Sunday, September 29, 2013

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“When you love something this much, you just have to share it!”


“If you’ve got your heart set on a Mercedes and you have the cash to spend, reviewers say you can’t do much better than a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes luxury cars are in a class by itself displaying excellence in design and performance.  The Mercedes luxury cars have made a natural pursuit of advancing in the areas of fashion, sport, and of course, preserving the art of the automobile.”

“Calvin Klein Obsession perfume for women has captured the hearts of women today with their perfume that reeks of alluring sensuality. A women has many facets…sometimes, gorgeous, sometimes natural, but always sexy.  Calvin Klein Obsession carries these fabulous characteristics with their alluring perfume that keeps women rocking and men on their toes!”

“When it comes to creativity anything is possible when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana eyeglass wear. The Dolce & Gabbana eyeglass wear incorporates sensual elegance and craftsmanship typical of the brand. Dolce & Gabbana main focus is geared toward unique and detailed designs that capture the eyes of society. Four words describe Dolce & Gabbana eyeglass wear high-quality, rich, elegant, and stylish.”

“Luxury spending on Rolex watches is not even phased by the looming economy.  Crafted from the finest materials and assembled with meticulous attention to detail Rolexes display the ideal way of living life, showing the benchmark for style.   This high priced watch is typically unaffected in our markets up and down economy.  The demand for Rolexes continues to increase as the number of millionaires around the world continues to grow.”

“Discover an invigorating transformation when you indulge in beauty products created by Estee-Lauder.  Looking your best has never been easier.  Estee-Lauder makes quality beauty products that make you look younger, sexier and radiant.  You can’t go wrong when you go Estee-Lauder.  The results speak for itself.”

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Electronic Arts Videogames - 
Best in Every League

Madden NFL 25

We have been featuring just about every Electronic Arts videogame release for most of our BEST OF THE BEST product review's 28 years. There is one reason why... their lineup includes/has included Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, NHL and NBA Live, Medal of Honor, Rockband, Need for Speed, Sim City, and hundreds more over the years.

Madden has sold almost 100 million games at this moment. This year they celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EA series with Madden NFL 25. 

Back in the beginning, EA's president wanted the most realistic football game possible for his gamers. John Madden was his only choice as the representative of the series he envisioned. An exclusive deal with the NFL (allowing use of the NFL logos and uniforms) made Madden the only legitimate game available. 
A Fun Fact: One of our favorite events is the Madden Bowl. Every player wants to be part of it as it takes place over Super Bowl weekend in the host city. The single elimination tournament takes the best Madden players in the NFL (invited by EA) to come and battle against each other. The winner gets a trophy and in-game recognition in the next installment of the franchise.
Another Fun Fact: The EA Super Bowl simulation. Using the latest installment of the game, EA has a simulation of the Super Bowl using the two teams that will be playing in the actual game. The game’s result has been correct every year except two and the scores have even been weirdly close. 
So now with Madden NFL 25, there are many new and exciting features. One of the coolest features is the All-25 roster, with the best 25 players to ever be a part of th NFL. Add it to your collection of Madden games.

Hula Hangout.. and Totally Tiki...

Hula Hangout ..... and ..... Totally Tiki

Setting up your outdoor bar, college dorm room or apartment? Or need to decorate a room in your home? Each year we choose a different theme and this year it's Tiki. Here are two companies that offer you one-stop shopping for all of your tiki decorations.

Don't panic...setting up your room at college should be fun. Whether it's your first year or fourth year, you'll always want it to be your home away from home. These companies will help you do just that.

HulaHangout (
Lots of unique items are featured on their website, from bamboo and coconut candles, Corona branded merchandise and tiki mugs to tiki bar accessories and tiki signs, they've got it all. Here's a sampling of what we thought was unique to their website:

Aloha Bottle Opener; Corona Bucket; Tiki Mugs; Tropical Signs:

Totally Tiki (
They have a wonderful storefront in Smithville, New Jersey, but you can also order online. If you're local to Smithville, you will definitely want to go there in person. Historic Smithville is a village with dining and shopping (40 unique boutiques) along cobblestone paths. It's beautiful and a great day out.

Totally Tiki has the best prices for masks that we've seen so far, and we love their hanging parrots.


20" and 40" Tiki Masks; Solar Tiki: