiing, snowboarding, tubing) on the East Coast. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. They were all fabulous in their own ways. We kept hearing about Colorado and how incredible the skiing was there. Deciding where to spend your cherished winter vacation week each year is an important decision so, after doing lots of research and asking lots of questions, the Beaver Creek seemed to hit the nail on the head for our taste. Nothing prepared us for the stunning and mindblowing scenery that we were about to embark on. From the drive out of Denver through spectacular mountains to our destination, Beaver Creek, our eyes never left the windows because there was always something beautiful to look at. It was everything we had hoped it would be and so much more. It's going to be pretty difficult to go back to the tiny ski resorts and short runs on the East Coast, that's for sure!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Platinum Health Weighted Blankets: Eliminate Insomnia And Enjoy The Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have, Every Night...

If you, or anyone your know, has a problem falling asleep at night, look no further for a remedy that doesn't involve medications and is 100% safe!

The benefits of weighted blankets are huge, including the reduction of insomnia, anxiety, agitation, stress, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, side effects of menopause that affect sleeping, and increasing calmness and relaxation. Adults, teens, and children can all benefit from using a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are powerful tools that will provide immediate benefits. The blankets work by providing input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body. This pressure provides the same benefit as swaddling a newborn (hugging you to make you feel secure and protected). Deep pressure touch helps the body relax. Like a firm hug, weighted blankets help us feel secure, grounded, and safe. You can use these blankets for your entire body or just legs or shoulders depending on your needs. 

Deluxe Calmforter Weighted Blanket. Platinum Health's weighted blanket is one of the best we've seen. Their premium weighted blanket comes in the perfect size and weight for adults and children.  Platinum Health is the manufacturer we have chosen for many reasons. First of all, their industry exclusive Evenflow Technology provides the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Enjoy quiet, even pressure reminiscent of a full body hug thanks to the Calmforters ingenious CloudSoft Polyfill and Stardust Microbead weighting system. The beads are 100% glass and 100% safe. They provide high density for weight without the bulk and a tiny diameter for smooth comfort, which also makes them quiet as they move to cradle your body. There are lots of other reasons for choosing Platinum Health. Their ultra-luxurious Minky fabric cover has an outer cover that is smooth as silk while the opposite side features their unique SensaDot texture pattern for finger and hands that like to fidget. It has a non-therapeutic appearance with no lumps, discrete stitching, and a smooth, high-end look. Its two-part construction makes for easy washing and long life -- just zip the cover off and throw it in the washer. The 60"x80" size is perfect for adults who want a full size blanket or for kids because they can leave what they don't need on the end of the bed or floor -- it will last for many years. The select-a-weight versatility is a huge bonus. Studies show that most users prefer a 12lb blanket, so that's exactly how they built the Calmforter. Want a lighter blanket? No problem. Use half the blanket for a 6 lb. weight and three-quarters of the blanket for a 9 lb. weight. Need more than 12 lbs.? The Calmforter can accommodate that as well. Simply double up the blanket for twice the overall pressure. Only the Calmforter delivers this level of versatility and convenience.

Additional disorders that can benefit from the use of weighted blankets can include: Sleep Disorders (increased Serotonin levels in the brain and increased Melatonin levels); (Insomnia); ADD/ADHD; Asperger's; Autism; Restless Leg Syndrome; Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, to name a handful.

This is one product that will help your entire family. Have A Good Night!

Monday, October 15, 2018

DHP Upholstered Bed Frames and Mattresses: High-End Quality With Crazy Reasonable Pricing

Dorel Home Products is a division of Dorel Industries Inc., a manufacturer of amazingly-low-priced, great quality furniture that is fashionable, versatile and functional. Who needs to pay crazy high prices for mattresses and beds when you can get comparable quality from DHP. Their pieces are as wonderful as all of the bigger players in this arena but for a fraction of the price. There is no other choice when it comes to mattresses and bed frames if you want the most bang for your buck, and the best night's sleep you will ever have, every day! You won't have trouble choosing from their very extensive line, with price points for every budget!

DHP began as a leading manufacturer and importer in the futon industry. In more recent years, DHP has expanded its product offering to include metal beds and bunk beds, upholstered beds and mattresses. DHP has been able to satisfy consumers by combining functional benefits such as price, mass production, on-time delivery and excellent customer service with comfort, style and innovation.

