Saturday, December 20, 2014

Farberware Knives: Functional and Fashionable...

Over 100 years ago, S.W. Farber, who was a tinsmith, opened up his shop, pounding sheets of brass and copper in various shapes to make products. Farberware has come a long way since those days, however they still care about each and every product they manufacture, 100 years later. Their name has always stood for value, quality and durability, and the consumer is always on their mind. Style, tradition, reliability, quality, and value are the attributes synonymous with Farberware. They have combined classic products with today's technology, giving you the best of all worlds.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

T-REX Grilles and Vossen Wheels: Dress Up Your Car With The Hottest Products on the Market...

T-Rex Grilles.
With more than 17 years of cutting edge development, T-REX's extensive knowledge has enabled them the world-leading aftermarket grille designer and manufacturer. Their state-of-the-art 55,000 facility employs production, design, research and development, marketing and corporate staffers, all for the purpose of providing the consumer the finest automotive grilles and accessories available on the market. Their dedication and American craftsmanship show in every product that comes out of their facility.

T-REX's has your grille covered with their extensive range of grille styles includes their traditional Billet Series, aggressive X-Metal series of mesh grilles, performance minded and red hot Torch LED series grilles, luxurious Upper Class mesh grilles, dynamic Graphic Series billet and mesh grilles, and motorsports inspired Sport Series mesh grilles. There is something for every single consumer's style and taste, and they're ready to ship immediately. We love the fact that they are simple to install, you can even do it yourself!

Savora: Add A Little Spice to Your Cooking Accessories...

Gorgeous, exquisite, and eye-catching. Savora's line of contemporary kitchen gadgets consist of high function, progressively design pieces that will contribute superior performance to your cooking experience. They all perform spectacularly, but they also offer great appeal because of their beauty. Their graceful sophistication brings romance into your kitchen, in a way you knew never it could.

Elevate your food preparation to a new level. Savora's collection expresses bold, high-function design and invokes the artistry used to design it. Their designers have your comfort in mind and they have studied the complexities and shape of the human hand, combining that with users needs, along with sensory driven design. All of their iconic products with handles were elegantly designed with ergonomic handles for large or small hands. Most of them are even dishwasher safe.

Yamaha Guitars: The Finest Guitars for the Finest Musicians...

Yamaha's huge range of guitars is as broad as the musicians who have the privilege of jamming on them. From entry-level instruments to gorgeous, hand-crafted works of art, Yamaha has it all. They have the number 1 sold acoustic guitar of all time for a reason. Their quality, price points, and selections are as good as it gets. 

Yamaha's acoustic guitars have been lovingly constructed with hand-selected tonewoods, new construction finishes, and wood technologies to give them incredible sound, flawless playability and stunning looks.

The FS series has a smaller folk style body that makes it an individual alternative to the larger bodied FG line. Precise, smooth response and a sweet, focused tone make this the perfect choice for recording or fingerpicking.

A small body acoustic guitar, the FS720S has features including a solid spruce top, chrome hardware, and non-scalloped X-bracing. It's perfect for anyone who wants a natural sound in a smaller, more comfortable to play guitar.

The Yamaha FG series is the number 1 sold acoustic guitar of all time. For over 40 years, millions of musicians have used this wonderful vehicle to express their music. Give this one a lot of respect because of its quality, dependability, playable, and value!

The Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar has the ultimate combo for projection and pure tone. The expertly braced spruce top speaks clearly atop the rosewood body. It has a rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, die-cast tuners, body and neck binding, and a tortoise pickguard.

Yamaha electric acoustic guitars offer unparalleled amplified sound, together with comfort and control. It's the quintessential performance acoustic and provides the perfect combination for a great performance.

The A series brings you unmatched value and quality in the acoustic electric guitar category. Designed for performers, Yamaha A-series guitars share many things in common including a stunning fresh look, amazing playability, and the cutting edge S.R.T. (Studio Response Technology) piezo/pickup. They are distinguished by their body style (either dreadnought or concert), the combination of woods, and their preamp configurations.

The Yamaha AC3R Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar with SRT Preamp/Pickup is part of the A-series line of Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars. The AC3R concert-size cutaway is designed for today's player who requires a reliable workhorse that looks, feels, and sounds amazing in all applications. This performance level bang-for-your-buck guitar offering quality build & materials such as; Solid Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Neck, Solid Rosewood Back/Sides, Ebony Fingerboard/Bridge and a neck profile that is a pleasure to play for hours on end.

