Monday, October 26, 2015

Electronics Arts: The Best Lineup of Videogames for Every Platform...

We have been featuring almost every Electronic Arts videogame release for most of our product reviews for the last 29 years. There is one reason why: Their lineup is always consistently excellent and continues to remain exciting and fresh, even after so many years featuring updated offerings of franchises. Series include/has included titles like Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, NHL Live, NBA Live, Medal of Honor, Rockband, Need For Speed, Sim City, UFC, Battlefield, and dozens more. Where else can you find such a superstar lineup of titles all under one roof! There is no other videogame manufacturer on their level and there probably never will be again. If you own a videogame system, we can guarantee that there are EA titles in your collection.

Rather than feature extensive reviews, which we have in the past but don't really need to anymore, we just want you to know that with XBox One and PS4, they continue to amaze and delight us with the realism of their graphics, sound, and features. Families everywhere are enjoying EA's lineup, and we can't wait for their next creation.

Madden 16. The Madden franchise has sold over 100 million games. EA's president wanted the most realistic football game possible for his gamers. John Madden was his only choice as the representative of the series he envisioned. An exclusive deal with the NFL (allowing use of their logos and uniforms) made Madden the only legitimate football game available. We particularly love the Madden Bowl. Every player wants to be a part of it as it takes place over the real Super Bowl weekend in the host city. The single elimination tournament takes the best Madden players (invited by EA) tom come and battle against each other. The winner gets a trophy and in-game recognition in the next installment of the franchise. Love it.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Clazzio Seat Covers, Kenwood Entertainment, T-Rex Grilles: Great Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast...

Clazzio Seat Covers (

Being the most trusted online source for seat covers is a big deal and Clazzio doesn't take it lightly. Whether you have old, worn out cloth seats, or a new car with cloth seats that you want to upgrade to a factory leather, Clazzio has you and your car covered. We replaced ten-year-old seats with their Perforated Genuine Leather sets and the difference is astonishing. The car's inside looks brand new.

Their line is constantly being updated and right now there are four choices for the inside area: Perforated Genuine Leather, Artificial Suede, Quilted PVC "Diamond Stitch," and Perforated PVC. The outside area is made of a soft PVC which gives you flexibility for its installation.

Clazzio's seat covers are made of high quality, tough materials. The seta covers are treated with anti bacterial, flame resistant coatings. 15mm of memory foam is used in their cushions for added comfort, even during long hours of driving. Clazzio's seat covers can withstand the rough and tough conditions that a vehicle's interior is subjected to and they even come with a 3 Year Manufacturers warranty.

Clazzio has both you and your car covered. For their outstanding quality and unbelievably reasonable pricing, they're our number one choice.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Chilly Dog Sweaters: Your Dog Deserves To Be Comfortable and Stylish Too...

Chilly Dog Sweaters are our number one favorite brand of clothing for your best friend. Good old-fashioned hand knit sweaters with fun and trendy styling. These sweaters are the real deal because they're made with love and care in South America (using fair trade guidelines of course). Using only 100% wool and use plant dyes helps provide chemical-free safety. We love the fact that they are supporting many knitters in smaller villages fairly. Besides that, the quality of each sweater is excellent, they fit perfectly, they're super warm, and their prices are surprisingly reasonable. These gorgeous sweaters will keep your dog warm and fashionable at the same time... you won't find any better than Chilly Dog Sweaters. No dog wants to be left in the cold!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Croscill Bedding: Beautiful Homes Deserve Beautiful Bedding..

Beautiful homes begin with Croscill. They are your one source for bed, bath, window treatments and hardware. They are a premier manufacturer of high quality home fashions and their unique designs are carefully constructed and accessorized to provide you with complete coordination for your home. Their collections can include unusual pillow designs, matching window coordinate, solid color and sheer window panels and valances, bath accessories, shower curtains and towels. You will find an extraordinary range of looks, each with its own high quality coordinating products. Actually, their product lines change often so some of the products listed below may not be available but there will still be plenty of choices for you. Tying it all together is the key...from furniture to decorative comforters, pillows, drapes, shower curtains and accessories, valances, curtain rods, wallpaper border and rugs. There are endless ways to bring class and style to any room by simply introducing Croscill Bedding. They are so luxuriously beautiful that you will feel pampered as royalty, and they are so soft that they are an appealing place to relax and dream. So create a place of tranquility and relaxation in your bedroom by designing with Croscill. It's the best there is.

Victory Tailgate: Games for Tailgating, Backyard, and Indoor Party Fun...