They believe in developing and nurturing strong relationships with both their customers and and their suppliers, listening to what customers want and need, as well as continuously improving quality, value, and on-time delivery. They also recognize the importance of social responsibility and environmental sustainability and continually adopt practices and processes that contribute to the protection of the earth’s environment.

Vertex Snow Shovels: Backsavers That Will Help You Shovel Snow Easier...

Since 1997, Vertex has been designing and manufacturing high quality consumer products for the yard, garden and beyond. They offer original ideas to enhance your hobbies and passions while helping you work smarter and with greater ease. Their core purpose is developing products to help bring your lifestyle to life.

Vertex is committed to American-made quality and innovation. Nearly their entire product line is designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped by American workers. They hope you consider this dedication when making buying decisions and appreciate your support. After all, it's your expectations that they are striving to exceed everyday.

From their flagship garden and snow tools, to their cutting edge garage storage solutions, they sincerely appreciate the opportunity to play a part in building the life you envision.

Six Pack Bags: Innovative Travel Gear And Travel Bags For The Elite Athlete...


For anyone committed to nutrition and fitness, we highly recommend this company and their perfect products for you, 6-Pack bags. Travel effortlessly without any interruptions.

6-Pack's manufactures duffle bags, briefcases, backpacks, and meal management bags for men and women. Their mission was to create innovative travel gear, bags and luggage for the elite athlete and fitness enthusiast. Each one of their bags was meticulously designed, keeping all of your needs on the top of their list. There wasn't a thing they didn't think of, and utilizing their bags makes working out on the go not only simple and manageable, but it actually makes it fun.

When you're preparing for your day, and your fitness schedule, what kinds of things do you need to take along? Clothing, drinks, meals, accessories, and supplements are part of the long list. 6-Packs gear bags are loaded with pockets to organize all of those items for you so that they're easy to find and access. No more wasted time trying to find your plastic bag of vitamins, or your workout gloves. Each item has its own dedicated spot.

Generac's Power/Pressure Washer and Generator: The Powerhouse Duo You Need For Your Home...

Generac's products allow you to protect and prolong the life of your home by offering the highest quality, yet highly affordable, pressure washers and home or small business generators. Since 1959 they have committed themselves to promoting environmentally responsible products that will last and work perfectly, every time. Generac was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators. They manufacture a wide range of power products including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators. They are also the leading designer and manufacturer of transfer switches. They have also become a pioneer in the residential power washer category, with a full line of innovative, industry-leading power washers suitable for almost any application, including the toughest commercial and industrial environments. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller: Enjoy Your Morning Run While Your Baby Gets To Enjoy The Sights...

The fall is one of the best times to go jogging. The air is cool, brisk and feels so clean. Throw on a light jacket and get going. Now there's no need to fret about finding someone to watch the baby while you enjoy your run... take the baby with you! This is the best jogging stroller we've seen... for its looks, quality, and features! The Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is simple yet strong, with excellent performance. Stylish as it is practical, the Zoom360 Ultralight will make jogging with your child an enjoyable activity.
At 26.25 lbs, the Zoom360 is one of the smoothest yet solid jogging strollers around. The large 16" pneumatic rear wheels can easily glide over uneven terrain and the suspension will minimize bumps in the road. The pneumatic front wheel can be unlocked to swivel, allowing for maximum maneuverability. It can also be locked for great stability for walking or running on straight, long paths.

Coleman Outdoor Products: You'll Find Them Useful For Much More Than Outdoor Camping...

When you think of Coleman you automatically think of camping. However, we want to let you know that Coleman products are useful in many more situations other than camping. They're great for all kinds of outdoor fun.

W.C. Coleman was taking a stroll after a hard day’s work selling typewriters, and spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window in Brockton, Alabama. This new light burned with a strong, steady white flame and was fueled by gasoline. The standard lamp of the era burned kerosene and produced a smoky, flickering, yellowish light. W.C. was stricken with very poor eyesight, and was very interested in this new, steady white light that enabled him to read even the smallest print in books and on medicine bottles. Coleman saw potential in the new light, and through his vision a new company was born that would put America’s farms and ranches in a new light, and would eventually make his name synonymous with outdoor fun.

LG OLED 65" E8PUA Television Series: It Doesn't Get ANY Better Than This...

OLED televisions deliver superior picture quality while also being energy efficient. When viewing an OLED TV, many of your senses will be stimulated while viewing movies and shows on this truly spectacular television. Better resolution, bigger size, more features. That's what we want in a television. They are the integral piece of your home theater system and something that you don't want to skimp on. There are so many models out there and it's difficult choosing one that will best fit your home theater needs but we found one 4K model that is just so much better than anything else out there with its excellent features and crisp, gorgeous, true-to-life pictures, incredible sound, and beautiful aesthetics. We are confident with our choice. It's the best of all... bar none.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Oneida's Silverware and Urban Dinnerware: The Perfect Table Setting Duo...

Oneida Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel and silver plated flatware for both consumer and food service industries. They also have gorgeous dinnerware, serveware, cookware, bakewear, knife sets and food storage products. Oneida originated in the mid-nineteenth century and has since grown into one of the most recognized brands in the world. Driven by devotion to design, Oneida prides itself on the finest quality products for its modern, decorative and classic tableware collections.

The Script 45 Piece Service for 8 Flatware Set is quality silverware that brings easy and affordable elegance to your table. Unique mirror and sandblasted finish create a beautiful designed accent for your table. This complete Oneida silverware set includes the essentials every hostess needs for well-furnished entertaining. Dishwasher Safe. The set includes 8 (eight) 5-piece setting (dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, dinner spoon, teaspoon) plus 2 serving spoons, serving fork, sugar spoon and butter knife. It's made of quality 18/0 stainless steel with a mirror and sandblasted finish. Gorgeous!!!

Little Wonder's C5 Leaf Blower: It Will Effortlessly Blow Away Anything In Your Way...

Little Wonder is one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the landscaping industry. Born in the United Kingdom in 1922, the product name of the world’s first hedge trimmer, the “Little Wonder” Trimmer was created to be a hand-cranked hedge trimmer. Oddly enough, the product found a strong customer base in the food industry. Pasta makers trusted the unit’s razor sharp hand finished blades to slice their delicate fresh pasta into strips. In 1935, the brand immigrated to America, via an acquisition by Pennsylvania based, Schiller-Pfeiffer a predecessor to Schiller Grounds Care, Inc., the company that makes Little Wonder today. The rest is an American success story. And a story that we are proud to tell.

Rowenta: The Toughest Irons Around To Get The Job Done...

When I think of irons I only think of one brand... Rowenta. Since 1909, German brand Rowenta has captivated the most demanding consumers with high-quality products that guarantee perfect results. Rowenta offers a wide range of products that combine unrivalled technological performance, refined design, and a high level of user-friendliness. Rowenta's mission is to ensure the day-to-day well-being of its users thanks to intelligent solutions for vacuum cleaners, irons, steam generators and hair dryers. Ever the pioneer, Rowenta has worked for more than 10 years on developing eco-intelligent products. Faithful to its own values, the Rowenta brand has formed a partnership with the WWF to place eco-design at the forefront of its innovation process.

Rowenta steam irons deliver perfect ironing results by combining power, performance and precision. Their line of German-engineered Steam Irons will smooth away the toughest wrinkles from your cottons, linens and delicate silks in a single pass. Their fantastic price ranges allow any user and budget to find an iron that's perfect for them, whether it's for a dorm room at college, home use, or for professionals that need the very best. There are many reasons why Rowenta irons are better than any other irons, including:

Monday, October 1, 2018

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils: They're Fun And Look As Great As They Work...

Joseph Joseph's kitchen gadgets are the coolest around. They are innovative, great looking, and so useful that you will wonder how you ever worked in the kitchen without them. They're also just plain clever. We chose a bunch that are our favorites for this review and it was a very difficult task since we could easily have written about 20-25 products. Joseph Joseph's gadgetss will make time and work in your kitchen a pleasure, much easier, saving you lots of time for you to enjoy. They literally have a gadget for every kitchen task. Love them all!

Quaint Newport, Rhode Island: Splendor At The Sea...

Newport is one of our favorite places in the United States... such a fabulous place to visit, whether it’s just for family fun or for corporate meetings. It's a combination of old and new. Well-preserved Colonial architecture alongside new, sporty institutions. Old-fashioned saltwater taffy store to trendy, stylish boutiques. There is so much to do, and you can see everything in just a few days. Start off with a calming, scenic sailboat ride on the Narragansett Bay (perfect for an off-site excursion at a corporate event). Take a hike on the Cliff Walk. Tour the glorious mansions. Have an incredible seafood meal. Shop at adorable boutiques. It’s all there. Whether you're looking for waterfront accommodations, a great meal, lively nightlife, a unique shopping experience or just somewhere to dock your boat, this is the place. We absolutely love it in the Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. It's a different experience for each and every season.