SMS Audio Headphones from 50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony: Crisp, Brilliant Music To Your Ears...

We just found this brand, SMS Audio, and we tested a couple of their headphones. They are now our favorite headphone brand, and we won't go anywhere without a set. Experience the power of music on your own terms. SMS Audio's headphones provide you with an escape into the lush work of professionally tuned, acoustically perfect music. Anywhere, anytime, and any way you want to hear it. Why should anyone have to compromise on sound quality when they can have the best available.

With exceptional sound quality, sleek staying, and extreme durability, these world-class headphones are  in a league all their own. They bring you the highest caliber sound, amazing comfort, and high fashion to every product, along with technology, function and style.

50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony are co-owners. Since 50 Cent is a majority owner to the brand, he literally helped engineer the products that would have his name attached to them, knowing that he wanted nothing less than the best. Because of his input on product development, style, and sound, SMS Audio has designed the most true to sound audio producing products available. Your music will be brought up to a whole new level, and they are unique and really special.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Generac's Power Washer and Generators: There's Only One Power House Duo At Our House and it's Generac...

Generac's products allow you to protect and prolong the life of your home by offering the highest quality, yet highly affordable, pressure washers and home or small business generators. Since 1959 they have committed themselves to promoting environmentally responsible products that will last and work perfectly, every time. Generac was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators. They manufacture a wide range of power products including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators. They are also the leading designer and manufacturer of transfer switches. They have also become a pioneer in the residential power washer category, with a full line of innovative, industry-leading power washers suitable for almost any application, including the toughest commercial and industrial environments. 

Switch Easy iPhone Cases: The Perfect Companion To Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus...

Protect what you love and use more than any other possession you own. Your cell phone is probably with you just about 24/7 and it's filled with valuable information. Why wouldn't you want to protect it while dressing it up at the same time. SwitchEasy cell phone cases are either classy or just plain fun. Change them every day, depending on your mood. We are so impressed with all of their cases... for iPhones, some Androids, and MacBooks. However, what we are most impressed with is their lightning-fast customer service response. We all know how important that is.

SwitchEasy cases are innovatively designed with dual materials to maximize protection. They have so many varieties of cases for all needs and tastes. Perfect-fit rubberized construction allows for easy attachment and detachment. They also have scratch resistant polycarbonate back panels with highly durable, textured finishes for a secure grip. They've even paid extra attention on the tactility of all buttons because buttons are useless if they can't be felt. They were meticulously engineered for easy access and ultimate response. If that wasn't enough, most cases come with some or all of the following: front and/or back screen protectors, microfiber wipes, a squeegee for your screen guard application, and connector protectors. Smartphone needs are simple: You want a case to protect your phone, one that's easy to put on and take off, and one that will look great and be the envy of others. SwitchEasy is the company that can give you all of that!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening Kits: Dazzle the World With Your Smile...

Who doesn't love a spectacular, bright, white smile. Unfortunately, for many of us, the process is too expensive, and too time consuming. For any of you who fit into that category, you will be pleased to learn of a new, highly effective system created by Ultradent... Opalescence Go.

This unique take-home whitening product comes with a convenient, ready-made UltraFit tray that adapts instantly and comfortably to the mouth, from molar to molar. That will ensure that the gel comes in contact with more posterior teeth, and it ensures that most of the gel will stay in contact with your teeth during the whitening process. No more molds in dentist offices, no more expensive visits. Opalescence Go provides powerful, professional whitening for an on-the-go lifestyle.

The 10% hydrogen peroxide concentration gel on each tray allows for a 30-60 minute wear time. The delicious flavors of mint, melon or peach will make it easy and quick to get accustomed to the system. There is also a 15% concentration in mint only, but that allows for only 15-20 minutes wear time. Opalescence Go contains PF (potassium nitrate and flouride) which can help reduce sensitivity that some people might experience from using this, or any, whitening product. Flouride can help to reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Both of these additions can help to improve the overall health of your teeth.

Take home a set of Opalescence Go today, upon up a prefilled tray right from its package, slip it on, and you will end up with gorgeous white, sparkling results that will boost your confidence and make you feel spectacular.

Urban Decay Cosmetics... Look Fabulous Day and Night, While Adding A Little Color Into Your Makeup Regime...

Urban Decay is the most exciting line of cosmetics to date. Beauty with an edge. A bold, crazy edge. Their trend-setting eyeshadow colors, lip gloss, eyeliners, bronzers, setting spray, and mascaras will bring out the makeup fanatic in all of you... and escalate it up a few notches once you become addicted to their line. We love everything!

Twenty years ago, pink, red and beige saturated the world of beauty. Sandy Lerner needed to satisfy her alternative makeup tastes which meant adding color to her makeup wardrobe. She found Wende Zomnir and together they revolutionized the cosmetics world. It has never been the same since. They love innovative performance products and experimenting with color. What they love most of all is feedback from those who count... their customers, and that makes it even sweeter to buy their products. From a desire, to an idea, to a reality, to a dream come true, Urban Decay never disappoints us, and we are sure that they never will. 

Electronics Arts: The Best Lineup of Videogames for XBox One and Sony PS4...

We have been featuring almost every Electronic Arts videogame release for most of our product reviews for the last 28 years. There is one reason why: Their lineup is always consistently excellent and continues to remain exciting and fresh, even after so many years featuring updated offerings of franchises. Series include/has included titles like Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, NHL Live, NBA Live, Medal of Honor, Rockband, Need For Speed, Sim City, UFC, Battlefield, and dozens more. Where else can you find such a superstar lineup of titles all under one roof! There is no other videogame manufacturer on their level and there probably never will be again. If you own a videogame system, we can guarantee that there are EA titles in your collection.

Rather than feature extensive reviews, which we have in the past but don't really need to anymore, we just want you to know that with XBox One and PS4, they continue to amaze and delight us with the realism of their graphics, sound, and features. Families everywhere are enjoying EA's lineup, and we can't wait for their next creation.

Showtime Series on DVD: Captivating and Mesmerizing...

Showtime has earned itself a reputable spot in the entertainment world. This premium cable channel's television series are getting better and better year after year. They are now recognized as a huge contender for original television programming. Their lineup is so varied, from incredibly funny to completely captivating and nail-biting. We find that all of our favorite shows are on Showtime, and that's not something to be taken lightly, with hundreds of channels available at our beck and call.

Some of their most popular, and incredibly mesmerizing series include: The crime drama, Dexter; the dark comedy-drama Weeds; the complex lives of one dysfunctional family in the crime/drama Ray Donovan; and our favorite by a landslide, the drama/thriller Homeland. We have come to love, and understand, all of the characters in these series and we have given them a piece of us, just as we have taken in a piece of them. Watching their lives take place as we are ringside week after week, we are invested in them and look forward to every move they make.

Friday, December 12, 2014

iSmart Alarm: Peace of Mind When You're Not At Home...

How would you like to be inside your home even when you're away from it. Monitoring your home is incredibly easy and thankfully affordable with iSmart's Alarm system. iSmart Alarm has designed and developed the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system. It looks so sleek and sophisticated, you won't believe how inexpensive it is. Users can be in control of their homes using their smartphones, iPhones and Androids. The iSmart Alarm is simple to set up and it actually does everything it promises to do, working completely in sync with your smartphone.

Hold Your Haunches Shapewear Pants: A Girl's Figure's Best Friend...

If there ever was a miracle for those tiny little glitches that women have surrounding the hips and expanding around to the belly, Hold Your Haunches is that miracle. We didn't believe it until we tried them on and for goodness sake, they really work. The second you slip on these spectacular pants you will notice the difference. They keep everything together, nice and smooth. All of those imperfections are hidden, and you will sigh in relief. As a matter of fact, these pants are so fabulous that the two women moguls on Shark Tank actually partnered with them together! If that's not approval then we don't know what is.
Big booties are in style but they still have to look amazing and toned. However, big bellies are not in style and I don't think they ever were. Hold Your Haunches shapewear is for women. These patent-pending compression pants will smooth and tighten your unshapely curves as you remain comfortable and cool. Their gravity-defying shapewear is an inner layer of compression sewn in at the waist and extending to below the calf.

There are three styles to choose from: A legging, boot cut pant, or capri style. So there's something to wear for any occasion... and all of your worrying about what will fit and how to hide your flaws will be gone, along with your imperfections. Go to that party, or just run around doing errands, while always feeling terrific about how you look. You can wear them all day long, every day and that's priceless! Love them.

Automotive Gifts for Car Enthusiasts (New or Older Cars): Clazzio Seat Covers, Rosco Backup Cameras, Kenwood Entertainment, and T-Rex Grilles...

Clazzio Seat Covers (

Being the most trusted online source for seat covers is a big deal and Clazzio doesn't take it lightly. Whether you have old, worn out cloth seats, or a new car with cloth seats that you want to upgrade to a factory leather, Clazzio has you and your car covered. We replaced ten-year-old seats with their Perforated Genuine Leather sets and the difference is astonishing. The inside of the car looks brand spanking new... gorgeous.

Their line is constantly being updated and right now there are four choices for the inside area: Perforated Genuine Leather, Artificial Suede, Quilted PVC "Diamond Stitch," and Perforated PVC. The outside area is made of a soft PVC which gives you flexibility for its installation.

Clazzio's seat covers are made of high quality, tough materials. The seta covers are treated with anti bacterial, flame resistant coatings. 15mm of memory foam is used in their cushions for added comfort, even during long hours of driving. Clazzio's seat covers can withstand the rough and tough conditions that a vehicle's interior is subjected to and they even come with a 3 Year Manufacturers warranty.

Clazzio has both you and your car covered. For their outstanding quality and unbelievably reasonable pricing, they're our number one choice.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

LaCie's Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Backup/External Drive: A Must For Anyone Who Uses Computers!

If you don't have a backup drive for your computer, we suggest that you get one right away, and we suggest the LaCie Rugged model. You don't want to take a chance on losing all of your very critical information. Emails, correspondence, notes, contacts, receipts, reports, projects. Many times, once your information is gone it can't be retrieved. Without a backup drive, you're in trouble.

For the speediest, most rugged, portable storage, LaCie's USB 3.0 Thunderbolt is the drive for you. This solid-state drive is for either Mac or PC (for those with Thunderbolt).  LaCie's Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt is the first bus-powered USB 3.0 portable Thunderbolt drive to use SSD as its storage. You can get it from 120GB to 1TB of storage. 

Setup will literally take only minutes and your ready for backing up. The first complete backup will take a few hours and then after that it will only take minutes to update via the Automatic Backup. Your work won't get derailed by external drive and computer incompatibility since this drive works with both Mac and PC. It's also USB 3.0 backwards compatible so it will connect to any standard computer! It's so tiny and portable, a must-have addition to your Mac or PC. 

As far as protection goes, this rugged little guide provides superior data protection from accidental drops (up to 4 feet), any vibrations and shocks, and it even provides protection for your actual data with AES 256-bit encryption. It will give you piece of mind on many levels.

This drive is one of the fastest portables you can find. Its rugged aluminum case and removable rubber layer add protection not seen on comparable drives. It's a no brainer purchase for all of your backup and external drive needs.

Linksys' Smart Wi-Fi Router: Perfect For The Busiest of Homes and Small Businesses...

In this day and age, a router is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you have in your home. It's the hub of your home or business network and it's what delivers Internet connection to all of your devices, whether they are wireless or wired Ethernet. You don't want to skimp on your router because it's what provides lightning speed and incredible range, so important to your every day Wi-Fi activities.

The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router WRT1900AC is the perfect router. Although it's priced a little bit higher than others, and not even that much higher, it's worth every penny for the extra benefits you'll receive. Setting up the Linksys router is easy, and it's simple to manage after installation. And boy is it powerful!

USB ports on the Linksys allow you to attached external drives or printers and share them on a network. You also have a built-in firewall to protect against Internet invasions. This is a great router for many other reasons. If you have a guest over, they can connect to your network with restricted access to your files and printers. Also, the ability to flash the firmware with OpenWRT will give networking geeks complete network control and they'll love that!

As far as specs go, the dual-band, 802.11ac router has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 256MB of DDR3 RAM, and 128MB of flash memory. It has a Gigabit WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, a USB 3.0 port and a combo USB 2.0/eSATA port. You can mount in on the wall or ceiling and there are flow vents everywhere to keep it cool, although because of it's amazing performance it might overheat once in a while. Even the LEDs are fun and high-tech looking.

All in all, the Linksys WRT1900AC is one good looking, excellently engineered router, and it's one that every household should own. What's not to love?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Be All, End All of Fitness Websites:

Let's be real. There are thousands of health and fitness websites, blogs, books, and magazines, and they're all trying to convince you that they're the best. Deciding on who to take advice from, and who to buy products from, is mind boggling. We're going to make it simple for you...rely on a website that over 10 million (yes, million) customers trust. has to be the greatest website ever created for anyone who is interested in health and fitness on any level. It is a spectacular tool for pros, amateurs, experts, beginners, adults, and children. Whether you are beginning, continuing, or wanting to excel in your everyday workout routine, their outstanding array of information will guide you every step of the way.

Although it can be overwhelming, and intimidating, on your first visit, you will soon become addicted to what they have to offer. You can literally spend weeks just getting acquainted with their thousands of insightful and informative articles, helpful tips, sound advice, beneficial workout suggestions, specific exercise ideas, and forum. There is so much information to digest and absorb. Their forums are really awesome, highly motivating and they're a great place to bounce ideas around and discuss opinions with their other customers. You can learn a lot from these as well.

Jerry Garcia Neckwear: 20 Years After His Death They Are Stronger and More Appealing Than Ever...

Jerry Garcia ties are spectacular.  Dazzling graphics paired with the finest fabrics, 100% silk, truly emanate what a vibrant personality and what a great artist Jerry Garcia was. His ties are pieces of wearable art, allowing his creativity and imagination to live on through his necktie collection. Jerry was best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grateful Dead. However, in his younger years he loved both music and art, even attending the San Francisco Art Institute. His designs live on and we can all have a piece of Jerry.

In 1991, Jerry Garcia ties was born. There were no expectations since they were trying something new... vivid graphics far from the classic norm men were wearing. The irony is that Jerry hadn't actually worn a tie himself for many, many years, but his first collection completely sold out in Bloomingdale's and calls were coming in from people all over the world, trying to acquire one tie. They were a phenomenon in the history of men's neckwear and changed the tie world forever. Jerry Garcia's line of ties generated tremendous success. Everyone loved his ties (actually, they still do). Great excitement for his collections caused a ruckus every time a new collection was released and people actually waited in line for the possibility of securing one for themselves. Wall Street brokers took their mundane, boring ties out of their wardrobe and replaced them with Jerry Garcia's trendy and coveted ties. A direct line to The White House, British parliament, actors, directors, and musician was available at a moment's notice. Every season became bigger and bigger and the line's success was so strong that people and stores would buy future pieces sight unseen. He reached designer status, alongside others including Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dyson Vacuums, Heaters and Fans: They Offer the Coolest, and Hottest, Technologies...

Don’t go anywhere else for the ultimate floor cleaning tools and fans and heaters. James Dyson takes everyday products and makes them the best and most efficient they can be...and his design are outstanding, winning many awards over the years. He set out with a dream to create the ultimate vacuum cleaner and, after thousands of failed prototypes and deals, his dream came true, boy did it ever come true! In addition to creating the most outstanding vacuums, his air multipliers/fans, heaters and combos not only look simple yet stunning, but they provide steady streams of smooth air for the best in comfort.

Joseph Joseph: The Coolest and Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets...

Joseph Joseph's kitchen gadgets are the coolest. They’re innovative, so useful you will wonder how you ever did without them and just plain clever. We chose a dozen but it was a very difficult task as we could easily have written about 20-25. They will make your time in the kitchen a pleasure.

Canon USA's EOS 7D Camera and Tamron's All-In-One Lens: The Perfect Photography Duo...

With all of the technologically-advanced cell phones out there nowadays and their built-in cameras, the real art of photography seems to be getting lost. For those of us who love photography and everything about it, there’s so much more than clicking a photo on your phone. For this reason, the pair of products that we are crazy about and want to inform you about are the Canon EOS cameras and Tamron All-In-One lenses. Nothing else compares at their price ranges and for their superior quality and features.

Cuisinart: A Cook and Baker's Most Productive Assistant...

We have loved Cuisinart products for dozens of years. They are our kitchen companions, always ready to be of service and lend a helping hand. We are all aware that they are known for their food processors…the best on the planet, in every size for every budget and every use. There is no second choice. However, they also manufacture many small kitchen appliances including toaster ovens, microwaves, blenders, juicers and their awesome specialty appliances include beverage makers, pressure cookers, coffee makers, bread makers, steamers and fondue sets. Their baking sheets and baking pans are fabulous and last for years. They always have something fun, new and innovative to help us out in the kitchen. They save us time, so we can have more quality time with our families, especially during the holidays when we are constantly in the kitchen. It’s hard to imagine a life of cooking and baking without Cuisinart. Here are some of our favorites…

Love That Accessory: The Perfect Accessory For Women's Sweaters, Blouses and Scarves...