Founded in 2008, Victory Tailgate is the largest manufacturer of custom tailgate games in the United States. Victory Tailgate prides itself in its products. They have the highest standards of quality and durability, along with unlimited graphic design and customization capabilities. All Victory Tailgate tailgate games are 100% designed, manufactured, and shipped from their Orlando, Florida facility. Victory Tailgate is proud to be licensed partners with over 600 colleges, major professional sports leagues, and numerous iconic brands. Victory Tailgate is committed to keeping manufacturing in the United States. They're so much fun!

Stanley Furniture, Somerset Hardwood Floors, Levelor Window Treatments, and Tuftex by Shaw Carpets: All Showstoppers For Your Home...

Stanley Furniture...

There are very few companies that we have featured year after year because there are so many wonderful manufacturers in all of the categories we choose. But...there are exceptions and this is one of them. We have loved Stanley Furniture for dozens of years. They never dissapoint us with their wonderful offerings, each more beautiful than the next. You could, and will want to, furnish your entire home with their exquisite collections. Stanley Furniture, in their competitive price range, is as good as you can get, and is everything you have dreamed of when it comes to decorating. Furniture is the most important feature inside a home, and Stanley’s pieces are extraordinary, offering exactly what you need and desire. Their pieces are original, stylish, and made with the finest craftsmanship, and mostly… affordable.

Gemmy Industries: They Make Decorating for Holidays Simple!

Gemmy Industries is a groundbreaker in the fields of novelties and animation. Over the years, Gemmy has been equally successful in the seasonal decorations market, creating new categories and performing brilliantly in others. They are the originators of Airblown Inflatables, which have since become a staple of holiday decor. Gemmy has also pioneered the way in life-sized figures for Christmas and Halloween, and blazed new trails in lighting solutions and technology – most notably with their LightShow brand. With licenses that include Mickey and Minnie, Star Wars characters, the Minions, Hello Kitty, Marvel, and SpongeBob, you'll brighten up your holidays!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Best Halloween Trails and Attractions in New Jersey...

Who doesn't love a good scare around the Halloween holiday? Kids and adults alike are always looking for fun but hair-raising attractions to get their screams out at. We love the Field of Terror. We miss them when they're over and look forward to Halloween mostly because of them. From set designs, actors, entertainment, and food, and they both live up to our very high expectations years after year...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Count on Texas Instruments For Your Calculator Needs: The TI-84 Plus CE...

Texas Instruments has done it again… they’re always outdoing themselves. First of all, they are the most trusted brand in graphing calculator technology. Their newest creation, TI-84 Plus CD Graphing Calculator does not disappoint. It’s fantastic. Its slim, lightweight design (30% lighter than its counterparts) holds six times the memory and the color selections are really fun and provide a personal, hip style. Hot pink, blue and red liven up its good looks. Kids themselves were involved in the design and color process… and Texas Instruments really delivered the goods they were asking for. They're a company that really cares about their customers and that's another great reason why they're used and loved by so many people.

TI-84 Plus CE stores vivid, full-color graphs, images and data. It’s good to know that the key placement, navigation, and menus are the same as the TI-84 Plus so there will be no disruptions in usage. And, of course, this awesome caluculator will take students from high school all the way through, and past, college. The TI-84 Plus CE is permitted on high-stakes exams, including the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT college entrance exam as well as Advanced Placement exams that allow or require a graphing calculator.

UGG Boots and Accessories: It's Not Just About Their Classic Sheepskin Boot Anymore...

We've been a fan of UGG boots before they even became a household name. Finding them at a trade show in the early 80s, and living in California, we knew immediately they were something special. However, we never expected them to explode the way they have. We should have known better because they are extremely warm. super comfortable, and casually chic.
UGG boots have come a long way. One young Australian surfer, and his love of sheepskin, kicked off the brand in 1978 for surfers. Fast forward to today... they are a fashion statement, whether it's high fashion or casual wear. They are seen on the feet of people around the world, of all ages, races, and sexes. Just take a look around and you'll see UGG after UGG after UGG. And not just their sheepskin boots... stunning all-leather boots, sandals, moccasins, dress shoes, and slippers. Today can have the best of both worlds... gorgeous Italian shoemaking combined with the luxurious feel of sheepskin. But wait, there's more. Handbags, blankets, hats, and all kinds of beautiful accessories are also part of the UGG lineup.

Chicago: One Of The Greatest Cities We've Ever Been To (Out Of MANY)...

Chicago is one of our favorite cities in the United States. It always feels like a home away from home, and you always leave wanting more but satisfied at the same time. There is literally something for everyone. You can visit fabulous restaurants, stay at gorgeous hotels, visit world-class museums and a great aquarium, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, go to a basketball, football or baseball game, do some crazy shopping, and go to fantastic shows at the theater. You can even just go for a jog in their wonderful parks, grab a Segway and tour parts of the city, hang out at the beach on Lake Michigan, or just chill and have a drink. There's something for every taste, and budget! Make sure Chicago is on your list of places to visit this year!