Friday, June 20, 2014

Skateboarding: Sector 9 and Dwindle Longboards and Accessories...

Skateboarding is such a popular sport nowadays and it doesn't take too much of an investment to get started. It's not just a summer sport... you can skate all year round. At the park, the beach, around your neighborhood, up hills, down hills, just about anywhere with a surface. Longboarding is our favorite because not only is it good exercise, it's completely enjoyable, and it's a great mode of transportation. However, one thing we want to stress is: always wear safety gear because you can get pretty beat up and you want the best, most complete protection possible. Don't take any chances.

We're suggesting a few companies to you, one is at the top of their game with smooth-riding boards, sweet wheels choices, and cool graphics.

Brooks Running, Rockport Boat Shoes, and Manhattan Beachwear...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6-Pack Fitness...


For anyone committed to nutrition and fitness, we highly recommend this company and their perfect products for you, 6-Pack bags. Travel effortlessly without any interruptions.

6-Pack's manufactures duffle bags, briefcases, backpacks, and meal management bags for men and women. Their mission was to create innovative travel gear, bags and luggage for the elite athlete and fitness enthusiast. Each one of their bags was meticulously designed, keeping all of your needs on the top of their list. There wasn't a thing they didn't think of, and utilizing their bags makes working out on the go not only simple and manageable, but it actually makes it fun.

When you're preparing for your day, and your fitness schedule, what kinds of things do you need to take along? Clothing, drinks, meals, accessories, and supplements are part of the long list. 6-Packs gear bags are loaded with pockets to organize all of those items for you so that they're easy to find and access. No more wasted time trying to find your plastic bag of vitamins, or your workout gloves. Each item has its own dedicated spot.

Las Vegas...More than Gambling!

LAS VEGAS is a city full of excitement and loaded with so many places to see and experience. However, when you only have a few days to visit, it gets complicated as you try and decide on what to do with limited time. It's difficult choosing from hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, but we've gathered up a pretty good first-timer's list and hope you accept a few of our selections. As always, we couldn't feature everything we wanted to in complete detail, but this will give you a head start.

The Be All End All of Fitness Websites...

Let's be real. There are thousands of health and fitness websites, blogs, books, and magazines, and they're all trying to convince you that they're the best. Deciding on who to take advice from, and who to buy products from, is mind boggling. We're going to make it simple for you...rely on a website that over 10 million (yes, million) customers trust. has to be the greatest website ever created for anyone who is interested in health and fitness on any level. It is a spectacular tool for pros, amateurs, experts, beginners, adults, and children. Whether you are beginning, continuing, or wanting to excel in your everyday workout routine, their outstanding array of information will guide you every step of the way.