One tiny, little accessory can do so much to make your day. Love That Accessory's Blouse Button is one of those products. Did you ever put on a blouse that hung just a little too low and you wished you could pull it up just a drop to cover your cleavage. Or have you gone shopping and found the perfect blouse that was a little too revealing, or a wrap sweater or cardigan that was awesome except that it had no buttons and you wanted it close? Do you need something to keep your scarf or shawl in place? These adorable Blouse Buttons will fix all of these minor problems, while adding a drop of bling to your outfit.

Blouse Buttons are pretty but they're also functional and serve a purpose. They are gem-like pins that can be used in so many ways. Each button is handmade with a Swarovski crystal or peal cabochon while a steel butterfly clutch fastener is attached. Just pierce the pin through your clothing and voila... you're good to go. There are different variations of sets available and for their minimal price, you'll probably want one of each. Choose from Black, Crystal, Pearl, This is one product we can truly say every woman will want for her wardrobe.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre: Music to Your Ears...

You see them everywhere... those shiny over-the-ear headphones with the 'B' on the bottom... on the general public, movie stars, athletes, pop and rock stars. The company that started off the higher-end consumer headphone boom in 2008 has been continuously providing us with stylish, shiny, comfortable headphones ever since. Their headphones are heavy on bass (bass lovers will be enamored) and definitely are the choice of audiophiles, even though their prices are a little steeper than their competition. 

What you're paying for is not only the cool Beats brand with their signature glossy look that can be recognized anywhere. You're paying for features like super-padded headphone and ear pads that are incredibly comfortable no matter how long you're listening to your music on them. You're paying for their famous red detachable cables (one has a 3-button remote for playback, volume and answering your mobile phone, the other is a standard cable); the USB charging cable that runs on a rechargeable battery (hopefully you can get around 20 hours of listening time on a charge); a mute button; a power button to activate noise cancellation; battery life indicator; all packed up in a nice hard-shell carrying case. We love Beats Studios for all of those reasons.

In conclusion, if you want to take your music from black and white to vivid color, Beats Studios are the way to go. They're a little more for a lot more.

Bowflex's MAX Trainer M5: A Great Cardio Workout In A Lot Less Time...

Bowflex has gone all high-tech on us with the fully-featured MAX Trainer M5, their top-of-the-line MAX trainer. What a great cardio workout you'll get on this time (and joint) saver. This home gym model boasts smartphone and heart rate monitor connectivity that uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with your device. Its unique and low-impact exercise action, which gives your hip, knee, and ankle joints a break, provides more efficiency for a higher caloric burn rate over the same period of time in use. We love its 14-minute workout, a great timesaver because you're burning the same amount of calories as other exercises in less time! However, if you stay on longer, you'll burn even more calories.

First of all, we love how compact this unit is. No matter how small your home or office is, it's likely that you'll be able to save a spot (even in a corner) for this beauty. The exercise it provides is somewhere between an elliptical and a stair climber. It gives you a darn good workout with lots of variety for high or low intensity, all with ultra-smooth, low-impact motion. The great thing is that your upper body (arms, chest and core) gets a great workout too, as it's part of the program when you use the handles. Even those of you who think you are fit as a fiddle will find yourself a little wobbly, and a little sweaty, after working out on the M5. It's the perfect cardio companion, especially when you don't want to hit the road in the cold winter months or bad weather.

We love using the Max Trainer app that tracks your history. It's simple to set up and a great tool. You can view your progress which is really helpful as it encourages you to do better if you're not improving. There are 16 resistance levels, 8 workout programs (Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Goal, Stairs, Steady State, and Fitness Test) as well as a manual mode. The backlit display makes information easy to see. 

All in all, the Bowflex MAX Trainer M5 is a great machine to add to your workout repertoire and you'll enjoy watching the benefits it provides month after month, and year after year. This awesome workout machine was designed and built to last, and it will help you get the job done. You can spare 14 minutes a day, can't you?

