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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best Halloween Attractions in New Jersey: Corner of Chaos and Field of Terror...

Who doesn't love a good scare around the Halloween holiday? Kids and adults alike are always looking for fun but hair-raising attractions to get their screams out at. There are two attractions in New Jersey that are awesome... Corner of Chaos, and Field of Terror. We miss them when they're over and look forward to Halloween mostly because of them. From set designs, actors, entertainment, and food, and they both live up to our very high expectations years after year...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sultra Styling Products: Cutting-Edge Hair Tools To Spice Up Your Daily Hair Styling...

Sultra has designed products that you will love, and rely on. If you're looking for a cutting-edge hair tool that will style your hair beautifully while keeping your precious strands healthy, this is the line for you. This lavish, breakthrough collection of heat styling tools and shaping products provides superior styling results while defending hair from thermal stress. Their energy-saving dryers actually dry hair quicker while repairing from root to tip, and the powerful, fast-heating irons let you create virtually any style, on any hair type. Sultra products are formulated with reparative antioxidants and protective ingredients to better the look and feel of your hair. Just be warned: You may get addicted. But your hair will love you for it.

Change your look in only a few moments using Sultra's tools. Quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless and you'll enjoy exploring new looks while keeping your hair in tip-top shape. Additional features include auto shut-offs, and rapid heat-ups.

The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron. This tapered-barrel curling iron creates loose waves that transition into tight curls. The ThermaGrip tapered barrel easily holds the hair in place from base to tip to create unique bouncy curls. The iron features the highest quality Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Heater Technology that mends and defends your hair while you style with constant 360°F heat. It's perfect for color-treated, dry, or damaged hair, this iron creates bouncy curls while smoothing the cuticle and locking in your look.

The Bombshell Oval Rod Curling Iron. This oval-shaped ceramic barrel iron creates bouncy, retro zigzag curls with a modern twist plus tons of root volume. It's available in different rod sizes for different looks.

Diva Pressing Iron. This was the first iron to ever take complete care of unruly hair easily. While combining its effects with Sultra's Diva Pressing Creme, your hair will be nourished, protected, and it will keep its style. The Diva's heat is maintained for up to 450°.

The Seductress Curl, Wave & Straight Iron. This super fun iron mends the hair with Kyocera Ceramic Technology and provides constant, even heat for the ultimate in either long-lasting curls, sexy waves, or straight styles.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Shampoos and Conditioners; and OSiS+ Hair Products: Pamper Your Hair With the Best Products Out There...

BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Shampoos and Conditioners...

BC Bonacure, developed by Schwarzkopf Professional, a company whose only goal is to provide the best products for both hairdressers and their clients. BC Bonacure's fabulous line of haircare products will be a true and trusted, lifelong partner to your hair. They are formulated using only the finest ingredients.

Every hair type needs a specific treatment with specific care. With BC Bonacure, you can rebuild your hair from the inside out, for beauty that lasts. Beautiful hair starts with a basic understanding of how things work. Healthy, shiny, and strong hair begins deep down within the hair and scalp. BC Bonacure Hairtherapy is the first hair care regine providing a personalized hairtherapy for all hair types.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils: As Cool As You Can Get...

Joseph Joseph's kitchen gadgets are the coolest. They’re innovative, so useful you will wonder how you ever did without them and just plain clever. We chose a dozen but it was a very difficult task as we could easily have written about 20-25. They will make your time in the kitchen a pleasure.