Craftsman's Quiet Snow Blowers: They Will Make You Wish For Snow..

No one wants to shovel snow, especially when there's a foot or more of it. And paying others to do the job for us, over time, can cost as much as purchasing a snow thrower and doing the job easily, yourself. However, operating a snow blower is always a noisy experience for the user and everyone within your house's range. That is all changing now, with Craftsman's two new snow blower models.

(Craftsman has been around since 1927 and they are America's most trusted brand. Craftsman manufactures a line of tools, lawn, and garden equipment that is controlled by Sears. However, you can also find their tools in Kmart and other hardware stores. Consumers love Craftsman brands which include Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial. In addition to snow throwers, there are general mechanic's tools, portable hand power tools, lawn mowers, work benches and stationary power tools, garage door openers and many other offerings.)

Craftsman's new snow throwers are exceptional. They're up to just about any challenge you throw at them. America's quietest dual stage snow thrower engines are up to 45% quieter than all other Craftsman dual stage engines because of their acoustically engineered muffler. That technology reduces the 208cc engine's noise without affecting its performance. Protect your ears without having to wear extra protection because these throwers are super quiet. Your neighbors won't even know you're out there plowing away, and the quiet engine also aids in protecting you as you will hear surrounding noises without being distracted.

Dual stage throwers cover a large area with more power. Eight or more inches of snow is what they love the most. You will clear snow faster, get out of the cold faster, and have time to sit back and relax with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

Other features include the Deluxe Glide-Tech reversible skid shoes for damage free performance over pavers and bricks; a 26" clearing width; 21" intake height; push-button electric start; six forward and two reverse speeds; single-hand operation; and an extended chute.

There are two models. The 2-Way Joystick or 4-Way Joystick. The only difference is that the 4-Way boasts zero-turn steering for easy maneuvering. Both model's joysticks allow it to easily turn the direction of the chute, while aiding in heavy lifting to relieve body stress and pain brought on by clearing snow. These Joystick models are truly a joy to use, and they'll save you time and money.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Footjoy Golf Shoes: They Feel As Great As They Look...

Why choose FootJoy for your golf shoes and accessories? Because they are committed to enhancing your on-course experience through the development of superior golf shoes, gloves, outerwear, socks, and accessories. Their products exceed expectations in all weather and playing conditions through advanced technical innovation, performance, and supreme comfort. There are many brands on the market, but FootJoy golf shoes are the favorites of most golfers. Whether you like an athletic look or a more classic style, FootJoy has golf shoes that function as great as they look.

It's crucial to feel comfortable when you are golfing, so you need to invest in the right shoes. That's just as important as the right clubs because you don't want anything to distract you from your game. FootJoy ensures that superb comfort and they let you just worry about playing your game. Actually, walking the course will be a piece of cake. Besides the comfort level, FootJoy's golf shoes employ traction and stability that prevent unnecessary slipping. Even with rain and on wet courses, their shoes have a waterproof capability to keep your feel dry and protected. Take care of these babies and they'll last you for many years, through many rounds.

Parrot's Rolling Spider Mini Drones: For Kids, and the Kid in Every Adult...

Parrot's AR Drone has been our favorite gadget for the past few
years. Now they're giving themselves a run for their own money, competing against themselves with their newest product, the Parrot Rolling Spider.  Don't let its size fool you. The Rolling Spider is awesome. This ultra-compact drone is six times lighter than the AR Drone and you also control it with your smartphone. It can fly smoothly inside or outside, in all directions (forward, backward and even sideways), and has impressive speed and durability. There's a pressure sensor for flight altitude, and an ultrasonic sensor for precision flying near the ground.

If you download the app, FreeFlight 3, you can have your Rolling Spider perform acrobatic tricks like they're going out of style. Half- and U-Turns are no problem for this guy, and neither are front and rear loops. When the Rolling Spider's wheels are attached, it can run from floor to ceilings and walls. You can operate it from up to 20 meters away.

As if that wasn't enough, the Rolling Spider's vertical camera allows it to take photos. While you're piloting, just hit the 'photo' icon on the screen and photos are saved in its memory (enough room for hundreds of pictures). When you're ready to view, or use, the photos, just go to the app and transfer them to your smartphone or computer.

You will literally have hours and hours of fun playing around with this product. The only problem, which we feel could be a huge one, is sharing just one.